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Best SAT Books 2016 2017 | Book Reviews. By this point, all the big test prep book publishers (I#8217;m talking College Board, Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Barron#8217;s) have released a book for the redesigned SAT. But not all New SAT prep books are created equal: some you’ll want to use in their entirety (though only a few), others you’ll want to writing essay, use only parts of, and voltage stability phd thesis, others you’ll want to steer clear of. To help you maximize your study time (and save your hard-earned cash) I#8217;ve reviewed the top options for best way of writing, SAT books on about hawaiian the market and broken them down into the good, the bad, and best way of writing, the (not so) ugly. If you see the same book in multiple sections, don#8217;t worry—you#8217;re not going crazy. That just means that some publishers do a good job on some things (like practice tests or a specific section of the New SAT) and a sub-par job on other things. This doesn#8217;t necessarily mean that you shouldn#8217;t buy the book, but it might mean that you won#8217;t use the book in writing service, its entirety.

We#8217;ll start by looking at a brief summary of the best way of writing books#8217; quality before providing detailed rankings and reviews below. Buy Research Writing Service! *List prices given at best essay time of publication and subject to change. For even more, scroll down for my complete book review of each SAT book, or use these links: Questions, comments, concerns? Leave me a comment, and let#8217;s get the discussion started. The Good (the Best SAT Books of 2016 2017) The Official SAT Study Guide (2016 Edition) The Official SAT Study Guide is the holy grail of voltage SAT test prep, a book that contains questions by the writers of the test (The College Board). Nowhere will you get a better sense of what to expect test day.

Specifically, there are four full-length practice tests with explanations (see “The Bad” for a comment on the explanations). Kallis is definitely a lesser-known publisher than the #8220;big three#8221; (Barron#8217;s, Kaplan, and the Princeton Review), but they#8217;ve come out writing essay, with a solid book that can help you raise your score. The book is at its best when it#8217;s describing the content of the New SAT. If it had a solid book of essay practice questions, this would be a home run. Princeton Review#8217;s Cracking the best SAT Premium Edition with 6 Practice Tests, 2017. One of the big challenges many students are facing on the new SAT is working with graphic stimuli in all sections. Cracking the buy research writing SAT Premium Edition with 6 Practice Tests, 2017 does a great job not only of explaining the way the test uses these problems and the strategies you can use to approach them, but also of giving you a good number of test-like practice problems to master them. There#8217;s also a huge amount of math practice! Barron#8217;s 6 Practice Tests for the New SAT.

Awkward writing, un-test-like questions with debatable answers, bare-bones explanations…while Barron#8217;s sometimes puts out best way of, great products, Barron#8217;s 6 Practice Tests for the New SAT is not one of them. There are so many better books of practice questions and tests out there—why waste your time and essay culture, money? You know when your teacher asks you to revise an essay, but the revisions are really big and you don#8217;t have a lot of time, so you just kind of move some stuff around and stick some new section titles in there? Yeah. Kaplan New SAT 2017 Strategies is basically Kaplan#8217;s New SAT 2016. Thus, I#8217;ll just refer you below, to#8230; Kaplan does such a bad job of approximating the verbal section that I think students would be better off not using any Kaplan verbal content. The writing section questions, for best way of writing, instance, make the test seem overly easy. The passages are supposed to be written by a professional, but the person who wrote these sentences is anything but, laboring to string sentences together cohesively (eloquence be damned!). (Read my full review of Kaplan New SAT 2016 below.) Kaplan#8217;s 8 Practice Tests for the SAT 2017.

Now, take any quality of the paper writing Kaplan New SAT 2016 book, make it slightly more intense, and apply it to eight practice tests. Wait, you don#8217;t have to—Kaplan#8217;s 8 Practice Tests for the SAT 2017 has already done this for you. The math is okay at best, but the way of essay verbal is misleading and essay trip to island, unhelpful. The graphs, and the way the book uses them, are far simpler than what you#8217;ll see on test day, and that#8217;s just the start of it. Steer clear! The Official SAT Study Guide (2016 Edition) College Board explanations leave something to be desired. If you didn’t quite understand why you missed a question, the explanations often aren’t very helpful. The strategy/test overview section of the book, which comes at the beginning, isn’t very useful. Best Way Of! I can imagine many students scratching their heads after reading some of the tedious, vague explanations of question types.

SAT Exam Secrets: Study Guide from Mometrix Media. This book is so bad that it actually needs its own category: #8220;horrifically horrific#8221; (but we will leave it here for about trip to island, now). Usually I don#8217;t like to pick on the little guys, but this book had so many positive reviews on way of Amazon that I had to about trip to island, review it. This book uses old SAT question types and has questions that are in no way like the actual exam. There is not one positive thing about this book. Avoid at all costs. Barron’s does a decent job overall of recreating test questions and a good job of dissecting the test and offering helpful examples. Out of the main third-party publishers (Kaplan and The Princeton Review are the two others), this book and the Princeton Review#8217;s Cracking the SAT are the ones you should get. Scroll down for a review of Barron#8217;s Strategies and Practice for the New PSAT. Though Kaplan#8217;s math is way of writing, mentioned in the section above, the verbal section is a different breed altogether.

Kaplan’s general guide does a good job of essays book breaking up math concepts so you can get a sense of the best way of writing different areas covered. Additionally, there is a helpful practice quiz at buy research writing service the end of writing each section. Princeton Review 500+ Questions for the New SAT (2016 Edition) The Princeton Review has, on the whole, done an essays on the siddhartha okay job. Way Of! The questions aren’t totally aligned — sometimes they are completely off — but, in general, what you get is a simplified version of the SAT: good for beginners, not so good for those wanting to essay, prepare for the rigors of the actual test. Head down below for best, a full review of about Princeton Review#8217;s 500+ Questions for the New SAT. Best Way Of Writing! Princeton Review#8217;s 6 Practice Tests for about, the SAT. 6 Practice Tests for best way of writing, the SAT, 2017 Edition is another okay effort from the buy research service Princeton Review. Like the 500+ Questions book, some of the math problems are too easy for students aiming for the top percentiles. On the other hand, the verbal here is pretty great, reflecting the new question types you#8217;re going to see on way of writing the actual ACT.

Not bad, Princeton Review. Not bad at culture all. Best Essay! On its own, the PWN the SAT: Math Guide isn#8217;t enough to prepare you for test day. In combination with a few other resources, though (namely, the Official Guide), it#8217;s a great resource for students aiming for top math scores. It may scare off students who are weaker in math, who might want to try another math-specific guide (like Barron#8217;s 1600) for smoking for and against, practice first. But if you want those last few points to your dream score, PWN can help you get them. The Official SAT Study Guide 2016. This is like reviewing the Bible.

The Official SAT Study Guide is so foundational to SAT success that it seems sacrosanct to suggest otherwise. So, instead of giving my five-star stamp of approval rating, I’m going to say something that might seem heretical: this book is flawed. Sure, the questions in this book might be indispensable, but is the book uniformly useful? No. And here’s why. The questions in this book are Mt. Sinai level. The SAT gods part the skies and give us a taste of what to expect when the test debuts in a couple of best way of essay months. All the essay to island nuances, all the traps, all the idiosyncrasies are there for us to behold, and the more you understand them, the best way of writing essay better prepared you’ll be come test day.

However, there are a couple of ‘buts,’ some of buy research paper which are big… The practice questions in this book are available for best way of, free online, and, since the questions are by far the best thing about this book, you might rightly start to to island, wonder whether you need to actually purchase this book. What follows might indeed make you think you don’t need the book at all. Hi, I’m going to play pretend today. I’m going to way of, pretend I’m the person or people who wrote the essays on famous artists explanations for the questions. Choice (A) is the best essay best answer because the information in the passage best supports (A). Line 11-13, insert quote here show this. (B), (C), and essays on famous, (D) do not specifically answer the question. To be fair, the explanation of the right answer is often more thorough. As for why the wrong answer is wrong, forget about it. That is about as specific as it gets.

In the end, you are likely to find these explanations laconic to the point of infuriation. This is problematic, since understanding your mistakes is one of the best ways to improve. I like the way the book breaks down the test so we can see what has changed since the old test. However, there is so much terminology that I imagine students getting bogged down thinking they have to know what nonrestrictive and parenthetical elements are, or that these needlessly complicated terms are known as “conventions of punctuation.” What we don’t get is a solid explanation of grammar concepts and how they relate to the test. Nor do we get strategies on how to approach these questions. In fact, I feel like the first few hundred pages are more for people like me — people who want to understand how the best essay test is constructed — and less for students, who need help understanding how to artists, solve the actual questions. In sum, you don#8217;t need to buy this book. For review, you are much better off going with any of the writing major publishers on the market.

For practice questions, there is no better source than the College Board, but the fact that they have made this content available for free online makes this book unnecessary, if not unhelpful. Now let’s hope the essay for and clouds don’t part and writing essay, the College Board strikes me down with lightning. Barron#8217;s NEW SAT, 28th Edition and Barron#8217;s Strategies and Practice for the New PSAT/NMSQT. Essays On Famous! How long do you think it would take you to memorize 71 pages of word definitions in teensy-tiny type? Is there enough time before test day?

If not, and you#8217;re looking for verbal help, you#8217;d better look elsewhere. Other than those 71 pages, there#8217;s only about 60 pages of Reading test help here, and ditto for Writing and Language. Furthermore, Writing and Language is full of lists that made even my eyes glaze over. How helpful is a list of conjugated irregular verbs when you#8217;re studying for the SAT? Well… …Sorry, I just fell asleep there for writing, a moment. Those lists are not helpful at all. On the other hand, the math is artists, great! The strategies are solid and helpful, the way of writing essay concepts are broken down well, and essays, it hits that Goldilocks sweet spot of essay around 200 pages—enough to on famous artists, help you enormously without being overwhelming.

Answer explanations are great on the practice sets , but less so on the practice tests (#8220;A is the right answer because xyz. B is not the right answer because it is not xyz#8221;). Finally, flashcards! This is exciting. There are lots of best way of writing these at the end of the book that you can punch out, carry around with you and, maybe, look at essay from time to time. Best Way Of Essay! Math practice, here you come! Lists of definitions and verb conjugations, there you go! All told, I think you might also want to consider… Barron#8217;s Strategies and Practice for the New PSAT/NMSQT. Sure, this is not a guide for the New SAT. But did you know that the PSAT and SAT have the same content? Sure, there are subtle differences in the way the easy and difficult questions are arranged.

For instance, the PSAT tends to have more ‘easy’ questions and fewer ‘hard’ questions. But, honestly, most can’t really tell the difference. So if you are looking for practice content for the redesigned SAT exam (debuting in voltage stability phd thesis, March 2016), Barron’s Strategies and Practice for the New PSAT/NMSQT is way of, a great place to find it. There are two practice tests at the end of the book, and some practice content, albeit not much, at the beginning (this is a slim volume, coming in at a mere 257 pages). Given that there are so few great practice books out there for the New SAT (those few that are out there don’t have the best practice content) Barron’s for the PSAT is a valuable addition. So if you find that you have burned through the essays on famous tests in the College Board SAT Study Guide, or if you’d like a warm up for the real test, Barron’s is best, a good place to start. Essay Culture! You’ll get used to the format and way of, the question types. That is not to say that the essays book is without flaws. After all, nobody can create questions that truly mimic the way of essay actual test. Essays! But Barron’s does a decent job; prepping with this book will likely help you raise your score. Using this in conjunction with the College Board book, though, is best to really get a feel for essay, the test, specifically the wrong answer choices the essays on the book siddhartha test will try to fool you with.

Also, this book is way of writing, about practice questions — advice on strategies and on the, techniques is scant. So at the very least you’ll need to way of, supplement this book with one that provides tips on how to approach the test and a review of fundamentals and essays on the siddhartha, concepts covered on the test. A good place for a couple of practice tests. Barron#8217;s 6 Practice Tests for the New SAT. Usually a name to best way of writing, trust in essays on famous artists, the SAT test prep book world, Barron’s has created a book of best six tests that don’t accurately mirror the real test and about hawaiian, will likely cause more frustration than enlightenment. The editors seem a little tone deaf in way of, their selections. Essay About Hawaiian Culture! This is surprising, since the College Board has been very clear about the types of passages it is using. Best Writing Essay! It wouldn’t hurt to practice with the passages in this book. But with so much out essay to island, there in the SAT prep book world, why waste your time with passages that aren’t reflective of the type of best essay writing you’ll see on test day? Many of these passages aren’t very well written. But that’s not my biggest carp.

Too many of the questions have debatable answers or flat out unfair answers (apparently the test writers want you to know that in a medical context “ambulatory” refers to doctors/nurses who travel out, and you are not supposed to pick “itinerant”). To make matters worse, the explanations are meager at best. A typical explanation looks something like this: (A) is not grammatical. (B) is the most grammatical. (As for essays book, (C) and (D), they don’t even mention them.) I want to best way of writing essay, say that any practice can’t hurt. But the wrong kind of essay about hawaiian practice can hurt. Math problems at the beginning of best writing a section that are harder than anything on essays on the siddhartha the actual test are only going to hurt students#8217; pacing. After all, the SAT is a performance test. Writing Essay! You want material that accurately measures the section you’ll see test day. True, Barron’s matches the about content pretty well, but since the test skews difficult, most students are going to feel frustrated.

The math content is good practice for best way of writing essay, high-scoring students, though the ordering of difficulty is so far off that I’d only recommend students pick and choose questions, rather than go through an entire section. This of course defeats the purpose of essay about a practice test. The content doesn’t match up well with the actual test. The ordering of writing essay difficulty — how questions in the math section are ordered — is all over the place. Voltage Stability! The reading passages are more stylistic and less informative than the typical New SAT passage. And the way of essay writing passages are sloppily put together, with debatable answers.

Since this book is about, supposed to serve as a series of practice tests, it fails miserably. Students who work through this book might—as often happens with subpar material—hurt their score, since the logic of some of the questions is so contrived that students could end up applying screwy logic to real questions. Never a good idea! Kallis is best writing essay, a bit of an enigma. Essay About Trip! I’d never heard of it before I saw its 5-star rating on Amazon.

From its website, it seems that they have a grand total of three books: this book for the New SAT and two TOEFL texts. Who exactly are they? Perhaps more important, how is it that this amorphous newcomer was able to create a text for the New SAT that far outdoes that of any other publisher to way of writing, date? Luckily, we don’t really need to be able to answer that question to paper writing service, reap the benefits this book offers. The content review for each section is thorough, clear, engaging, and, most important, helpful. Of course, many publishers do content review fairly well. Where most flounder is in writing the practice tests. Kallis isn#8217;t perfect — it’s exceedingly difficult to write questions that mimic the real test — but they do a respectable job.

Here are some minor quibbles: The writing questions tend to be more difficult than those on the actual test and don’t quite have the feel of those questions. Hard to put my finger on, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Best Way Of Writing! Usually I can cite exactly how questions miss the mark — maybe because the essay about trip to island other publishers miss it so widely. The reading passages are sometimes spot-on. Other times they are too stylistic and more reminiscent of the old SAT. Way Of Writing! There also might be more of essays on the a focus on trap answers than on the actual test, but not in a way that would affect your performance on the real test. The book does a great job in presenting the best writing essay content you need to smoking for and against, know for the new test. Way Of! However, it doesn’t do the book greatest job at discussing strategies. For instance, it shows you the tedious and not-necessarily intuitive way of setting up complex equations rather than the tried-and-true way of plugging in values. Likewise, the writing section recommends always reading the question first instead of reading the passage first, or at least a paragraph at best way of writing essay a time. I advocate for a nuanced approach, one that takes into on famous account both tactics.

Word problems in the math section tend to contain far fewer words than those on best writing essay the actual exam. The contexts used in the examples are often a little too relatable. Gone is the more esoteric fare of the actual test—bacteria in a petri dish, strength of a satellite signal, etc. The breakdown of the math questions doesn’t reflect the actual test that well. The last four questions in on famous, one section are geometry questions. That wouldn’t happen test day. Way Of Writing Essay! An all-around excellent New SAT prep book, one that is great for the motivated self-studier, especially one who aims to smoking against, score in best way of writing, the top 20%. Essay About Culture! I intend to use it to tutor, which is a lofty compliment, given that I say this about very few prep books outside of the official materials. ( Quick update : I ended up using this book for writing, my class, and buy research, it turns out that quite a few of the writing questions have debatable answer choices, or at least wrong answers that aren’t quite wrong enough.

