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Master thesis footnotes

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art holocaust essay ART HISTORY/Bauhaus vs. Surrealist. Please write one page in response to the following assignment. I belong to master, second half of the class, The Surrealist Movement. During the first World War many artists who lived abroad were forced to resume sales, return to their home country, among these was Kandinsky. Upon his return to master thesis footnotes, Germany Walter Gropius asked him to teach at the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus was designed after the political papers 2010 example of church mason guilts in the Middle Ages, meaning that all trades were supposed to work with each other. But, the Bauhaus was not just a school, but a society of artists with strong ties towards each other. In addition to painting, sculpture architecture, the footnotes students learned different crafts and had theatre and gymnastic classes.

The motto was ?liberty of individuality?. Similarly strong ties showed the Surrealist artists in France. Max Ernst lived for d&d 3.5 thesis, a while with Paul und Gala Eluard and master, decorated the walls and doors with his paintings as a thank you. Many ?Cadavre Exquis? are proof of the political papers 2010 artistic experiments of the Surrealists. This week the first half on the class roster will become Bauhaus artists and thesis footnotes, the second half will belong to the Surrealist movement. Can you convince your opposing group? Ready-made, collage, anti-art, objet trouv? (=found objects), subconscious as source of resume sales creativity, automatism, Surrealist Manifesto, frottage, cubic simplicity and master, functionalism, prototypes for mass production, industrial design, created after the example of the church mason?s guilt.

Dada : Zurich, Switzerland (Jean Arp, Tristan Tzara, Hugo Ball, Richard H?lsenbeck); France (Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia); Germany (Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitters, John Heartfield, Hannah H?ch) Surrealism: Andr? Breton, Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst, Louis Aragon, Salvador Dali, Meret Oppenheim, Ren? Magritte, Joan Mir? Bauhaus: Walter Gropius, Paul Klee, Johannes Itten, Laslo Moloholy-Nagy, Vassily Kandinsky, Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer. International Style: Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Rudolph Schindler, Richard Neutra, Eero Saarinen. Please provide one paragraph responses to the following posts either agreeing or disagreeing or asking questions. Please place the number in first job and resume, front of each paragraph that corresponds with the number of the post. Master! Surrealism was an artistic movement that sought to essays on famous artists, liberate the mind or imagination. Surrealism dominated the inter-war years and was a reaction against master thesis footnotes violence and the rationality which led to free, the violence in the first place.

It was not just an intellectual movement, but a political movement as well (Honour and Fleming 801). With the publication of Andr? Breton?s ?Manifesto of master thesis Surrealism?, the new art movement seemed to take hold. Breton was deeply influenced by the psychological theories and dream studies of Sigmund Freud which went along with the dream-like qualities of Surrealist paintings. One of the political papers 2010 first artists to work with Surrealist techniques and imagery was Giorgio de Chirico. His painting, Mystery and Melancholy on a Street, 1914 depicts an eerie, desolate street with long shadows that give a dream-like feeling to it. The street is empty except for a young girl playing. Thesis! We get the feeling that something profound is about to take place. We can see a threatening shadow around the corner that gives us a bad feeling. The viewer is left to wonder what the impending tragedy will be.

Salvador Dali?s The Persistence of Memory, 1931 is political 2010, another example of Surrealism. Again we see an eerie dream-like scene of footnotes a strange, other-worldly place. It almost looks as if it is a hallucinatory vision. With melting clocks, ants swarming over a timepiece and a withering tree that gives the viewer the feeling of lost time or inevitable death. Surrealism created a great impact in the art world. Surrealist paintings are filled with surprising imagery, deep symbolism and the desire to resume sales, go against the norm.

Surrealist artists such as Giorgio de Chirico, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali and Max Ernst most certainly had an impact on future forms of art such as Abstract Expressionism. Fleming, John and footnotes, Honour, Hugh. A World History of job and Art, 7th Ed. Footnotes! London: Laurence King Publishing. 2009. Print. Essays On Famous Artists! The beginning of the 20th century witnessed introduction of innovative ways in architecture.

Walter Gropius developed a particular vision of ?total architecture.? This concept was his foundation for the generations of students at a school called Bauhaus. When Gropius became the director of the Weimar School of Arts and Crafts in footnotes, Germany, his vision was to train artists, architects, and designers to political science 2010, anticipate the needs of the 20th century. His vision included the development of an extensive curriculum based on master thesis footnotes, specific principles incorporated into three segments. A strong basic design and craftsmanship as essential to good art and architecture was his first goal.

It was followed by promoting unification of dallas resume art, architecture, and design. His third goal was reiterate in-depth knowledge of machines. Master Thesis Footnotes! He demanded that architects, painters and sculptors know how to distinguish the different parts that make up a building as an object. Bauhaus courses include a variety of disciplines which include weaving, bookbinding, carpentry, stained glass, advertising, and typography to job and resume, name a few in thesis, addition to painting, sculpture and dissertations, architecture. His ultimate goal was to incorporate art with industry. In 1925, Gropius?

Bauhaus moved to master thesis, Dessau where he built the Dessau Bauhaus (Kleiner, 412), which became the Bauhaus? architectural manifesto. The building consisted of essays workshop and class areas, dining room, theater, a gym, and studio apartments. One of the building?s major wings, the Shop Block, was three-stories high, and thesis footnotes, housed a printing shop and dye works facility. The glass enclosure created a streamlined and light effect. The construction of the building, covering reinforced concrete frame in glass was Gropius? motto that architecture should avoid ?all romantic embellishment and free dissertations, whimsy.?(Kleiner, 412). The Bauhaus group in Germany encouraged total architecture, which called for master thesis footnotes, the combination of all the arts in constructing modern living surroundings. Kleiner, Fred S. Art through the essays on famous Ages: A Concise Global History. Second Edition. Master Footnotes! Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Boston MA.

2009. ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT . The Feature Story. The Feature Story assignment will include certain aspects of your previous assignments, • #8220;Secondhand#8221; evidence of library research, documented MLA style. Political Science Papers 2010! • Effective argumentation (ethos, pathos, logos, and analogy/definition strategies) • Thesis/focus of thesis footnotes writing. • #8220;Firsthand#8221; evidence of meeting with people, visiting places, etc. • Reporter#8217;s questions: who, what, where, when, why, and thesis, how. • Narrative elements, such as character, plot, setting, tone, connotations, etc. However, unlike the Editorial and Interview assignments, I#8217;ll have the option of injecting my own opinion into the writing of the Feature Story. Important Note: Be a reporter for this assignment (i.e., go to an event, meet a person, etc.).

This assignment should not be completed entirely by sitting in front of computer; that is an essay or memoir, not a feature story. Also note that the final draft of Feature Story should have a title. Could you come out with a title? You can choose any topic of master feature story you want. The Essential Feature: An article, like a work of fiction, has a beginning, middle, and d&d 3.5 thesis, an end. Accomplished writers organize their material up front. Before they sit down to the keyboard, they know how the story will begin, how it will finish, and what path it will take to reach the end. If you look closely at published feature stories, you#8217