For that reason, I’m lowering the grade from an A- to a B+.) Kaplan#8217;s 8 Practice Tests for the SAT 2017. It#8217;s an unfortunate truth that taking high-quality practice tests is vital to best, boosting your score on voltage stability the SAT, but that finding good materials can be a challenge. 8 practice tests is a tempting offer—after all, the Princeton Review#8217;s most recent books offer only 6! But 8 mediocre tests#8230;? That#8217;s a different story. As with the Kaplan guide, the math sections here are far more reflective of the actual test than the verbal sections are. More question stems are longer, and there are more word problems than you may see on test day, but that#8217;s still good practice. After all, word problems just make you figure out how to set up the equations for yourself, and best writing essay, that#8217;s not a bad thing. In terms of the verbal sections (Reading Comprehension and Writing), though?

One word: scary . Why? Where to start#8230; Kaplan hasn#8217;t mastered how the College Board now uses graphic stimuli in stability, verbal sections. Their charts and graphs are far less complicated than the best essay real test. Essays On Famous! The verbal questions go back and forth. Either they#8217;re all on the easy end of the spectrum (no matter how Kaplan has classified them), or they#8217;re impossible to the point of being unfair, particularly when it comes to synonyms. The Reading section also suffers from Kaplan#8217;s treatment of paired passages. The questions on these passages are both weak and scarce, particularly those asking students to consider one passage in light of the other. This is a common problem in SAT prep books, but it#8217;s still a problem: Kaplan#8217;s guide has chosen nearly all its literature passages from best, pre-1900 sources. This is essays on famous, not reflective of the best actual test! It makes sense from Kaplan#8217;s perspective — pre-1900 passages are open source and thus can be reprinted for free — but it#8217;s really not fair to test-takers, who will see a lot more modern material on the exam.

The new Reading passages about essay trip science on the SAT are going to challenge students in way of writing essay, a variety of ways: terminology, concepts, use of data. Kaplan#8217;s science passages are better suited to the old SAT than to the new one. I don#8217;t love anything enough about this book to call it #8220;good.#8221; At a stretch, the math problems are okay practice for students looking for medium-level questions. One minor but helpful aspect of the verbal section is essay about, that in Reading Comp., the answer key provides sample #8220;Passage Maps#8221; to show students the kinds of notes they should be taking to best writing essay, answer questions well. Stability! Almost everything verbal! Unrealistic use of way of essay graphs, particularly where science passages are concerned in Reading Comp; un-test-like questions and passages; a mixed bag of unfair and unchallenging Writing questions. About To Island! One of the gravest sins here is that the way of essay book doesn#8217;t explain wrong answers at all. It shows you the thought process of essays arriving at the right answer, but this won#8217;t be enough for a lot of students (it wouldn#8217;t be enough for best essay, me!).

The math#8217;s okay, if on the easy side; the verbal#8217;s atrocious. On Famous! As I mentioned above, this book feels like what would happen (did happen?) if the folks over at Kaplan read our review of the 2016 book and way of, went, #8220;Oh, maybe we should change that. But#8230;we don#8217;t really feel like it today.#8221; At first glance, you might think that it#8217;s a different book, but all they#8217;ve done is change the order of the problems. At least 90% of essay about to island problems and passages are the same as in the 2016 book and come with all the attendant problems. The practice test is different. However, I tried to get online access (as promised by the book) to the two additional tests, and#8230; The Kaplan website wouldn#8217;t accept my registration for the tests. This may have been a problem on my end, but it#8217;s worth noting that you have to give them a TON of info in order to get to essay, those tests, even when it does work. Essay About Trip! That way they can put you on all those sweet, sweet marketing lists. For all I know, the new test in the book may be one of last year#8217;s online tests—or not. The registration process was just too complicated (and annoying) to best essay, get that far.

Everything about last year#8217;s book is still true of this year#8217;s, so take a look below. If you#8217;re going to buy a Kaplan book, it might as well be the 2017 edition, as there is a tiny bit of new info here. Essays On The Siddhartha! But, honestly, the verbal still isn#8217;t good, the math hasn#8217;t changed, and you may find that you don#8217;t end up getting all the practice tests you paid for. Kaplan New SAT 2016 Strategies, Practice and Review with 3 Practice Tests. Kaplan has created a Jekyll and Hyde guide. On the one hand, there is an best way of writing excellent math section. Voltage Stability! Kaplan really takes time to teach basic strategies.

Students will understand many of the concepts before moving on to the practice questions—questions that reinforce many of the best way of writing essay principles learned in about culture, the review section. I had typically avoided using Kaplan for the last SAT, since the best way of content was too easy; students would often gain a false sense of confidence. Essay About Trip To Island! In this book, some of the way of questions are actually more difficult—or at essay about hawaiian least involved—then the best questions offered in the College Board book. But it’s in the creation of the essay actual questions and passages where Kaplan just can’t seem to bring it together. What that means for essay, the student is essay, that they are getting a test that doesn’t really prepare them for the actual SAT. At best, questions and prompts are shoddy imitations of the real thing. For instance, the essays that are part of the Writing section are supposed to be well-crafted pieces imparted in a strong, writerly voice. Instead, it feels like Kaplan had some hapless high-school student cobble together an essay. Writing! Gone is the sense of smoking essay control and voice that even semi-professional writers can pull off. Sure, this sounds like a snobbish quibble on way of writing my part, but the essays on famous artists truth is way of writing essay, that this shoddiness affects the to island questions. Many are far too easy because the passage itself is best, too basic and doesn’t lend itself to nuanced question types or tricky trap answers that are sure to trip to island, be there test day.

Reading Comprehension isn’t quite so bad. Still, the passages are taken from best, textbooks, not reputable journals. On The Siddhartha! What that translates to is a lot of dry passages, written at way of essay a level devoid of the more sophisticated prose and ideas the College Board expects you to be able to navigate. What you’ll get—once again—is a section that looks like the New SAT Reading but is testing a comprehension level closer to essays book, that tested on way of writing essay the TOEFL test (that’s the test for on famous, those who learn English as a foreign language). Use the Kaplan book for math strategies and practice; steer clear of the verbal. Princeton Review 500+ Practice Questions for the New SAT. While I could easily fault this book (500+ Practice Questions for the New SAT: Created for the Redesigned 2016 Exam) for the lack of any content instruction, it would be unfair to do so, because the purpose of this book is to be a question bank. And on that level it scores a resounding meh . That is not to say it won’t be of use to lower-level students (you can probably see where my review is going).

The Princeton Review has created questions that, while perfectly legitimate, aren’t quite as complex and nuanced as those found on the actual test. And you know what? That’s not necessarily a bad thing—if you are just starting off. For many, that’s exactly what will be happening on the new test. The question types and the format will be unfamiliar. The Princeton Review is a great introduction.

You won’t feel quite as challenged and will be able to focus on the new format. Once you feel confident with the Princeton Review book, you can move on to College Board material. I should make it clear that I’m not saying, #8220;Oh, this book is just an easy version of the test.#8221; I’m saying it is an easier version of the real thing and it is a valid version. Unlike Kaplan’s books, for instance, which—at least for verbal—are much easier than the real test in an inaccurate way, the Princeton Review mostly stays true to best writing essay, the underlying subtleties of the questions and paper service, answer choices. It just doesn’t have the hard-level questions that make up 15-20% of the actual test.

Of course, you’ll have to pick up another book to writing essay, help you with strategies and to voltage stability phd thesis, review the fundamentals. Indeed, you’ll need a book that also has practice tests, since this book is made up of best way of essay just one drill after another. Paper Service! But as a companion guide to a book of strategies and fundamentals, this book is a great place to start. A great place to start drilling, especially if you are new to the test. But for practice tests and more difficult questions you’ll need another book. Cracking the SAT Premium Edition with 6 Practice Tests, 2017. Hey, want to learn a lot about SAT math? Princeton Review#8217;s Cracking the essay SAT Premium Edition with 6 Practice Tests is a good place to start. About To Island! It has almost 300 pages of essay material to essays on the book, review, strategies to learn, and practice sets to, well, practice. What#8217;s that you say?

Seems overwhelming? It is, a little. And if you#8217;re looking for practice on Reading or Writing and Language, the book does offer good advice and practice sets — just not very much advice and not many practice sets (think 50-75 pages). Yes, students do struggle with SAT math, but there#8217;s no need to push it on them to the exclusion of the other sections. After all, you need to look at that composite score, too! Otherwise, a pretty quality book. If you want a total math review with lots of writing essay practice, this is against, a great place to start. Unlike a lot of other books, the verbal here is pretty solid as well.

In particular, the Princeton Review seems to best writing essay, actually understand the buy research paper service College Board#8217;s incorporation of graphs into the verbal section on the new SAT—a nuanced concept that few publishers get right. Also, the practice tests here are different than those included in the Princeton Review#8217;s 6 Practice Tests for the SAT , so if you#8217;ve bought both books, you#8217;ll really get your money#8217;s worth. Some of the verbal advice is laughably obvious. For example, in essay, Reading: #8220;If you like to read novels and short stories, the literature passage may be a good place to start.#8221; Writing: #8220;The most important thing about Writing and smoking against, Language questions is that you notice those questions and best way of writing essay, then answer those questions.#8221; Oh, is that what I was supposed to do with those questions? If we#8217;re going to be really picky about it, there are only four tests here. The other two are online. If you#8217;re going online, why not use the College Board#8217;s official practice? Also, the actual test won#8217;t be online, so…And the title of the book has 6 Practice Tests , in essays book, it when really it should really read 4 Practice Tests and Some Links. But I#8217;m starting to quibble#8230; A great place to overhaul your math scores if you have a lot of time before the exam. Also worth looking into for the use of graphs in the verbal sections. 6 Practice Tests for the SAT, 2017 Edition.

Before we get into essay anything else, a quick clarification: The practice tests in this book are not the same ones that appear in the Princeton Review#8217;s Cracking the SAT Premium 2017 Edition. All commentary here applies to the 6 practice tests book alone. Smoking Essay For And! The math here verges on the easy side, but not so much so that it#8217;s unfaithful to the test. It#8217;s just missing those tough problems that you#8217;ll need to answer correctly for a 700+ sectional score. If you#8217;re looking to get your score up in way of writing essay, the top percentiles, you#8217;ll want to on the book siddhartha, supplement the tests with practice problems from books like the College Board#8217;s Official Guide. The verbal sections here are also pretty strong. Best Way Of! The science passages in the reading section are outstanding, and so is the writing Princeton Review#8217;s use of graphic stimuli in these sections. These types of problems are going to be a new kind of challenge for many students on way of essay test day, and here we have difficult, test-like problems! Woohoo!

Answer explanations are also pretty good. The explanations of wrong answers are brief or even missing, but the clear explanations of why the paper right choice is right make this a relatively small issue. Great test items for the new verbal passages and problem types. (Fantastic charts and excellent science passages!) Great medium- and low-level math items. Clear explanations for all problems. Students hoping to score above 700 in math will need to supplement their practice with some truly challenging problems, which they won#8217;t find here. Nothing truly ugly here! A good book for most students. If you#8217;re hoping to score in the stratosphere (90th percentile or above), you might begin here, depending on best way of writing essay where you are now, and move on to more challenging materials as you master these problems. Many test prep books make the mistake of being dry — really dry. Phd Thesis! And that’s a problem when your subject matter is already dry to begin with.

Mike McClenathan steers clear of any such aridity, injecting a “hey-we’re-in-this-together” voice as he takes you through all the best important parts of the new SAT. And you never feel like he’s writing this book to meet some deadline. It’s clearly a labor of love. His affection for the material and the test comes across in nearly every page. But it isn’t that he just wants to geek out on on the book siddhartha the material — he genuinely seems to care that students improve their score.

That said, this book alone isn’t enough to improve your score — though it is writing, a good start. You’ll want to make sure to complement it with the essays on the book Official Guide (as the author encourages). Best Way Of Writing! Even then, I recommend a book like Barron’s 1600 Math book so you can get lots of artists extra practice questions. The questions in way of writing, the PWN book, while okay, don’t quite impart the for and against flavor of the current test. It seems that some of them are still steeped in the old-SAT-style of asking questions. Another issue is there is no indication of whether a question in way of writing essay, a practice set is buy research paper writing service, ‘easy’, ‘medium’, or ‘difficult.’ This is problematic because, often, the section that introduces the topic uses clear, easy-to-follow examples. Then there#8217;s a jump in difficulty in the problem sets, often because what you learned at the beginning of the chapter isn’t enough to way of writing, answer the harder questions. For students who are just starting out, they might get easily frustrated and think, as they are wont to do, that they aren’t good at math. The problem sets would have been improved had they included easier questions and broken up the questions into discrete difficulty levels. Luckily, the book gives us a clean breakdown of every question type in essays on famous, the Official Guide. That way, you can practice a concept on real SAT questions and writing essay, have a rough idea of how difficult they are (the difficulty of these questions depends on voltage stability phd thesis where the best writing essay question shows up in the section—easier questions are at on the siddhartha the beginning; harder questions at the end).

Overall, a strong book for the self-studier who needs an accessible refresher of the math tested on the New SAT. The practice questions aren’t that representative of the new test and tend be overly difficult for those who are weaker at best writing math. Nothing ugly here! SAT Exam Secrets: Study Guide from Mometrix Media. In my job as a book reviewer, I’ve never considered myself to be doing an ethical service. After all, I’m just advising which book to use and which one not to use.

Apparently, this logic was turned on its head today as I read through Mometrix’s SAT Exam Secrets Study Guide. Buy Research! I even decided to review this book because it was one of the highest-rated SAT books on Amazon, receiving five stars and nearly 100 reviews (it’s since dipped to 4.5 stars). First off, I believe this is the way of writing last time I will ever trust Amazon. They’ve clearly been compromised by reviewers who get free versions of a book for an “honest review.” Rarely do I get this shrill—and I apologize if I’m coming across as abrasive—but the Mometrix book is so atrocious, so unworthy of more than a fly swatter, that I feel it is my ethical duty to warn others away from it. Especially when what is at trip stake is something as important as improving your SAT score. (I hope this review serves as a broadside against Amazon, i.e. a well-aimed kick in the butt). So why is Mometrix so awful?

1. Best Way Of Writing Essay! Annoying, ingratiating tone (think of the car salesman who puts his arm around your shoulder and essay to island, calls you buddy). 2. Writing! Sentence Completions, which even my grandmother knows are no longer on essay the SAT, are included. Best Way Of! (An aside to you Mometrix people (assuming you are not evil robots): my grandmother can write better questions than this—and she spoke broken English.) 3. Nothing about the on the siddhartha Reading Comprehension section questions is valid. The questions ask, #8220;What is something that the passage talks about in line 3?#8221; And then they give you four answers (at least they got that right) followed by an answer that is lifted word for word from the passage. How hard is it to writing, realize that there are evidence-based reasoning questions and that they look a certain way? Or vocabulary-in-context questions? A fourth-grader could at least mold the question—and arguably write a better question than what’s in here. 4. You are teaching formulas that nobody will ever have to use on the SAT math section. (Mometrix, did you even take the phd thesis SAT?

Have you ever cracked open an way of essay SAT prep book?) 5. In discussing grammar, it behooves a prep book not to have glaring grammatical errors on nearly every page (sometimes every paragraph) of the book. 6. There is nothing wrong with organizing information in readily consumable chunks. Mometrix feels that it is okay to dump information into on the book siddhartha poorly organized and poorly formatted paragraphs (I’d rather read the best New York City phonebook). 7. Mometrix, did you realize that the SAT contains a 44-question grammar section? You might want to include it in your next edition. Actually, do those hapless high school students whom you bamboozle with this travesty of a book by never releasing anything into essay for and against the world again.

Amazon, say it ain’t so. Grade: UA for utterly atrocious. SAT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published. An SAT student favorite. We aren#8217;t reviewing the existing SAT Prep Black Book by Mike Barrett here because it is for the old SAT. If the publisher does revise the best way of writing Black Book for essay about hawaiian, the New SAT, you can count on our full book review here!! In the meantime, for video explanations from SAT expert, Chris Lele, to questions from the Official SAT Study Guide 2016, check out best way of writing essay, our Magoosh SAT YouTube Channel!

For more information on how to put the best SAT prep books of 2016 to use in a complete study plan, check out voltage stability phd thesis, our study schedules for the new SAT . Improve your SAT or ACT score, guaranteed. Start your 1 Week Free Trial of Magoosh SAT Prep or your 1 Week Free Trial of Magoosh ACT Prep today! Chris Lele is the way of writing GRE and SAT Curriculum Manager (and vocabulary wizard) at Magoosh Online Test Prep. In his time at about hawaiian culture Magoosh, he has inspired countless students across the globe, turning what is otherwise a daunting experience into an opportunity for learning, growth, and best, fun. Some of his students have even gone on essays to get near perfect scores. Chris is also very popular on the internet. His GRE channel on way of essay YouTube has over 10 million views. You can read Chris's awesome blog posts on the Magoosh GRE blog and High School blog! You can follow him on on famous artists Twitter and Facebook!

Magoosh blog comment policy: To create the best experience for our readers, we will approve and respond to comments that are relevant to the article, general enough to be helpful to other students, concise, and well-written! :) If your comment was not approved, it likely did not adhere to essay, these guidelines. About Hawaiian! If you are a Premium Magoosh student and best writing, would like more personalized service, you can use the Help tab on the Magoosh dashboard. Thanks! Magoosh is a play on the Old Persian word magush , one who is buy research writing, highly learned, wise and generous. SAT ® is best essay, a registered trademark of the College Board ® . The College Board ® does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way with the owner or any content of this web site.

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Fire Safety Engineer Resume Sample. This resume is a sample for way of writing essay the post of essay to island, FIRE SAFETY ENGINEER / SAFETY ENGINEER/ RESCUE OFFICER. The job is a very responsible one. A Fire Safety Engineer makes sure to maximize the safety of the people and the property through proper planning and management. ( See also Resume Sample For Safety Analyst for more ideas ) It is his job to design and arrange different strategies to writing essay, lessen the essays, risks of best, accident especially of fire and to minimize the chances of loss in case of book, some mishap. ( Looking for best writing more Security Associated Resume Sample? ) The prime requisite for this job is trip, honesty and best writing essay, responsibility. In this job, you are suppose to show your capabilities through your performance and your chance of committing mistake or any kind of negligence is simply intolerable. While creating resume for the SAFETY OFFICER RESUME SAMPLE you should provide not only smoking essay, your basic information but also some previous experience, credits or awards -as a proof – to show that you are an attentive, active, culpable and best way of writing, intelligent person. Below we have given you an advisable resume for the post that will help you to draw a successful and attractive resume. In the sample resume given below, we have shown an impressive arrangement of your basic info, previous experiences and services, your passion to work further.

Attach some previous information or credits in your resume to attract the attention of your employer. Position Applied : FIRE SAFETY ENGINEER / SAFETY ENGINEER/ RESCUE OFFICER. CAREER OBJECTIVE :(Fire Safety Engineer) Seeking the position of a Health and Safety Professional in a reputed organization where I can provide my expertise in analyzing the HSE protocols, Pro-Actively contribute and promote healthy and safe workplace in the organization. To work as a fire safety engineer in an organization whose prime motive is to protect the lives of others. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATION:

With more than 7 years of experienced with the combined works of E.H.S, Food and Beverage. Have gained excellent knowledge in risk assessment and hazard prevention on Food contamination where I’m working at present. DARE institution for fire safety engineers. Course studied: Masters in fire safety engineering. Year of passing 2008. Certificate course in fire protection.

Duration of the trip, course:1 YEAR H.S.E ADVISER COURSE –OH-SEC SAFETY CONSULTANCIES DUBAI, U.A.E IOSH MANAGING SAFELY, UK Certificate –OHSEC SAFETY CONSULTANCIES DUBAI, U.A.E (ON GOING) NEBOSH IGC (ON GOING) WORK EXPERIENCE :(Fire Safety Engineer) Position: Fire Safety Engineer. Designed formations of rescue teams in different situations. Best Way Of Essay? Monitor all the essays on famous artists, Job activity at the site to best way of essay, ensure safety compliance. Monthly Inspection program of Site equipment and Firefighting equipment to ensure safe operation. Installation of safety signs, traffic control signs and other safety promotion posters to remind workers to work safely and enhance safety awareness among them.

Can take quick decisions. Hawaiian? Daring. Well versed with the subject. Analytical, unbiased. Reviewing Lift Plan and Permit to work before any complex lift. Verifying to confirm that all lifting equipment operators are trained, competent and certified.

Maintaining records of PTW’s to be available for auditing as required by company standards Assist Supervisor/Foreman for the Job Safety Environment Analysis and Risk assessment for way of essay all working practices at site Prepare Submit daily safety reports / Inspection Reports. Increase and apply the awareness on health and essay about to island, safety levels within the organization. Conducting Toolbox Talk weekly as per Task required. To record and maintain a database of all inspections conducted to follow up and best way of writing essay, identify corrective actions. Buy Research? Managing all Commercial and Technical Document Distributing Documents and ensuring Accuracy of all Documents. ABC PRIVATE LIMITED. Position: Fire Safety Officer. Advise about prevention of injury to personnel and damage to the plant and equipment. Way Of Essay? Advise about essays on famous, further improvements in existing working methods. Report directly to the HSE Supervisor ( or as per the project org chart) Inspection of work site daily for any unsafe condition and initiate for immediate corrective action, refer more complex issues to writing, a senior HSE Personnel Ensure that healthy work conditions are maintained Complete and essays on the siddhartha, submit daily activity reports Assist Sr.

HSE Officer at site to conduct Safety Toolbox meeting. Responsible to way of, assist the essay about, HSE team in their duties as Pro Active in safe work environment. Advise suitable standard of protective clothing and equipment. Ensure that new employees Undertake HSE training and seminars to way of essay, ensure complete knowledge of all elements and aspects of essays, HSE procedures. Implementing the JSA, JHA, and TBT and explained to them how important it is. ABC COMPANY LIMITED. Position: Junior Safety Officer. Implementing Safety and Health policies and best way of writing essay, procedure. Assists in risk management and hazards identification in different areas in the location.

Assist in Investigating and reporting of all incident, accident, injuries and about hawaiian culture, hazard. Monitoring OSH standard and compliance with OSH policies and procedure. Assisting Sr. Best Writing Essay? HSE officer in preparing materials for HSE in-house training for new employee and essays on famous, Conducting TOOLBOX TALK in daily basis as per best way of essay rules of the management. Advise and assist management in fulfilling of safety obligations setting goals for safety matters Analyzing incident and on the, accident report. Conducting Health and Safety Environment training to the new coming workers in the plant. Assist in conducting monthly evacuation drill in the particular groups in order to best way of writing, keep them updated and to ensure they have proper knowledge regarding HSE procedure. Marital Status : Single Parent. Hobbies : Mountain biking, reading, photography.

Entry Level Risk Control Officer Resume Sample. This resume belongs to the “Entry Level Resume” Series, consist of resumes appreciating and encouraging fresh and new talent. A very important but highly underestimated post. An Entry Level Fraud or Risk Control Officer Controller works as the backbone of a company or an organisation. He predicts, plans and buy research paper service, secures a company’s future.Following resume is a sample for the post of Entry Level Risk Control Officer.

Below we have given you an example for the post of Risk manager. Enlist your initial information following by your education and essay, then describe your key skills and experiences. Essay Hawaiian Culture? Finally adding references of your previous work experiences along with credits/awards will add to the value of writing essay, your resume. Contact No : +0000000. Email Id : xxxxxx. OBJECTIVES: (Entry Level Risk Control Officer) To seek a career in an organization that would best capitalize on for and against my expertise in risk based control assessment and process consulting.

Workplace should offer many opportunities to utilize my analytical skills, creativity, sharp business understanding and relationship building skills satisfying my definition of Quality work. Outstanding interpersonal, relationship and team building skills; Analytically, articulate and diligent; resourceful in the completion of projects and effective at way of essay, multitasking with strong ability to plan, prioritize and deliver in complex projects under aggressive time frame. AREAS OF EXPERTISE (Entry Level Risk Control Officer) Strong analytical organizational abilities with adeptness in implementing, formulating and essays book siddhartha, streamlining operational policies procedures. Keen understanding significant experience of risk identification, analyze and mitigation Ability to writing, provide insight and strategic input into, manage and facilitate the effective development and to island, delivery of outstanding internal audit review and compliance related services. Prevention and detection of possible fraud and other risks, such as potential going out of business, excessive credit etc. Master Degree in Business Administration (Finance) with 1st class on 2012 Master Degree in Social Work with 55% from Rabindra Bharati University Completed Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work obtaining marks 58% Bachelor Degree of Commerce from Calcutta University (3 Yrs) on 2005 Higher Secondary Examination from way of writing B.C.H.S.E on 2002 in 1st division Matriculation from B.B.S.E on essay trip 2000 in 1st division. COMPUTER PROFICIENCY – BANKING OPERATING SYSTEM AND SOFTWARE. MS Dos, Windows XP , MS Word , Excel , Power Point and office communication system, Banking Software, Updated Finacle (Version 10.2.9), Finone, APS, FCRM, 1.5 Integrated Microfinance Banking Application, Talisma, SAS, Hunter, Cibil. Fathers Name : xxxx.

Date of Birth : +0000000. Marital Status : Single. Passport Details : 00000. Permanent Address : xxxxxx. Risk Operations Analyst Resume Sample. A Risk Operation Analyst primarily works to minimize the essay, chances of loss for a company. His expertise lies in making plans and predicting such strategies that should help an organisation from unseen or long-term disasters, securing their time, budget and efforts being an excruciating waste. Following resume is a sample for the post of Risk Operation Analyst.

He plays a vital role for the sustenance and progress of a company. Below we have given you an avid example. Enlist your initial information following by your education and then describe your key skills and experiences. Highlight that you are able to work in any type of situations and a strong candidate handling tumultuous situations. Applied For: Risk Analyst/Operation Analyst/ Business Analyst. To be able to phd thesis, impart my skills in molding the company’s image and be able to create goodwill for best way of the company’s goal of having a long term profit. COLLEGE: Degree from on famous Saint Louis University. Risk Operations Analyst or Risk Analyst. Works with Debit Card Fraud Prevention. Best Essay? Provide support to clients who calls to remove temporary block on acct. Identify fraud through outbound calls and follow up on incoming calls for essay for and suspicious caller.

Maintain goals by quarter and year to best writing essay, date. Provides early warning to prevent fraud. Transferred to another LOB which is Customer Data Accuracy Program. As a Retail Fraud Operations Analyst, I minimize risk and prevent losses by reviewing and analyzing new and buy research paper service, existing Chase Checking/Savings accounts. I take appropriate actions on accounts in order to way of, verify and ensure the accuracy of the customer’s information. Voltage Stability Phd Thesis? My duties include tracking statistical information, requesting various documents to determine the validity of the customer.

I operate in a team environment and often have customer communications as a key component of my job. I also rely upon best way of writing essay effective relationships with Corporate Security, the Law Department, account officers and other representatives from various lines of business, and outside financial institutions. Knowledge of Internet and Electronic Commerce industries. Independently perform routine account reviews as well as activity review of risky transactions Follow standard procedures and action plans to reduce exposure on fraudulent use of Social Security Numbers and Tax Identification Numbers Learn how to access and use multiple operating systems efficiently. * Deliver exceptional customer service with the ability to handle irate or adverse situations. Essay About Trip? Documenting the review and investigation process followed for best way of writing essay each account reviewed and preparing various documents, reports and about hawaiian, system entries as necessary for financial entry, certification, reporting and statistical purposes Ensuring that regulatory, legal, bank and audit requirements are met Demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems by providing viable solutions and executing excellent follow through and communication Must possess a strong understanding of business transactions, knowledge of account flow, and financial documents Work on shifting schedules, US and Philippine Holidays as needed Work in best writing essay a fast paced environment, multi-task and have the ability to make decisions with minimal supervision.

Work successfully under time constraints and have the ability to customer accounts based on the provided information. Top Performer Certificates for achieving complete attendance Top Analyst for the month April 2013. Taking INBOUND and OUTBOUND calls Worked as a Line Balancing Agent where I worked with two different line of business,two different verification process and fraud identification Provide support clients who calls to remove temporary block on writing accts Identify fraud through outbound calls and follow up on incoming calls for suspicious caller Maintain goals by quarter and writing essay, year to essay culture, date. Provides early warning to prevent identity theft, account take over best writing essay, and fraud application. Telemarketing experience in smoking identifying and eliminating fraud Good team player and Multitasking capabilities.

Proven initiative and ability to work with minimal supervision. Excellent organizational and motivational skills. Knowledge of Internet and writing essay, Electronic Commerce industries. Top Agent Cluster Leader Certificates for essay about trip to island achieving above average goals for AHT,Losthours,%of standard. Civil Status: Married. Father’s Name: Cesar B. Way Of Essay? Mendoza.

Occupation: Retired Soldier. Mother’s Name: Priscilla D. Mendoza. Occupation: House Wife. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills Excellent customer service skills Strong organizational skills and attention to details Natural ability to work both alone or as a part of a team Strong analytically and problem solving skills Excellent sales and negotiation skills Strong multi-tasking skill Basic knowledge in Microsoft Word Excel and PowerPoint Knowledgeable in Integrated Mission Critical System (IMCS) and Systems Application Program (SAP) Risk #038; Fraud Control Officer Resume Sample.

This resume is a sample for the post of on famous, Risk and Fraud Control Officer. A very important but highly underestimated post. A Fraud Controller works as the backbone of a company or an organisation. He predicts, plans and secures a company’s future. He works to minimize the chances of way of writing, loss for a company. His expertise lies in about hawaiian making plans and predicting such strategies that should help an organisation from unseen or long-term disasters, securing their time, budget and best, money being an excruciating waste. He plays a vital role for the sustenance and progress of against, a company. Below we have given you an example for the post of Risk manager. Enlist your initial information following by best way of, your education and then describe your key skills and on famous, experiences. Way Of Essay? Finally adding references of your previous work experiences along with credits/awards will add to the value of your resume.

Contact No : 00000. Email Id : xxxxxx. To seek a career in an organization that would best capitalize on my expertise in essay hawaiian risk based control assessment and process consulting. Workplace should offer many opportunities to utilize my analytical skills, creativity, sharp business understanding and relationship building skills satisfying my definition of Quality work. Outstanding interpersonal, relationship and team building skills; Analytically, articulate and diligent; resourceful in the completion of projects and essay, effective at on the siddhartha, multitasking with strong ability to essay, plan, prioritize and deliver in buy research complex projects under aggressive time frame.

Result Oriented, Proactive and innovative professionals with 3 + years of best writing, Self Leadership with extensive hands on essays on famous experience in the areas of best way of essay, Risk Based Internal Audit, Fraud Investigations, Strategic governance Process Review control, Credit underwriting, AML, KYC and smoking essay against, Compliance among Banking and Non Banking Financial Services sector Strong analytical organizational abilities with adeptness in implementing, formulating and streamlining operational policies procedures. Keen understanding significant experience of risk identification, analyze and best essay, mitigation Ability to voltage stability, provide insight and strategic input into, manage and facilitate the effective development and delivery of way of, outstanding internal audit review and compliance related services. Prevention and voltage stability phd thesis, detection of possible fraud and other risks, such as potential going out of business, excessive credit etc. PRESENT EMPLOYMENT AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. Company Name : xyz. Designation : Risk Fraud Control. Thorough understanding of best way of writing, banks fraud control system for on the siddhartha all retail assets liability products and services, cards and e-channels payments and scam mail, lottery fraud thru’ cost effective digital sampling activity Investigate fraud cases of retail loan advances, anti-money laundering (AML), suspicious transaction report (STR), Hunter match, money mules and conclude with logical modus operandi root cause proposing corrective measures Conducted risk based process review / audit in retail branches and finalizing the writing, audit reports basis observations Analyzing risk profiling of the branches and developed risk dashboards and combined all enterprise information such as key risk indicators and facilitated in identification of risk across cross functional business line Carry out Fraud Risk Assessments to identify areas specifically vulnerable to buy research paper writing service, fraud, and actively engage with other stake holders to essay, implement fraud monitoring and fraud preventive controls Identify the prone areas of corruption, fraud, operational policies and practices with a view to timely recommend modification in policies ensure authenticity of artists, policies vis a vis compliance and conduct the Regional Compliance Committee (RCC) for best way of writing reviewing fraud investigation cases with senior management and essay about, probe to fix accountability and taking disciplinary action as per matrix.

Company Name : xyz. Designation : Deputy Manager. Responsible for ensuring Internal Control at best way of, the Branch by proper checks and balances with routine banking transactions and ensuring customer satisfaction and first level of scrutiny and authenticating of essays on famous, KYC and signing AOF for ensuring KYC Compliance of every opened account Deposits Support central Anti Money laundering Monitoring Unit with prompt response after completing required due diligence at branch level of the suspected accounts within proper time frame Ensure Audit rating to be satisfactory and closure of best way of writing, audit report within proper time lines Reconciliation of any differences with Banks and phd thesis, Clearing related suspense accounts and ensuring entries are not outstanding for more than three days Special emphasis given to verify all Cash Related Registers and Branch other registers on monthly basis and report to best way of writing, BM / Manager for remedial action. Surprise visit to customers end for verification of voltage phd thesis, communication on way of essay loan details, follow-up, pre and post appraisal and writing, visit by best writing essay, field executive Branch Manager, checking appraisal quality, end utilization monitoring Implement all regulatory compliance ethics and compliance programs at branches in service the region and suggests the management when solicited on matters related to internal control, new policy and processes. Company Name : xyz. Designation : Financial Analyst. Worked in the “Earning Estimate” project and essay, analyzed financial report of different companies given by Bloomberg Captured all date’s in system after analyzing historical current financial reports Predicted future estimation of the company basis past financial reports.

EXTERNAL INTERNAL PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS. Pursuing “Cyber Crimes and essays book, Fraud Management” from Indian Institute of Banking and Finance Certification of “Internal Control over Financial Reporting – SOX Compliance” from ICICI Bank Ltd Certificate of “Audit Compliance” from ICICI Bank Ltd Certificate of “Fraud Prevention and Control” and Financial Crime Prevention” from ICICI Bank Ltd. Master Degree in Business Administration (Finance) with 1st class on 2012 Master Degree in Social Work with 55% from Rabindra Bharati University Completed Post Graduate Diploma in best way of writing essay Social Work obtaining marks 58% Bachelor Degree of Commerce from essays on the book Calcutta University (3 Yrs) on 2005 Higher Secondary Examination from B.C.H.S.E on 2002 in 1st division Matriculation from B.B.S.E on 2000 in 1st division. MS Dos, Windows XP, MS Word, Excel, Power Point and office communication system, Banking Software, Updated Finacle (Version 10.2.9), Finone, APS, FCRM, 1.5 Integrated Microfinance Banking Application, Talisma, SAS, Hunter, Cibil. Fathers Name : xxxx. Date of Birth : 1978. Sex / Marital Status : Male / Single. Passport Details : 00000. This resume is a sample for the post of Area Risk Manager.

A Risk Manager primarily works to minimize the chances of loss for a company by localizing its resources. His expertise lies in making plans and predicting such strategies that should help an organisation from unseen or long-term disasters, securing their time, budget and efforts being an excruciating waste. He plays a vital role for the sustenance and progress of a company. Below we have given you an example for the post of Risk manager. Enlist your initial information following by your education and then describe your key skills and experiences. Highlight that you are able to work in any type of best essay, situations and a strong candidate handling tumultuous situations. Do add verified references of your previous work experience along with your credits/awards. Contact No – +00000 Email Id – xxxxxx. To seek a career in an organization that would best capitalize on my expertise in risk based control assessment and process consulting. Workplace should offer many opportunities to essay for and against, utilize my analytical skills, creativity, sharp business understanding and relationship building skills satisfying my definition of best way of writing essay, Quality work. Outstanding interpersonal, relationship and team building skills; Analytically, articulate and diligent; resourceful in the completion of projects and effective at multitasking with strong ability to plan, prioritize and deliver in complex projects under aggressive time frame.

Result Oriented, Proactive and innovative professionals with 3 + years of Self Leadership with extensive hands on experience in the areas of Risk Based Internal Audit, Fraud Investigations, Strategic governance Process Review control, Credit underwriting, AML, KYC and Compliance among Banking and Non Banking Financial Services sector Strong analytical organizational abilities with adeptness in implementing, formulating and streamlining operational policies procedures. Keen understanding significant experience of risk identification, analyze and mitigation Ability to provide insight and strategic input into, manage and facilitate the effective development and delivery of outstanding internal audit review and essay about culture, compliance related services. Prevention and detection of possible fraud and other risks, such as potential going out of business, excessive credit etc. PRESENT EMPLOYMENT AND PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE. Pertinent understanding of banks NBFCs fraud control system for all retail assets products and services, cards and other channels fraud fraud investigations Investigate fraud cases of retail loan advances, carry out the investigations of internal external frauds, theft and writing essay, losses of company assets and trip, prepare investigation report, identify root cause leading to instances of impropriety use the result of investigations, matter to best way of writing, identify risk related issues and paper service, recommend policy to mitigate the risk Analyzing fraud trends, establishing monitoring key fraud indicators, performing a fraud risk assessment, identifying operational deficiencies and human factors that enable/influence activity and conducting fraud training Formulate quarterly audit / process review plan design review scope, risk parameters and implement risk based internal audits to ensure regulatory (RBI) compliance ethics Oversee the conduct of risk based process reviews/audits to way of, determine and buy research, detect vulnerabilities in systems and/ or policies/ procedures that may potentially lead to fraudulent activity and/or abuse Finalizing review / audit report post discussing with stake holders and taking compliance report maintain action taken report (ATR) and analyzed negative trends, highlights non compliant issues suggested policy enhancements Random effective digital sampling of best essay, new retail loan proposals and check authenticity of documents attached as KYC, Financial statements others to filter financial crime credit risk management ensure no fraud creeps into system Initiating mystery shopping for Bank/NBFC employees / external agencies about the procedures of dealing with various policies process and voltage stability, report to central compliance team and concern management head Develop and present meaningful MIS to facilitate decisions, with quick turnarounds related to way of, fraud risk trend and about hawaiian, circulate fraud related MIS/red flags to all stakeholders for proper corrective actions within regulatory framework Conduct regular surprise audits of external vendors (vendor process management) and also train develop external risk agencies in fraud detection, appropriate referrals, fraud prevention investigation New initiatives are taken to develop fraud rules in deduce mechanism followed in the loans origination systems to prevent frauds more effectively and formulated new policies of AML KYC and implemented across the region Conduct training workshop for essay external internal stakeholders within organization as well as with law enforcement authority to stability phd thesis, create fraud risk awareness related to KYC, AML. Thorough understanding of banks fraud control system for all retail assets liability products and best writing essay, services, cards and e-channels payments and scam mail, lottery fraud thru’ cost effective digital sampling activity Investigate fraud cases of retail loan advances, anti-money laundering (AML), suspicious transaction report (STR), Hunter match, money mules and conclude with logical modus operandi root cause proposing corrective measures Conducted risk based process review / audit in voltage retail branches and finalizing the audit reports basis observations Analyzing risk profiling of the branches and developed risk dashboards and combined all enterprise information such as key risk indicators and facilitated in best writing essay identification of risk across cross functional business line Carry out Fraud Risk Assessments to identify areas specifically vulnerable to fraud, and actively engage with other stake holders to implement fraud monitoring and fraud preventive controls Identify the prone areas of essays artists, corruption, fraud, operational policies and practices with a view to best way of, timely recommend modification in policies ensure authenticity of policies vis a vis compliance and conduct the Regional Compliance Committee (RCC) for reviewing fraud investigation cases with senior management and probe to fix accountability and taking disciplinary action as per hawaiian culture matrix. Responsible for ensuring Internal Control at the Branch by proper checks and balances with routine banking transactions and ensuring customer satisfaction and first level of scrutiny and authenticating of KYC and signing AOF for ensuring KYC Compliance of every opened account Deposits Support central Anti Money laundering Monitoring Unit with prompt response after completing required due diligence at branch level of the suspected accounts within proper time frame Ensure Audit rating to be satisfactory and closure of best essay, audit report within proper time lines Reconciliation of any differences with Banks and to island, Clearing related suspense accounts and ensuring entries are not outstanding for more than three days Special emphasis given to verify all Cash Related Registers and Branch other registers on monthly basis and report to BM / Manager for remedial action.

Surprise visit to way of writing essay, customers end for phd thesis verification of way of essay, communication on loan details, follow-up, pre and post appraisal and visit by field executive Branch Manager, checking appraisal quality, end utilization monitoring Implement all regulatory compliance ethics and compliance programs at branches in the region and suggests the management when solicited on matters related to voltage stability phd thesis, internal control, new policy and processes. Worked in the “Earning Estimate” project and analyzed financial report of different companies given by Bloomberg Captured all date’s in system after analyzing historical current financial reports Predicted future estimation of the company basis past financial reports. EXTERNAL INTERNAL PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATIONS. Pursuing “Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management” from way of writing essay Indian Institute of Banking and Finance Certification of on famous, “Internal Control over best way of writing, Financial Reporting – SOX Compliance” from ICICI Bank Ltd Certificate of “Audit Compliance” from ICICI Bank Ltd Certificate of “Fraud Prevention and Control” and Financial Crime Prevention” from on the book ICICI Bank Ltd. Master Degree in Business Administration (Finance) with 1st class on 2012 Master Degree in Social Work with 55% from Rabindra Bharati University Completed Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work obtaining marks 58% Bachelor Degree of Commerce from best Calcutta University (3 Yrs) on on the book 2005 Higher Secondary Examination from B.C.H.S.E on 2002 in 1st division Matriculation from B.B.S.E on way of 2000 in 1st division.

MS Dos, Windows XP, MS Word, Excel, Power Point and office communication system, Banking Software, Updated Finacle (Version 10.2.9), Finone, APS, FCRM, 1.5 Integrated Microfinance Banking Application, Talisma, SAS, Hunter, Cibil.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Perfect Software Testing Resume (with Free Sample Resume) A commonly asked question, mostly by newcomers into IT, is- “Do you have a sample software testing resume that I can use?” Sure, we all learn by seeing. To begin with we need to way of writing essay, establish a point of on famous reference, so there is way of writing essay no harm in smoking against checking out best essay, someone else’s resume. However, relying completely on it and trying to tailor it to suit our needs is not always the best way to create our own resume. How would it be if I took a picture of a perfect looking person and essays photo shopped my face to it – it just would not be right, would it? The same rationale applies here. Each of us come from best writing essay, different educational backgrounds, different professional exposure and are at different proficiency levels – our resume has to be a snap shot of essays on famous artists everything that is uniquely us. The piece of paper (or electronic document) is a representation of ourselves when we could not be there in person. Therefore it is of utmost important to let your resume capture the best way of writing essay essence of who you are as a professional. In this article I tried to put together a few simple pointers that will help ease this software testing QA resume preparation process , especially for first timers.

To start with, these are some of the pre-activities that should go into resume preparation: #1. Try to make a list of all skills, education, work experience, platforms, technologies, projects, etc. #2. For a start, forget about the format and template. Sticky notes, piece of book paper, notepad on way of writing essay your computer – all are perfectly good starting points. #3. The list could look something like this:

#4. Pick up the technical skills section and try to sort them in the order of artists your proficiency. Best Way Of Essay? I generally, use the paper service rating method on my skills. On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the expert and 1 being just familiar- try to assign a rating to best writing essay, your list. #5.

Take a moment to review your readiness with respect to skill acquisition required to apply the smoking against job of way of essay your choice. For example: From the above list, it is essay hawaiian clear that I am not at the required skill level to apply for a QTP position. That is ok. To enhance our strengths we always need to way of writing essay, know our weaknesses. This method helps us with that. There are 2 options at this stage: a) If QTP is not my area of interest, I just move on and apply for a manual testing job that better suits my skill. b) But if I want to pursue automation testing I could take a few days time, work on building the essay skill. Way Of Writing? Once I move to anywhere between 3-5 rating level, I may reconsider a QTP career. Once listing, rating and self evaluating is through, the next step is to think of a template. Every IT resume has the following sections.

Of course, the on the siddhartha order in which these sections appear is a personal choice. As for best way of me, I find the essay about trip below order very effective, so stick to it if you think so too. a) The header – basic information about how to reach you – Name, Address, Email ID, Phone number, link to your profile on a professional network, certifications etc. b) Objective – Optional section, especially useful to explain your choice of getting into IT- QA field if you have not been from a computer science background and have a different career prior to now, or if you have been from a certain branch of IT and want to transition to another one. c) Professional summary – a gist of your skills, your strengths, roles performed technologies you know, achievements awards, certifications if any, etc. Start with the way of points that are most significant in the list. d) Certifications – Include this section, if you have been certified in essay against any areas. Best Way Of Writing Essay? Note: I have come across some new comers who include – “preparing for on famous artists ISQTB” or something to that effect in this section. This is generally not apt. Include only the writing essay ones that you have already been certified. For multiple certifications use a table.

e) Work experience – list all the organizations you worked for until now. A table works best for voltage this. Order the columns in this table by keeping your most recent experience as the best writing essay first row. f) Technical Skills – List all your skills acquired on-job and off-job according to categories. g) Educational information – Tabular format works best for this too. Start with your highest education as the first row. Paper? Provide the P.G/ graduation/10+2/10 standard, year of passing, institution/city you went to next. It is best writing optional to include the score you received.

h) Projects – Projects is a main section in itself. This is where specific information about the kind of service work you have performed during the course of your previous employment leading up to best, now. Trip To Island? In case of multiple projects start with your most recent project and move to the next. For each project include: Client: (optional and wherever relevant) Duration: Start Month/Year – End Month/Year. Description: (A small paragraph about the application that was worked on. Way Of? Detailed functionality is not necessary)

Roles and essays on the siddhartha Responsibilities: Use bulleted points to describe what your day to way of, day activities on job were. i) References – Provide names and contact information of your previous managers and/or colleagues whose feedback can be sought. Alternately, you can choose to provide it on request by saying “References will be provided on about hawaiian culture request”. Now that we have the way of writing information gathered during the pre-resume step and the template, all it takes is to organize the information into a template. Use the template attached for more clarity. This software testing CV template can be used by essay about trip to island, experienced as well as beginner level professional. All the sections are given in way of here. Essay About? All you need to best way of essay, do is fill in your information. The samples for about trip to island how to define roles and responsibilities, professional summary, project description etc. are provided too. Important Points in Resume Creation Process. To summarize these are the steps in essay resume creation process:

1. Try not to create a huge resume. 3-4 pages are optimum for smoking for and a beginner level professional. For experienced personnel, try not to run over 5 pages. 2. Do not include personal information like – passport numbers. 3. You could include information regarding your marital status, Date of birth etc, but it is not necessary.

4. MS word or PDF are the standard formats for a resume. 5. If you are a newcomer and have no prior employment, you can still include project information. These projects are going to be off-job, self initiated. Way Of? For example: pick or and test it thoroughly following a testing process that is close to essay hawaiian culture, real-time project. Document your results and include that as your experience. 6. If you are from a non-IT background and want to include that experience, keep it to a minimum. 7. Resumes nowadays are being picked by search engines. So include as many keywords as possible and include them repetitively.

Although, use them with caution. I have come across many resumes that include every skill available in the market. A resume is best essay your entry ticket into a job interview not into a job. Including skills that you are not good will put you in voltage a compromising situation when you can’t explain them in an interview. 8. Do not circulate your resume flippantly. Do not post/circulate your resume just to get a feel of the market or to understand how much pay you might receive. Do it only when you are ready for an interview. You do not want to miss a chance at landing a job due to unpreparedness. Be prepared to attend an interview from the minute your resume is out there.

9. Avoid writing huge paragraphs. Stick to bullet points. 10. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. 11. Once you are complete, save your doc with an appropriate name. Typically, “Name_Role/tile_years of experience.doc- (Name-QA Analyst-8 Years.doc)” is recommended. Tip: You can also use the resume search option to search their database for resumes related to software testing skills.

Using keyword and other advanced search options you can find the best profiles of professionals with matching skills and experience. You can even search resumes using the ’employer’ and ‘years of experience’ search options. But don’t copy their resume. Just use it as a reference. You can refer the template we provided in this articles along with other live samples to write a perfect resume for you. Now, the resume making process does not seem so daunting, does it? Let us know what tips and best writing guidelines you find most useful. Thanks a lot. I am fresher in testing and was looking for a template. :) Thank you for the template. Essays Artists? it is very useful.

Very nice template. A very helpful post… Thank you. Really very useful….. Thanks a lot. I done one project on EBanking, please send me 1yr experiance Resume. wow thanks vijay and swati this one is best way of writing essay perfect…. The idea to save the resume as “Name_Role/tile_years of experience.doc is really great… thank you. Thanks for this article. its so helpful for about hawaiian us..

but i have question. what if you are QA in one company but they dont have any testing tools that used and also manual testing.. Best Writing? just test and test the software until done and smoking essay for and against ok to best way of writing, implement.. i hope you understand my question. Thanks for this useful info. @jyothi: This article is to get you started on hawaiian culture creating your own resume in your own unique way. Writing? Instead of looking for a 1 year old experience resume, why dont you try following the steps here and try to write it. It is easier than you would think. About? Also, please feel free to get in touch with us in case you run into any issues.

@karuvarasan: Glad that you found the naming convention tip useful. You are one of our most valued readers and writing we do appreciate your readership. Thank you. @mica: I do understand you situation. About Culture? For a manual testing project without usage of tools, you would like to know how to make it more fetching for you. Is that right? Our careers are partly shaped by the opportunities we via projects but mostly by our personal interest.

If tools are what you would want to focus on essay try to create a resume in a way that emphasizes more on skills than experience. The first step would be to learn the tools of essays book your choice. The next would be to incorporate your learning experience into your resume as a skill you have acquired as opposed to way of writing essay, be it being a tool experience. An example: 2 years experience using JIRA- focus is on experience here. An expert at JIRA user operation with familiarity in Agile- This is skill based. This could have a positive impact on your resume. I hope this helps! Thanks for sharing Vijay. Well, I do not agree about mentioning projects in the CV. Mentioning projects will definitely make the CV very long (I have seen CVs which consist of 12 pages. ). Writing? Rather, I would recommend to mention the best essay skills you gained from the projects and to leave the projects to the interview itself. @Anwar: Sure, when there are lots of essay projects and a few considerable number of years of experience, the project information might make the resume bulky.

We are trying to essay, give out the most basic template that is fit for the majority of our readership. Hence, the generalization. Thanks for letting us know your opinion. We do appreciate it a lot. thanks @swati for such a good reply of @Mica,query , that how to write good Resume if u don,t have knowledge of many tools . Hi,Really thanks to essays book, you.Whatever points you suggested to improve the essay resumeis really impressive and rocking.It will definately help the essay about jobseekers like me to get the best writing essay job as resume is like mirror of the employee.Thanks again. Thanks for this valuable info! nice article with detailed information. Hi..i seen your tips and sample resume..really good very use full..can u provide me performance testing resume on 3+ just sample please.

Hi! I was badly looking for a project to fill my resume . Thank you so much for your valuable information. Sir, I worked as s software tester for three years from 2006-2009 but after that i have got a break of four years due to some restrictions of my visa. now its all ok with the essays visa and whats the best way to get back to testing career again. Best? Pls help me. @Rob: Glad to hear that your legal status permits you to get back to voltage stability, work. Way Of Essay? I think, the first step is to on the, evaluate your readiness. Take a look at QA job postings(for your relevant experience and skills) and make an assessment about where you stand. If you feel its necessary, take some time to brush up your skills(if needed, consider taking an online class).

Remember, you might be rustic at writing essay, the beginning, but we rarely unlearn what we learned. It might just take a little bit of time to come back to you is all, so please be patient with yourself. After you feel like you are ready(this might not take a lot of time), make your resume and circulate it. We all do not live in a perfect world, so pauses in professional life are normal. Do not think of it as a set back. Be confident. Wish you the best! Please feel free to reach out to phd thesis, us for best way of any further help. Thanks a lot was looking for tips to make a resume got what I needed. I am regular reader of software testing help articles. currently i am working in Telecom Domain with no any knowledge of for and testing from last 5 years. from last 1 month i gained all knowledge of manual testing with the help of your forum. i have one question related to job change from non IT background to IT domain.

what you suggest me in writing my resume to switch job from telecom to IT. Many thanks for this useful article :) Thanks a lot for this article. Writing? It is very useful to all the testing engineers.Keep on for and against posting such articles. This article is really useful for preparing effective resume. Thank you vijay. Thanks for essay the sample, it helped me a lot and keep up the good work.

my problem is explaining a project to a interviewer? can u please email to me how do we explain about a project to an interviewer in a sequencial order . can u please email me with a real time project how to explain. i tried to explain it but it always ends up like what we learned from the book. i am not bale to explain theproject with real time experience. please do help me. Essays Siddhartha? thanks. i am looking for best testing profile for fresher. please provide me.

Thank you for your work! It is a perfect document for resumes. I am loking for Testing 3 yrs experince resume. I am loking for Testing 3 yrs experince resume. plz send me the profilr for way of experience.

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10 Tips to Write an Essay and Actually Enjoy It. Writing an essay may not be easy. It may not come to you naturally. Way Of. After all, writing is a skill, and skills take practice, whether it#8217;s playing a sport, performing an instrument, or playing video games. But writing an essay can be fun, if you have the right attitude. With that in mind, here#8217;s an infographic with ten tips to write an essay without hating every moment of the process.

Click the image below to see a larger view: To make it through high school and essay college, you#8217;re going to have to write essays, but that doesn#8217;t mean you can#8217;t enjoy the time you write them. The secret is to stop trying to write a good essay. Instead, write an interesting essay, write an way of, essay you think is fascinating. In other words, start by writing what you think is interesting about the buy research paper topic you#8217;re assigned. Then, when you’re finished, go back and edit with your teacher or professor in mind. How about you? Do you like writing essays? Do you hate writing essays? Let me know in the comments section. Use tip #3 and best way of ask yourself, #8220;What surprises me about this topic?#8221; Then, spend fifteen minutes writing an about hawaiian culture, answer to that topic (here#8217;s a handy tool to help you keep track of your time). Just write whatever comes to mind.

Write for you, not for way of writing essay your teacher or professor. When your time is essays book siddhartha, up, share your answer in the comments section as a way to get feedback encourage others to have fun writing essays, too. Best Writing. This is excellent! I#8217;ve been struggling with my essay for two days and about trip I already know that this is best way of, going to help me tremendously! Thank you so much, for artists writing this at the perfect time:) Awesome! Good luck! These are great tips, not only for way of writing essay those writing essays, but also for bloggers too. Thank you!

Very true, Em. Thanks for reading! You#8217;re welcome Joe. Thank YOU! Although the article is geared toward school essays, I found some good tips to use in my personal essay. Thanks. Great!

Glad you found it helpful, Jayne. On The. This came at the perfect time! I#8217;ve been putting off writing an essay for a week now since I dread writing them. This post helped me have a new perspective; I can#8217;t wait to try these tips out on my work. #128578; That#8217;s so great, Dara. Way Of Essay. What#8217;s the essay about? This essay is about the power of silence.

It filters through our culture being so #8220;noisy#8221; that many of us don#8217;t have time for quiet or solitude anymore. Those 10 tips are great and paper writing they all say writing is for fun and relaxation so stop stressing and I guarantee you will bring that inner you to the top and best way of essay your reader will be dazzled and amazed at voltage phd thesis, the mind-blowing and best essay interesting essay you have developed. My hardest goal in writing an essay is I can do the research as a matter of fact I love the research, but until I have determined by target audience, I can#8217;t seem to put a word on about trip, paper and I decided that my professor and writing his colleagues are not my target audience. That#8217;s a great point, Parker. It#8217;s much harder to write when your target reader is your teacher/professor. About Culture. I love essay writing! I have always done all of the tips you mentioned naturally. To me it is a way to organize what I know about a subject. Essays are usually done because they are required for some reason, but when you relax and start organizing your thoughts they(essays) can be very enjoyable.

That#8217;s so cool! I#8217;m glad these principles are working for you (also, I wish I had this perspective when I was writing essays!). I love making my 13 year-old write them. They are pretty funny. Um, can you please post one of them! I had never thought of essay writing in the way you have described.

Many thanks. Way Of. These are really helpful! Great! Thanks for reading! This couldn#8217;t have come at a better time! I have a rough draft of a surprise paper due Monday about Rhetoric in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, and that is literally all we have discussed for three weeks. On Famous Artists. Pathos, Ethos, Logos, Fallacies#8230; ugh. I#8217;ll give the out-of-order method a try and see how it goes.

Ha, I hear you Laren. Just remember all those Latic words are just code for intense and emotional situations and ideas. People like to dress them up in serious sounding words, but they#8217;re the same emotions you see in your own life and on TV. Don#8217;t take them too seriously. Okay, here#8217;s my essay: Inspired by a young man#8217;s account of being thrown out of work in 1930 and surviving through the Great Depression, I started studying that history and writing the facts behind the about Stock Market Crash in October 1929. I was intrigued by the similarity between conditions leading up to the 1929 Crash and conditions leading up to best writing essay, the economic recession the smoking essay for and US went through in best writing, the 1990s.

I guess what surprised me most is how little we seem to learn from history. Even some of the greatest man-made tragedies get repeated. Historians tell us that in the #8220;roaring Twenties#8221; the stock market was booming. Share prices were rising and everyone and his pup wanted in on about, the action. The market seemed so secure that banks began making collateral-free loans to individuals wanting to buy stocks. So many people with money to buy drove the demand and best writing essay the price of for and against stocks through the roof. Then the building collapsed. In the 1980s the builders unions started putting pressure on US banks to make home mortgages more readily available, even to home buyers with no collateral. This was to boost home sales and stimulate building.

Great idea in theory. Way Of. Bank loans officers started handing out #8220;no-down payment#8221; mortgages. People started buying houses on spec. But when these mortgages came up for renewal, reality hit home. Owners tossed their keys on the bankers#8217; desks and essay hawaiian walked away.

Collateral-free loans didn#8217;t work for long in writing, the 1920s and they didn#8217;t work for on the long in the 1990s either. Were there not a few historians saying, #8220;Wait a minute here#8221;? There are other events of those years that we would do well to remember. Sometimes I fear we lack the connection to history that would spare us further grief. Maybe It#8217;s time we delve into our past again so we can avoid repeating bad history?

A couple of friends (who remains “friends” despite reading my most private documents without permission or even a good excuse) have described my journal entries as “like little snippets of David Foster Wallace’s essays, except not quite as good” (which to me is still a great compliment, apart from, you know, the total rape of my privacy and peace of mind). If that’s the case, I find essay-writing cathartic, rather than painful (and probably ought to write an essay on encryption, in the interest of way of writing finding a better way to store my files). When you think as much as I do—and, that probably sounds like boasting, but it’s not; I should say, when you *ruminate* as much as I do—trying to put your inchoate, rambling, chaotic thoughts into a more-or-less coherent and cohesive form, without the impetus for perfection attendant to publication, imparts a certain freedom to just *riff* … and riff, and riff, and riff, occasionally for essays hours at best, a time, talking at length about nothing, or something, or something ex nothing. Trying to explain this sort of Vesuvian vernacular vehemency to a normal, functional human being is an exercise in vanity; people don’t care, and aren’t interested in being convinced to care. It’s easy for me, with sedulous attention to essays on the book, detail and a few shots to loosen the best nerves, to writing, make basically anything interesting, if you can get into best way of writing, it—my trouble lies in getting people into it. I’m bad at marketing.

It’s not that I think it’s not important, mind; I just suck at it. As easily as I understand how people work in my absence, I’m totally incapable of comprehending their behavior before my own work. The biggest surprise, that being the point of this little exercise, comes in the ease of writing it: being a complete narcissist, I can make absolutely anything about myself, which makes anything easy to essays on the book, write about. It’s probably the ultimate source of Gonzo journalism; when you like talking about yourself too much not to include yourself in way of writing essay, the content of your writing. When your head races a mile a minute, the trick is not in coming up with things to write about something, but in figuring out what *not* to write, and trying to find ways to include all the essay about little prosodical gems you uncover in the course of your excursus—there’s a million different little ways to impress people, which is, ultimately, the point, far and above convincing anyone of anything.

And that, in itself, reveals so much about the process: at this point, in the blither[^1]-saturated internet media, the subject of the essay becomes a secondary concern, at best writing essay, best; in the traditional fashion of celebrity culture, the author of the essay is the paramount concern; the buy research paper writing validity of the opinions therein are of, at best, second concern—everything now revolving around the self, the informative nature of the essay falls short of the opinions and personal anecdotes conveyed thereby. Best Writing. It isn’t that people don’t care about facts or perspectives or reality, it’s merely that it is no longer possible to paper writing, discern truth from fiction, or reality from fantasy, at least not without a Ph.D. in the subject matter: maybe an M.D. Essay. could tell the difference between a legit article in the Lancet or the NEJM, but I sure can’t, and it’s true across all professions, even scientists between disciplines—a molecular biologist is essay culture, no more apt to descry the falsities of any essays or articles written on the Alcubierre drive than I am, and the same holds true for pretty much anyone, across any field. Personality has supplanted information; entertainment has supplanted enlightenment. The spin doctors of the nineties and way of writing early 2000s got smart—verisimilitude is the key to belief, and with everyone believing everything they write (and they write it because they believe it), the truth is, at best, an abstract principle. It’s a philosophical issue, one totally unrelated to the vagaries and vicissitudes and batshit insanity of modern living. And but the point of all this remains unknown to me—somehow it related to essay-writing, and the attempt to convey opinions or state of mind (cf. actual facts, which are few and far between), but the stability phd thesis relation thereof to the subject of today’s practice—whatever the hell it is—remains elusive, or illusory, or something, and best way of I don’t know where I stand anymore. Voltage Stability Phd Thesis. I think that’s the end point of most supposedly illuminating pieces, anyway. [1]: Here synonymous with “information.” It’s probably hard to believe I wrote that in fifteen minutes but I promise I did; I was (am) drunk and not really thinking about it and I type like 150 wpm and etc. This will probably be a total embarrassment tomorrow morning. Best Writing. I could never figure out the difference between an essay about, essay and an opinion piece.

I’ve hesitated before submitting to best way of, publications that welcome essays but say things like “please, no opinion pieces.” I thought an essay was, basically, an opinion piece, in which you try to convince the reader that your way of interpreting or evaluating an event or series of events or life or whatever is the most objectively correct or least painful interpretation. Essay Hawaiian. I guess essay-writing could be hard if you’re being forced to write about things you could care less about. I think the solution, there, is to best way of essay, find a way to be unboreable. If you can make yourself interested in anything, you will thrive no matter where you are or what ringers they put you through. Since my pet peeve is essay trip, fiction writing, I never thought about essay writing yet now that I#8217;m reading about it, it makes sense that I need to keep in mind a few basic tips. Writing. I like journal writing, and to an extent, I can say it#8217;s similar to phd thesis, essay writing since I make it a short writing on a particular subject, not just random thoughts.

What surprises me about way of essay, this subject is that some people might actually hate the process, especially in a writing group. Perhaps someone does not like it, or realises that it#8217;s not their strong suit . These ten tips are simple and useful, and of course, I am going to use Wikipedia, who wouldn#8217;t? But I if I were to boil it to stability, one tip would be tip number seven. Whatever I write, I want it to be best in class. Super cool info graphic!

Good tips too. I actually love writing essays too (as long as I#8217;m interested in way of writing essay, the topic) but I#8217;ll keep your graphic in buy research, my downloads to help me out sense it#8217;s got some great, well organized advice. Being a writer I#8217;ve loved these tips, because they not only for those writing essays. I#8217;m a contributor to many websites and best way of writing essay I#8217;m finding helpful this infographic for about to island me. Yeah post it here! I#8217;m so glad to see you used Wikipedia as source tool. As someone that is more of a technical writer, research scientist/business person and who sells his work in best way of essay, the form of technical reports and occasional publications I am a huge proponent of Wikipedia. There is no better way for the average person to essays artists, research a subject (and that is best writing, a fact, see below). I am always saddened when I run into some severely handicapped and uninformed soul who thinks that Wikipedia is not a valid source because it isn#8217;t on paper. Essays. Few people take the time to read the comparison studies that have been done regarding the way of writing accuracy of Wikipedia and other encyclopedic sources, none of paper which are 100% accurate and or unbiased.

The first of such comparisons was done by best way of essay Nature in 2005: #8220;For its study, Nature chose articles from both sites in a wide range of about topics and sent them to what it called #8220;relevant#8221; field experts for peer review. The experts then compared the competing articlesone from best way of, each site on voltage, a given topicside by side, but were not told which article came from which site. Nature got back 42 usable reviews from its field of experts. In the end, the journal found just eight serious errors, such as general misunderstandings of way of writing essay vital concepts, in the articles. Of those, four came from each site. They did, however, discover a series of factual errors, omissions or misleading statements. Essay About Trip To Island. All told, Wikipedia had 162 such problems, while Britannica had 123.#8221; Since 2005 there have been several other comparisons and best way of essay Wikipedia fairs very well in book, all. One article I found in Forbes also reveals a curious phenomenon, conservative personality types tend to have a general bias against Wikipedia and way of are also uninformed as to essay, accuracy. Not unlike conservative college professors who have biases against writing essay, even high quality online courses. Never underestimate the limitations of the conservative personality type.

Here are some the references I#8217;ve found regarding Wikipedia accuracy: Conservative bias and Wikipedia. Thanks so much for this. I teach 12th grade English and will share this info-graphic with them tomorrow. Phd Thesis. They have an essay coming up and I#8217;m always looking for new ways to best essay, push the idea that essays really aren#8217;t so evil. I completely agree with you that they can be fun. I would#8217;ve loved to see you add an example of an essay you#8217;ve written or one you find to be a well-written piece as well.

Thanks again for the great post! I#8217;m on Facebook a lot, but Facebook can be a true learning experience. For instance, I learned something truly amazing. Paper Service. The universe began at midday on the 23rd of October 4004 BC. I never knew that. That makes the best writing universe, that#8217;s the universe mind you, all those millions and millions of stars you see on a dark and voltage phd thesis starry night, are only a maximum of 6,000 years old.

It seems that in 1650 Archbishop James Ussher conducted his own literalistic exegesis of all those begets and begots in the book of Genesis, and determined that time and date. Best. So close all those science books, put away all those instruments of culture measurement because the Holy Bible says they ain#8217;t so. Way Of. Really? Absolutely and positively it tain#8217;t possible for the center of the galaxy to be 25,000 light years away, #8216;cuz da Bilbe say da universe be only 10,000 years old. The Andromeda spiral galaxy cannot possibly be 2.1 million light years away because the universe tain#8217;t old enough for the light to smoking against, get here. #8216;Cuz da Bible says it#8217;s so. Einstein was WRONG. The speed of light cannot possibly be a constant, #8216;cuz da Bible says da universe is only 6,000 years old and if Andromeda appears to be 2.1 million light years away dat means light had to move ever so much faster to get here long long ago. Why did it slow down. I dunno, da Bible don#8217;t say.

See there, Facebook can be such a front, or is best way of writing essay, that fount of information. About Hawaiian Culture. Wow, impressive infographic and great tips, Joe! Practice part is also awesome, I like the way you advice to think about. Truly, it#8217;s so simple write about your thoughts on way of writing, this topic without trying to on the book siddhartha, adapt them to your professor. In your infographic, you mentioned some words and way of writing essay phrases which are highly desirable to book, avoid. Adding cliches is best way of, not a good choice for making your essay more wordy. Everyone is essay to island, sick of writing them already, and foremost teachers and professors.

Reading similar and not pure writing daily could simply lead to educators#8217; contempt of all students. Besides, one of modern problems in writing is lack of originality. It#8217;s easy to google and find some short reviews of any more or less well-known book. Some ignorant people without any slight doubt could use that material. Or articles from Wikipedia. Or some other resources on writing service, the web, without any citations or with incomplete quotations. It is called plagiarism. For discernable reasons, being part of such situations, it#8217;s extremely undesirable both for the students and for any creative person writer, blogger, content creator.

Because easiness of taking credit of the other#8217;s person proceedings transforms into the complexity of best way of essay getting out of this situation. About. Sometimes, plagiarism problems could even destroy a starting writing or academic career. Moreover, occasionally students face with unintentional plagiarism when they have non proper citation they didn#8217;t intend to way of, commit plagiarism, but it happened. On The Book. What are the best ways to prevent such situations? Do more deep research, learn how to make proper quotations, use plagiarism detection tools. These tools could be free of charge (as PlagTracker) and best writing essay those you have to pay for (as Unplag plagiarism checker). If you have career connected with writing is more rational to choose a more proficient tool. Or use both, if they had a different working algorithm. Personally, I prefer software for a fee, because using it, I could be sure that the team of professionals is working for me. Love the tips!

I never liked writing essays. But, I have grown to learn my own tricks to make sure I do it right the essays book siddhartha first time. Thanks for the tips! Just in time to work on best, my second essay!! I write plenty of essays for school, all the time. I have actually learned to enjoy them. The best thing about an essay is artists, that although you have a question and a style in which it likely has to way of writing essay, be written, the approach you take to it is all yours. And I have fun being creative and inventive with the way in which I approach the voltage stability phd thesis subject and support my opinion. Not even sure if this is an essay, but neither is it fiction.

After listening to way of, the webinar I had to get up out of bed zzz to check out for and against, The Write Practice… so, if this is an essay or not, here#8217;s 593 words: Morning Musings. Christmas your way. So beautiful, sitting here in the half dark of early morning, fire already lit, candles and lamps making puddles of way of essay yellow light in corners and on floors and against phd thesis, walls. Best Writing Essay. Feels like Christmas. Christmas. When beauty hangs in the house, it having been decorated in seasonal favourites speaking of all those other years, leaning back into the comfortable familiarity of my children#8217;s childhoods, when the world was often tired, frequently stretched, sometimes stressed but always simpler. And full of the joy of children emerging, little people growing into their next surprising iterations. Christmas at home not the manic version on the city streets. This Christmas, the one you make yourself within your four walls, be they big or small, literal or metaphorical.

Be they the walls you want, or the book walls you don’t. Within them: its yours to make. Even if that means starting in your own head. This Christmas, the one you make yourself. When the air seeps with good will and way of writing essay we can set aside the conflicts and irritations and it seems easier, somehow, to have grace for everyone#8217;s shortcomings. When you steal precious moments away from the distractions and sit in the candlelight and essay about culture with the lamps throwing yellow puddles on the floor. When forgiveness comes easier and peace, as Yeats so famously said, comes dropping slow.

And when, despite the financing of it all which could darn near break the bank if you weren#8217;t wise, at least somewhat planned and decidedly restrained, there is the essay joy of plotting and on famous artists finding something just right for someone and best essay anticipating their face when they get it. A joy for every sorrow. On Famous. Other times, it seems there is a sorrow for every joy, that every good thing is marred with a disappointment or a difficulty. What’s the best writing essay difference? What my eyes see?

Both are there. Essays Book. How come sometimes I see only one, and other times I see the other? What if we were to way of writing, live life with eyes wide open, knowing that sorrow abides in every corner, pain is rife out there and often in here, and difficulty or trouble is just the nature of everyday stuff. LIke men of old might say, it is a fallen world. And then, then look for essay trip to island the joy, look at, look for, the childhood that’s emerging not the exhaustion of accompanying it. Look for the grace to overlook the shortcoming, not the best way of fact of the shortcoming being there. On The. (Of course its there, duh!). Look for the potential in the problem. Looking for, creating, enjoying, the mastery of managing the budget despite the pain and strain and limitation of the budget. I have a premise and its this.

If we quit (if I quit) moaning about the problem and writing start being grateful for what’s good about it, we will (I will ) actually become more able to actually tackle the darn problem in the first place. The real problem#8230; is that my problem with the smoking for and against problem binds me to best way of essay, it#8230; rendering me unable to tackle it: therein lies its power. The problem is definitely a problem in essay about culture, the first place. Best Way Of. Giving it power by not accepting it enough to actually tackle it constructively#8230; not that just takes the stability phd thesis biscuit. Givin’ that up this year!

Gonna make this Christmas my Christmas. Best Way Of Essay. The one with the joy for every sorrow and the lift for hawaiian culture every drag the one full of wonder and people and writing essay loving them and ourselves and artists loving life and the beauty nestling hidden within it#8230; however we are able to. Thanks, Joe. I will keep this handy to share with my students! Awesome tips, Joe. But I#8217;m just curious about the number 8 if you write about too many things, won#8217;t your essay be messy?

For example, if you check this discrimination essay out, you#8217;ll see there are many points and best nothing concrete about either of them. But if the author wanted to book siddhartha, go more deeply into best way of essay, each and every of them, he may have ended up with a research paper. Besides, when it comes to editing, lots of things are crossed out because 90% have nothing to do with the topic. On Famous Artists. So, I guess this tip may be good for those who are writing big papers but if you have to write a one or two page essay, isn#8217;t it better to best way of writing essay, stick to the topic?

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essay iconography Essays by Ekowa. Iconography and best way of writing, Religion. According to some scholars the name Isis or Auset may have been derived from the word Ashesh , meaning to 'pour out' and 'supporting' implication of voltage stability phd thesis, her blood or milk that kept all humanity alive. Similarly, the Hebrews used the name to I shah/Esha for their first woman in the biblical account.

We must remember neither the Hebrews or the Egyptians or any other people living in way of writing, Africa used vowels to emphasis pronunciation. this was a cultural trait handed down through the generations. In Gen., iii, 20 the name Havvah or Eve is connected etymologically with the verb meaning to live: And Adam called the name of his wife Eve [ hawwah ]: because she was the mother of all the living. The Septuagint rendering in this passage is the Greek Zoe (=life, or life-giver), which is a translation; in two other passages (Genesis 4:1 and 25) the paper service, name is transliterated Eua . The life giving symbol are the fallopian tubes and the union of way of writing essay, male and paper, female and the returning or reincarnate nature of the spirit. The Egyptians used the Ankh as the symbol for life, male and female, creation, and way of writing essay, returning. So the iconic symbol of smoking essay for and against, all those concepts are encapsulated into the ankh. The cow-headed Isis pouring out a libation in best essay, honor of the soul of Osiris, which rises in the form of a man-headed hawk from the plants growing in a sacred lake.

The cow headed woman is Hathor. Meaning mansion of Horus) Hathor is an Ancient Egyptian goddess/neter who personified the principles of joy, feminine love, and motherhood. Essay About? She was one of the most important and popular deities throughout the history of Ancient Egypt. Hathor was reverenced by royalty and common people alike in whose tombs she is depicted as Mistress of the West welcoming the dead into the next life. In other roles she was a goddess of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility who helped women in childbirth, as well as the patron goddess of miners. As a side note: The neter Hathor is the model for Snow white and the 7 dwarves.

There is nothing new under the sun, the only difference is the whiteness of Snow White. the diminutive miners [dwarves] are a representation of the Africans who first smelted iron and dug underground for minerals, and Hathor was their patron saint. When we do not know the autochthonous meaning when we see it interwoven through world history, we will think it is something new or demonic or against our Creator. Images tell a story to those who were not well versed in the ancient mysteries. W e say a someone is “Strong as an Ox” the iconographic image would be a man/woman with a head of an Ox or an Ox alone atop is in a position of best writing essay, power. If this image was used for God then it would be fashioned as an essays Ox on a throne or with a crown of halo, or in an elevated position as seen below . Way Of? The disk atop the head and between the horns represents the icon for writing, God [he/she/it] with a disk on its head representing the largest object in way of essay, the sky, the Sun.

This was not sun worship by our ancestors, but a reference to the power of the Creator. Siddhartha? No man has seen God and lived, but we have seen its power. Bull standing on the square [of the earth] crowned with the sun disk. How did the biblical prophet Ezekiel describe his visions? In iconographic terms of course, but was he seeing demons? No , because demonism is in the pen of the translator. “As I looked, a stormy wind came out of the north: a great cloud with brightness around it and fire flashing forth continually, and in the middle of the fire , something like gleaming amber. In the middle of best essay, it was something like four living creatures. This was their appearance : they were of human form.

Each had four faces, and each of siddhartha, them had four wings. Their legs were straight, and the soles of their feet were like the sole of a calf's foot; and they sparkled like burnished bronze. Under their wings on their four sides they had human hands. And the four had their faces and their wings thus: their wings touched one another; each of them moved straight ahead, without turning as they moved. As for the appearance of their faces: the four had the face of a human being, the face of way of writing essay, a lion on the right side, the face of an ox on the left side, and the face of an eagle ; such were their faces.” Protestant Reformation drawing of the vision of Ezekiel. Here Ezekiel is using iconic imagery. Voltage? As like, something like, they appeared like is all the language of the unknown. The language of those who do not have the celestial vocabulary for the images they see. The imagery of best essay, winged gods/deities/creatures came out of the playbook of the African in buy research paper service, Egypt the ones who could interpret the images. Winged Isis with Ankh, staff and stool 538-519 BC.

This is the imagery of Ezekiel. When says as like or something like it wasn't exactly it, but those are the elemental words and thoughts he had to describe what he saw. Best Way Of Writing Essay? He spoke in essays on the book siddhartha, approximations of what he saw in the vision or dream. How would this scripture be carved in stone or draw on paper? How could you understand it without referring to the scriptural or divine idea? You need the keys to understand the allusion or illustration and you need to look to history because Judaism and Ezekiel's understanding didn't grow up in a vacuum, they borrow heavily from the major nations around them. Egypt was their biggest influence. No many Christians would say that they drew on paganism, but it was not, because our Creator always had a priesthood and everyone from best way of essay, Abraham to Joseph, to Moses to Jesus went to study in Egypt, even Paul was said to be an Egyptian.

Why? Because Egypt was the school of divine learning. In the on famous, protestant Reformation drawings above: What is the disk in the Angel or God's hand in the first picture? Why does God's head have a pyramid imagery over it in the 2nd picture?

' Cause they know something you don't know. Best Writing? It is the symbol of the SUN. Those who claim orthodoxy want you to essay about to island, believe African were animist and best writing, polytheistic sun and buy research paper writing, moon worshippers, but we were not! Polytheism - The belief in the existence of many Gods. Animism - derived from the Latin word anima meaning breath or soul , but in best, this sense the animal icon or zootype is voltage alive and best way of writing essay, represents man and God. The belief of animism is probably one of man's oldest beliefs, with its origin most likely dating to the Paleolithic age. Buy Research Paper Writing? From its earliest beginnings it was a belief that a soul or spirit existed in every object, even if it was inanimate. In a future state this soul or spirit would exist as part of an way of essay immaterial soul. The spirit, therefore, was thought to be universal. E.W.Budge. Is this animism?

No just iconography described in trip, zootypes. How is anything on way of writing earth and in the heavens animated? Is it not the spirit of our Creator [Creative Force] that embodies them and us? Who says that what we did was against essay, God? Those who translated and best way of writing essay, have changed all thing black into all things white. Those who wanted to take over and those who developed a system to say what was good and bad or what was evil or not, and finally what was the way and what was error. Essay About Hawaiian? This was the beginning of the writing, system of white supremacy for those who designated themselves a white and superior to the rest of the world. The European concept of Polytheism and Animism was against the Afro-Indus concept and they lied to condense the perception of what is or is not God, and stability phd thesis, what is or is not the manifestation of writing essay, God [power to create, live and make all things seen and unseen, known and unknown to mankind in the spiritual and about, natural worlds] for their own power and way of writing essay, control. The European/Western concept is viewed in a different way than the original African understanding; the buy research paper service, former is viewed in the Western or Occidental mind-set as the 'one and only' Sacred way, while the later, African or Oriental concept, is viewed as profane, pagan and primitive. We see again the best way of writing essay, racist stereotype that, if you are white European you're right, but if you're black African get back!

Most of this is due to their complete misunderstanding and misinterpretation of iconic imagery, zootypes and essays on famous artists, not using the same measuring rod to find the truth in the mystery. Although they adopted this African imagery and best way of essay, reworked it to voltage stability phd thesis, suit their purposes. The African no more worshipped animals or many gods as the Christians today worship Jesus in the form of a Lamb sacrificed. 'The Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the World. ' The Trinity referred to as God in 3 persons. 'There are three that bear witness in Heaven.' Why isn't the trinity of God polytheism? Because, it is understood as a oneness or monotheist concept. But where did this concept come from? Egypt the trinity of the deity.

The Triune Family. In the Trinity there is the Father [middle/Osiris], theSon [Horus left the hawk headed] and writing, the Holy Spirit or mother [Isis to the right]. The Holy spirit of the buy research paper writing service, breath or Ruach of God [in Hebrew] and is a feminine entity. Way Of Essay? S o, we have the Egyptian iconic image of Father, Son and Holy Ghost long before there was a biblical Hebrew text. A serpent on a pole the symbol of healing. The symbol of service, healing for the Hebrews and later the best writing, symbol of Medicine in western culture. Many medical organizations use a symbol of a short rod entwined by two snakes and voltage stability, topped by a pair of writing, wings, which is actually the Greek or Romanish caduceus or magic wand of the Greek god Hermes (Roman Mercury ), which were copies of the Egyptian Thoth, messenger of the gods, inventor of (magical) incantations, conductor of the dead and protector of merchants and thieves. The biblical Moses used the same symbol which he had from his Egyptian training, but he understood the mystery.

And the LORD said to Moses, Make a Saraph [firey serpent] and essay about to island, mount it on a pole, and if anyone who has been bitten looks at it, he will recover. Best Writing? Moses accordingly made a bronze serpent and mounted it on buy research paper service a pole, and whenever anyone who had been bitten by a serpent looked at the bronze serpent, he recovered. Hum. how could looking on a serpent cure a serpents bite? I'll leave that to you to best, discover. is all in the original meaning of the words ! Why would God use an image that was an anathema for healing? The brazen symbol on a pole, the mere sight of which cured the Israelites, was probably the Caduceus [ Numbers 21:9 ]. The Nehustan[serpent] was worshipped in the tabernacle up to the time of Hezekiah [ 2Kings 18:4 ].

Saraph'; burning, i.e. (figuratively) poisonous (serpent); specifically, a Saraph or symbolical creature (from their copper color ):--fiery (serpent), seraph. Here is an interesting thing. I found a possible correlation between the word Neshstan and Nehesi [The original people who populated Egypt]. Nehesi is the essay hawaiian culture, Egyptian name for Nubian and Nehesi was also the name of way of, a Pharaoh from the 14th Dynasty. The color of burn copper was the same color the hawaiian, Egyptians applied to the drawings of themselves a dark reddish color. So were these the healers of the Hebrews the Nehesi, that needed to be lifted up[ exalted] on a pole? A serpent was always a sign, not of evil in the ancient world , but of knowledge of the divine. Now, you can mixed that around if you want to, but you have to ask the question why would the biblical Elohim put his two innocent children in a garden with a talking snake? It has to be an allegory or an allusion to something else. Best Way Of Writing? Remember we read the Bible based on an elemental understanding or as the Hebrews say on a p'shat level. We have been taught to trip to island, sit in a seat that has been prepared for best, us.

Unfortunately, the about culture, farther away you get from the writing essay, root of the original understanding , the more confused and cloudy the subsequent understanding becomes. The more you hate your parents the more you will hate their ways. “The farther you move away from your Momma, the more you misbehave, forgetting what you were taught and trip, the power of its meaning.” Is God Male or Female? It is the same with gender; The Creator is neither male nor female--IT is what IT is. to best writing, quote my sister. BUT, it is voltage stability easier for most 'religious' people in our society to view God as white and male, because in this system of white supremacy white and male is the symbol of supreme dominance and feigned fatherliness, but that was not always the case. We have adopted the false idea of the ‘White man’s burden.” To civilize all those darker than him and bring them into the light of Christianity [religion]. Pope Innocence called to all mariners to civilize all the darker races which is 98% of the world. Remember Adam called his wife LIFE. so there was a time when Biblical womanhood represented the Creator and creation.

The Biblical Adam and Eve were gods to their children and all those who came after them. They were a story told second and third hand. The original story had its nativity in Egypt/Africa with the best way of writing essay, Neter [gods] Elohim and those who sprang from them. Now, I have no problem seeing the female in the Creator, but for those who may still stumble over the femaleness of God I will at times stick to modern orthodoxy and say He, but you need to study and get your panties out of a knot! Our terms, pictures, images and metaphors do not trouble our Creator. It does not add or take away from the power of the Almighty. On The Siddhartha? We need to expand out thinking. In this creative pattern that exists on this Tera Firma and the larger universe we live in, there is always a male and female component for creation and best way of writing essay, maintenance. The Bible version tries to explain the first pair bonds by saying: 'In the image of God created he them, male and female he created them.' The Egyptians used Neteru which are the stability phd thesis, pairs or equal opposites of all existence. Essay? They understood the Neteru were symbols of the essays, power or attributes of the One Creator and Maat [truth and order] being the principle that ordered these forces.

So if there was a Amen [hidden force of life] there was a Amenet. Both were understood and reverenced. The European, trying to understand his misunderstanding and in the process of his circular logic, called these African forces pagan and polytheistic and spread the lie that we were in error but that is a LIE ! This new western thought is a paradigm shift in order to make Europe/whites the source and center of all wisdom, religion and writing essay, the hope of mankind’s salvation. The designation by Dr. Lightfoot and codified by Bishop Ussher to map the time the on famous artists, world was created by the generations in the bible has done us a disservice. The ancient people including the first Hebrews never would comment of the length of time the earth and its inhabitants existed. Even the Yom [designation for a day] is an indeterminate amount of time that can be a literal 24 hour period to a figurative day. By demonizing our African people, culture and best way of, religion and calling us pagans or heathens African culture was/is painted as negative and Western Culture via Greece , Rome and Europe represent the positive. We became darkness and they became light?

But the truth is the light and Life! “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” Remember this light was not a White complexion, but illumination and revelation. This new paradigm assigned to the Europeans as purveyors of all truth in the eyes of the stability phd thesis, whole world and eventually in our eyes too had brought an age of best way of writing, darkness not less troublesome than the dark ages. The European Renaissance would not have occurred it was not for the Spanish Moor and later those who traveled to Africa once again. What the Catholics did during the time of Diocletian was to try and become the white Pharaoh, which they codified under Constantine and later under the Popistry of Rome. Stability? Over the centuries in order to gain entrance into the mysteries and the throne of Egypt through intermarriages with the African Pharonic ruler of Egypt and way of essay, elsewhere. We now know the white Pharaoh copy-cat as the Pope . Essays? Prior to all white Popes there were African Popes, but you will never hear of them.

Catholicism means Universal or the way of writing, one-world religion. Protestants are just those who protest the 96 thesis of Martin Luther nailed to the door of the church in protest of those errors. Protestants are just protesting Catholics that still belong to the Catholic church of Christendom. So, in actuality the Pope the head of the Catholic church is your White Pharaoh! Well, the scales have come off my eyes and phd thesis, now I see. I will stick with the ancient black understanding of religion thank you! Simply Man and Woman is the image of the Creator - Male and Female working together creating a new world daily.

Life making life . As it is above, So below. As the way of writing essay, biblical Hebrew understood the double dale to be the renamed and about trip to island, attributed to best, the biblical Solomon as the seal of Solomon or Star of on the book siddhartha, David taken from the African iconic image of the double pyramid. As the pyramids in the Giza plateau was once covered with water, the reflection of the way of writing, pyramids told the story of as in heaven so on earth for all to essay, see! A s the best way of writing, Egyptian understood this image: As the symbol of essays on famous artists, life the Ankh in best essay, the hands of Messu [Messiah]

As the Christian explained it Christ in us the hope of Glorification and as it in Heaven so on Earth. [The animal/lamb is wearing a sundisk around its head with the cross inserted, it is carrying a staff, but these are Christian images! Unfortunately, the for and, Christians understood it as the lamb of God or Christ's and the redemptive work on the cross and the multiplying of the church without seeing the ankh embedded in it. T he Ichthus or Fish symbol of the best way of essay, acrostic, Jesus Christ, the son of God was a age-old symbol of the Isis knot or the ankh paired down and turned on its side. The Greek word for fish or Ichthus is said to mean: I ota - From the northern Semitic 'yod' (meaning hand) it came to denote the sound [i] as i in essay about trip, 'give' and it has come to be known as: A tiny or scarcely detectable amount. [Yod - hand or give, or the finger of God] Ch i - Initially it denoted the way of essay, sound [kh] but it gradually lapsed into a strong 'h' as in 'hearth' or'hero'. Buy Research? [ Chi - Form of Energy, spirit ] T heta - Originating from the best way of, northern Semitic 'teth' (where the 't' sound is emphatic).[ Tet -Serpent] U psilon - It was pronounced as so right until the 9/10 century A.D. when the on the siddhartha, Byzantines called y psilon (a thin y), instead of its original name which was 'U'.It originates from the northern Semitic 'waw'. [Waw - Nail] S igma - From the northern Semitic 'sin' or ‘siyn’ (tooth). [Sin or Shin - tooth] So in Northern Semitic it could read: Hand of God - Energy-Serpent -Nail -Tooth[hook] Sounds similar to the Nehestan or Caduceus doesn't it and was it the original intent of Moses?

21.6. And the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died. 7. Therefore the people came to Moses, and said, We have sinned, for we have spoken against the Lord, and against thee; pray unto the Lord, that he take away the serpents from us. And Moses prayed for the people. 8. And the Lord said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon best writing essay a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live. 9. And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to essay trip, pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived. The so-called Northern Semitic peoples are the way of essay, Canaanites. They will also call it Paleo-Hebrew, but it is the original Canaanite language. That is an acrostic supposedly means: Jesus Christ, of God, the Son, the Savior [ I esous (Jesus) CH ristos (Christ) TH eou (of God) U iou (the Son) S oter (the Savior)] in Greek.

The image of the serpent on the cross is the Icthus or the ankh/Isis knot of the Egyptians. Did you eat fish on Fridays? In the Catholic and artists, Protestant division of Christianity - Eating fish on writing Fridays was the on the siddhartha, rule - but did you ask where that whole concept came from? It was supposed to be in honor of way of writing, Jesus and the disciples and their role as fishermen, but it came from the Egyptian avoiding fish because of the loss of the penis of Osiris when he was killed and dismembered by Set. His penis was never found and the said a fish ate it so they avoided fish on a certain day in honor of the god of the dead Osiris. Osiris is the god of the voltage stability, resurrection that was 3 days in the grave. Fish womb [ does the vagina smell fishy?]

The official Catholic story is: We do not have to way of essay, abstain from eating the flesh of meat on Fridays of Lent (obligatory), or all other Fridays if we don't choose some other form of penance (depends on essays what the Conference of Bishops in that particular country have come to). Writing? This is a form of penance [atonement, reparation, sacrifice]. Excuse me but didn’t Messiah atone for our sins? OOPS! But, was this the original Pre-Catholic meaning? Nope! The Fish was always the ancient symbol of the phd thesis, goddess womb and the missing penis of Osiris represented by this symbol () or LIFE represented by the ancient Egyptian symbol of the way of essay, Ankh that later in the Hebrew tradition became the Chia or the Havvah [Eve]

According to Barbara Walker in on the, her book The Women Encyclopedia of way of essay, Myths and Secrets. Pg. 313: Fish and womb were synonymous in Greek culture; delphos meant both the original Delphic oracle [black women who prophesied ] first belonged to the abyssal fish goddess under her pre-Hellenic name of Themis, often incarnate in the great fish whale or dolphin [delphinos]. [The Delphi were Black women.] Even our superstitions today among older church members, the mothers and grandmothers of the phd thesis, church reminds a woman if she has Dreamt of Fish that is a sign of pregnancy. The Catholic Popes Mitre and Dagon called the Great Fish God [the paternalistic rendition]. The last pope and his successor.

Why do you think the writing essay, Pope wears the hat that looks a lot like Dagon? It is representative of the Fish. Check out my essay on Islam and Catholicism there you will find the worship of the goddess/neter in the form of Mariology/Auset. The ankh called the Egyptian cross of life, represented the male and female sexual symbols: a female oval surmounting a male cross. Buy Research Service? The marriage between the god and the goddess [male and female]. The representation of immortality and life. The letter hieroglyph that stands for ' The Life female]. The representation of immortality and life. The letter hieroglyph that stands for ' The Life to Come '. It has also been explained as the key to unlock the mystery of heaven and earth.

Combining the symbol of Osiris the Tau [T or cross] with Isis [the oval] is the symbol of immortality [Children, progeny, regeneration?] and is often pictured being carried by the gods [neteru]. All symbols come from one source and that is Egypt . The original story is told and retold and additions and best essay, deletions are made and that is how we come up with what we believe today. Voltage Stability? I hope you can see the pattern. Way Of Writing Essay? All images are iconographic and invoke something in all of us. The wings of Isis or Maat. The Greek Orthodox, Catholic Church and subsequent modern Christianity have co-opted the symbol of the FISH symbol and essay about, repackaged it and now it is the best writing, representation of Christ. Herodotus speaking of the Africans: And of fish also they esteem that which is called the lepidotos to be sacred, and also the eel; and essays on famous, these they say are sacred to the Nile . Herodotus, Histories. And just so the myth of the Hebrews being the only culture that abhorred pigs:

The pig is accounted by the Egyptians an abominable animal; and first, if any of best way of writing essay, them in passing by touch a pig, he goes into the river and dips himself forthwith in the water together with his garments. Herodotus, Histories I. The Egyptian also abhorred pigs because their association with Set the one who killed Osiris. The Hebrew picked up this supposed hatred and buy research paper service, incorporated into their Levitical laws. All the demons begged him, saying, Send us into the pigs, that we may enter into them. At once Jesus gave them permission. The unclean spirits came out and entered into the pigs. The herd of about two thousand rushed down the steep bank into the sea, and they were drowned in the sea.

Mark 5:13. The Egyptians Attributes of God as seen in the Earth and Sky. The Neteru were twins or opposite principles for Egyptian iconography and symbolic principles in nature. The European erroneously translated the way of, Neteru as 'Gods' and therefore in that misunderstanding they believed the Egyptian was pagans and believed in polytheisms. If that is true then all of us are pagans and believe in hawaiian, polytheism. The Bible, which borrowed[stole] heavily from the Egyptian concepts and best way of essay, uses the same nomenclature. Earth and Sky, Day and on famous artists, Night as described in Genesis 1. All underlined words are the Egyptian Neteru. In the beginning, when God created the heavens and best way of, the earth , the earth was a formless wasteland, and darkness covered the abyss , while a mighty wind swept over the waters. Then God said, Let there be light , and there was light.

God saw how good the light was. God then separated the light from the darkness . God called the light day , and the darkness he called night . Thus evening came, and morning followed--the first day. Then God said, Let there be a dome in the middle of the waters, to smoking essay for and, separate one body of water from the other. And so it happened: God made the dome, and it separated the water above the best writing essay, dome from the water below it.

God called the dome the sky . Evening came, and smoking essay against, morning followed--the second day. Then God said, Let the water under the sky be gathered into a single basin, so that the dry land may appear. And so it happened: the water under the sky was gathered into best way of essay its basin, and the dry land appeared. God called the dry land the earth, and the basin of the water he called the sea. God saw how good it was. So, here we have the equal opposites , the attributes of power that were given names: Heaven and essays on famous artists, Earth, Light and Dark, Sky and Sea. The power to create and way of essay, sustain were assigned male and female characteristics or anthropomorphic features by the parents of the smoking essay, original Hebrew Creation Story, the Egyptians. Amon Saba Saakana says: Out of the best way of writing, waters of Nun [primeval matter] emerged Atum-Re, the veritable Creator-God who is self-created and who creates four pairs of human beings, male and female, and is responsible for the germination of life. Scholars have tended to portray Khemet as polytheistic, but there is no word in the majority of African languages that convey the idea of a multiplicity of gods. Modupe Oduyoye in his essay; The Spirits that rule the world African Religion and Judaism - The problem with discovering the origins of trip to island, Judaism is that Judaism is a religion that denies its origins . Judaism declares that it arose out of best, total rejection of the religions of Mesopotamia, of Egypt and of Canaan . In rejecting the voltage phd thesis, symbols of your nativity the Hebrew had to replace the meanings then make up a supporting story for the symbols.

But, the thread of original truth runs through all the Biblical accounts especially in best essay, Genesis chapter One. From the remaking of Creation and the making of the Adam and the dividing of that unit into two or twins, Adam and Chavvah. The Hebrews also took a page out of the Egyptian handbook of siddhartha, explanations by best way of essay, referring to for and, Cain and Abel in an offhanded way to say twins [actually 2 sets of twins] The Hebrew legends in the Misnah and Talmud speak of the best way of essay, Biblical Eve had Cain, Abel and 2 daughters simultaneously, 2 sets of twins, male and female. Our view of God being exclusively male is very recent, since Judaism denies the female principle, but uses the AH, T and OT endings to denote the feminine principle. Here is essays on the siddhartha where we get the Shekin ah as a feminine and not masculine attribute of the Almighty.

Yes, the Shekinah is way of feminine and the Rabbis understand it as such. The modern Protestant has not delved deep enough to see this ancient truth the whole world understands. Trip? It has been only in translations that the Holy Sprit has taken on male characteristics. Quoting Barbara Walker in her book stated above, pg. 932: The Hebrew Shekinah means dwelling place, . Sh'kina was the soul of the universe. Writing? Jewish Mystics said the 'outer garment' of the Shekina is Torah 'Holy Law.' A man became the bridegroom of Torah by essays on the book, study, symbolizing erotic imagery.

He must court her [Torah] like a beautiful maiden. She begins from behind a curtain to speak words in keeping with his understanding, until very slowly insight comes to way of writing essay, him.' The Shekina as 'Indwelling One' might be compared to the Latin I-dea or ' Goddess within '. A man required his Shekina for enlightenment, so God required his Shekina for wisdom and creativity. This crucial tenet of Kabaalistic doctrine is essay hawaiian culture seldom emphasized - or even mentioned - today. Hummmm. sounds like the Shekina is MAAT!

In Hebrew, both verbs and writing essay, adjectives have male or female forms, and many names suggest gender to anyone who understands the language and they must agree in gender and number. The word Shekinah, in Hebrew, is derived from the Biblical verb shakhan , meaning the essay about trip to island, act of dwelling but taking the feminine form. Unfortunately, the medieval and modern Hebrew could not live up to the root of this understanding, so they refer to writing essay, the 'Shekinah' or ' Holy Spirit ' in essay trip to island, the female gender without the female principle. This understanding is writing forever lost in Christianity and the Shekinah is seen as a male in the male Trinity of Beings as ascribed and ratified by the Nicean Council, who in phd thesis, their haste to cover-up all thing African, distorted the best way of essay, true meaning of the hawaiian culture, Scriptures. Even the overshadowing of Miriam the best way of, mother of voltage, Jesus has been seen as the male Shekinah overshadowing the female womb and impregnating it. But the Shekinah or sprit of God is feminine. So without explanation what do we believe? Once the essence [truth] is sucked out and replaced with an alternative, it is best very difficult to understand the allusions, so we just over-look them until it piles up so high it is like a 3000 pound elephant walking around your home.

Thousands and Thousands of years have gone by and the paper writing, original meaning of African religious iconography had been lost in best writing, translation, only the shell of the essay about hawaiian, truth remains, and way of writing essay, the Western world has long since lost the root meaning of about to island, equal opposite of the creative power and the iconographic images that can lead us to the truth.

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fig sample thesis Reconstruction of ancient documents such as the Cuneiform tablets and stilus tablets provide scientists and scholars with the challenge of transforming their three dimensional characteristics to a two dimensional plane. In the past artists were hired to carefully draw the features of these artifacts by using a magnifying glass or a binocular microscope. This was not only time consuming, but arguably, very subjective. Way Of Essay! Another method of rendering the surface information was through conventional raking light photography. However, because the about culture, surface of the Cuneiform tablet subsists of uneven curves and features of various degrees of depth they present many problems to photographers as well as epistolary scholars who try to best essay read and represent these images.

One way to construct this relief map is through the use of confocal scanning optical microscopy or near-field microscopy. Although this approach is possible, these microscopes are incredibly expensive and they provide a little more power than it is actually needed. (3) Another recent attempt in rendering the three dimensional topography on a two dimensional plane was through the use of stereovision. (4) Although the idea seems promising, since it has been used in astronomical imagery, it does not seem to be applicable in stability phd thesis, the cases analogous to that of the Cuneiform tablet. The surfaces of the tablet include small disparities corresponding to text and depth variations of regions surrounding the text. These differences and way of essay, subtle variations require extreme care in choosing correct lenses, baseline separation between the two cameras, as well as the appropriate camera mounting apparatus.

It is evident, that calculating the topography of the Cuneiform tablets from digital images is a great deal more simple and more affordable. Calculating the topography of the Cuneiform tablets from digital images is a distinct way to extract contour measurements of the wedge shaped characters and cylinder seal impressions found in their surfaces. Using surface topography techniques previously applied to intaglio prints and lithic artifacts as well as implementation of modern digital image processing techniques, images of the Cuneiform text are displayed in their highest potential of detail and on famous artists, clarity. These techniques not only provide a qualitative result of the surface topography, but more importantly, they present a quantitative analysis of the surface of the tablet. Figure 1 . Image capture of surface topography. As a result the light reaching the detector as illustrated in Fig. 1 is controlled by I o , the irradiance of the light incident on the surface of the object, the reflectance factor of the object, R, and the angle of illumination. As a result of these assumptions, one can generate Eq.

1, which provides the relationship between surface topography and measured irradiance. (Eq. 1) Topography can be described in point by point variation in the angle, a (x), between the object and the mean surface of the object. The height variation at writing essay a certain location is related to the surface angle through the derivative. Figure 2. Illustrates the buy research writing service, relationship between a horizontal slice of an object and the variation in angle, a (x). Furthermore, because of the Lambertian assumption, the variation in the angle, a acts as a variation only in the illumination angle q . Best Way Of Essay! Therefore, topographic information can be related to the irradiance of the camera as follows: (Eq. 3) The angle q (x) in the equation above is the sum of the angle of illumination, q o , and the mean surface angle, a (x). As a result from the analysis above a quantitative relationship between the observed irradiance, I(x) and the topography of an object, h(x) can be derived. The term R(x) in Eq. 3 can be separated from the topographic information, sin[ q (x)], by taking the ration of two images captured at two different angle of illumination.

The characteristics of the two images in one dimension would be the following: In Eq. 4 and Eq. 5 the I 1 (x) and I 2 (x) represent the on famous artists, amount of irradiance incident on the CCD array with the light source at two different locations. I o is the irradiance of the light source. Best Way Of! R(x) is the reflectance factor at a certain location. q 01 and q 02 are the angles of essay about hawaiian culture, illumination. Essay! a (x) contains the about, topographical information. As a result of taking the ratio between Eq.

4 and Eq. Best Writing Essay! 5, the reflectance factor, R 1 (x) is removed so that only the topographical information is extracted from the stability phd thesis, two images. (Eq. 6) Solving Eq. Writing! 6 for the topographic features in voltage stability phd thesis, terms of tan[ a (x) by using appropriate trigonometric identities the following expression is derived. The values of tan[ a (x)] are pixel by pixel topographic information of the object under investigation. These values are not integer values; therefore, they must be quantized to 256 gray levels in order to be viewed as images. Taking Eq. 7 along with Eq. 2 the topographic height function can be obtained. Finding topographic information through the proceeding derivation works as long as the way of writing, source of illumination used for the two images is the same.

A novel device was build to help solve this problem. Furthermore, one has to keep in mind the pixel sensitivity in the CCD array has a small variation associated with it. As a result, each image used in about trip, the experiment was corrected for this inconsistency by using flat fielding. Flat fielding removes the way of writing essay, variation in brightness, which can be caused by the non-uniform illumination and essay trip, small dark currents in way of writing, the array. To make this project possible the use of the Kodak professional camera system along with an Apple PowerBook 540c computer were used.

The camera is equipped with a Nikon Nikkor 60mm lens. The Kodak camera collects light on a 1280 by 1024 pixel CCD array, each 16-micrometers. Each image is 8-bit and therefore is 1.3MB large. Additionally, the image analysis and image processing were performed in IDL (Interactive Data Language, Research Systems Boulder, CO) on a Power Macintosh 8600/200 system in the Digital Image Restoration Technology Lab at on famous artists the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science. In order for best this experiment to work, the images captured are required to have the same source of illumination. As a result a new device was designed and built that consists of a single light source adjustable to essays on famous any degree from the surface of the object under investigation. Fig. 3 illustrates the unique light source apparatus. Figure 3. Illustration of lab setup. As is depicted in Fig.

3, the light source is attached to a graded arc. The light source has the ability to move anywhere along the arc. At the same time, the arc is mobilized so it can be positioned at any desired degree from the base of the mechanism, as well as 360* around the object. The object under investigation is placed in the center of a circular platform that holds the arc. In order to take as many images as desired in where the only variable is the position of the source of illumination, the object is stable in way of writing, the center of this circular platform. In order to use the digital camera as a primary instrument for measuring light it is essential to calibrate or linearize it.

As a result, of this calibration every pixel value will be proportional to the illuminance of the object. This type of calibration is better known as a Flat Fielding procedure. The primary step in flat fielding an image is culture capturing the reference image. Best Writing! To achieve this, the camera's field of view was adjusted to about 25mm, while the light source was located 30* from the horizontal and about 6cm from the focal point of the camera. The sample object used in this case was a piece of essay about hawaiian culture, paper with a smooth surface.

Before converting the way of writing essay, pixel values into information characteristic to the object, it was necessary to essays calculate the Tone Transfer Function of the Kodak camera. Fig. 4 represents the relationship of reflectance and pixel value. From these values a third degree polynomial regression function was derived. This function converts measured pixels into best writing linear pixels through a procedure written in IDL. Book Siddhartha! Figure 4. Tone Transfer Function for Kodak camera.

Pixel value versus Reflectance. Way Of Writing! By measuring the mean pixel value for the reference image, and phd thesis, assuming that the reflectance of the reference object is equal to best way of essay 1.0 the buy research paper service, following equation for individual pixels in the image was derived: In the way of writing, preceding equation R (x,y) refers to on the book siddhartha the reflectance at each location in the image. Furthermore, P(x,y) and way of essay, Pref(x,y) are the pixel values in the image and in the reference image respectably. Pref represents the mean pixel value of all the values of Pref(x,y). When Eq. 9 is applied to each pixel values in the image, the image is converted into reflectance ranging between 0 and 1. In order to buy research paper writing service keep the way of, image in integer units from 0 to 255, the expression below in applied. Eq.

10 is the Flat Fielding equation, where Pref(x,y) represents the individual pixel values in the image, while Pref is the mean value from the histogram of the image. As a result of this procedure the flat-fielded image does not contain the variation in image brightness caused by non-uniform illumination. In other words, the flat field calibration removes experimental artifacts and artists, produces data about the object itself only. This is notable because pixel values are a characteristic of the CCD camera system and the source of illumination, while the reflectance, R, is a characteristic solely of the object under examination.(6) Once the procedure for flat fielding was established, the next step in the experiment was to best way of essay capture images of an object with known topographical characteristics. Because the surface of the Cuneiform table consists of notoriously variable features, which are virtually impossible to measure, it would be difficult to test the validity of the experiment with them. As a result, the object with known topographical features picked was a sphere. The surface geometry of the sphere was calculated and than compared to the experimental results. Two images of the sphere were captured with the light source located to the left and right at 45* from the base of the object.

Moreover, two reference images were captured with the light source at the same locations. Fig. 5 and Fig. 6 represent examples of these images. After flat fielding the images were used to create an image representing topographic information of the object. Fig. Paper! 7 represents angle, a (x), scaled and quantized to 256 gray levels. From this image a one-dimensional array across the center of the sphere was extracted for further analysis.

Figure 5, 6, and 7: Fig. 5 represents an image of the wooden sphere with light source at 45 degrees to the left of the object. Fig. 6 is the reference image with light source at the same location. Fig.

7 represents the matrix of topographic angle values for the wooden sphere. The scan line of topographic values was compared with angle calculated surface angle. Using geometric relationships the way of writing, calculated surface angle of the sphere was derived. Refer to Fig. 8 for about these relationships. Figure 8 : Schematic illustration of the essay, geometry of the sphere (Eq. 11) (Eq. 12) (Eq.

13) The calculated angle of the sphere can be determined by about, using Eq. 13, where ix is the position in the image while i 2 is the position at the edge of the edge of the sphere in the image. The primary objective of this experiment was to generate an essay, image consisting only of topographic information of the surface of the wooden sphere and more importantly of the Cuneiform tablet. The image of the smoking, topographic angle, a (x) represents the Cuneiform writing as well as the seal impressions qualitatively and quantitatively. Best Way Of Essay! By having this image available, scholars have the opportunity to read the contents of the tablet with greater ease as well as extract information about the impressions in the tablet which can offer a clue on the tools used to create this document. This method of buy research paper, extracting topographical information becomes erroneous when the topography of the object is greater than the best way of essay, angle of illumination. If the angle of illumination exceeds the about hawaiian, surface angle than shadows are introduced. Although shadows might enhance qualitatively the appearance of topographical features, they will actually hide surface information. (7) As the angle of essay, illumination is essays on famous artists increased more topographical information becomes available. This is evident in Fig.

9 and 10. When this procedure was applied to the wooden sphere the radius of the object was calculated to be 6.44mm. Best Essay! The measured radius of the sphere was approximately 6.5mm. These two results are satisfactory, considering that small random error in the angle a (x), results in large error in the height, h(x). The height characteristic of the essays artists, wooden sphere is illustrated in Fig. 11.

Figure 11 : Topographic height across the scan line of the way of writing, wooden sphere. A similar approach was applied to smoking against the surface of the cuneiform tablet. Best Way Of Essay! Because the Cuneiform tablet has such random variations in its surface, certain features were analyzed independently. One particular region under investigation was the smoking against, cylinder seal impression, which measures 15mm in length and 6mm in width. The seal impressions are of great importance not only because they secured the integrity of the document at the time, but more importantly because they are terribly degraded as a result of essay, disintegration of the clay. An array of alpha angles was extracted from the topographical matrix of the essays on famous artists, Cuneiform tablet. The array of best way of, angles was plotted against the length of the feature. Fig. 14 illustrates this plot. Figure 14 : Topography information versus the position across the essays on the book, set of alpha values extracted from the Cuneiform tablet matrix. The angle versus the length figure suggests a cross section of the feature, which appears to possess edge enhancement characteristics.

This plot illustrates an best writing, obvious increase of the transition at the edge as well as an overshoot on either side of the edge. The edge enhancement attribute is a significant find considering that this form of writing is pre-hieroglyphic and edge enhancement is a tool used only in recent years. One of the primary goals in analyzing artifacts is to get an idea of essay about trip, how people in way of essay, the past lived and worked. Smoking For And Against! This find suggests that scribes, thousands of years ago, possessed the best writing, knowledge of writing, using techniques that enhance small, delicate impressions in the soft clay surface to the highest potential. Furthermore, the same set of alpha values was integrated over the particular region and way of writing essay, the actual height of the feature was derived. Fig. 15 illustrates the height of the edge of the cylinder seal in writing service, millimeters. Figure 15 : Topographic height across the scan line extracted from the matrix of the Cuneiform tablet. Conclusion Future projects applying surface topography analysis would be in surfaces of paintings, Indian rock-art, as well as forensic investigations, such as firearm serial numbers. This process is an invaluable technique for detecting changes in height of the features of an object. Because surface topography characterizes the height of an best writing essay, object, this technique would be beneficial in book siddhartha, analyzing its characteristics over way of writing, a period of time.

It would be useful to get angle or height information in the surface of the voltage stability, Cuneiform tablets ten or twenty years from now and compares the results in degradation. Since surface topography offers a way of measuring changes in way of writing, the surface evolution of an artifact or a piece of artwork, conservators and archaeologists are presented with a clue in buy research paper service, these changes. Best Essay! Hopefully, these clues will present a better understanding of the techniques used to appropriately conserve these objects.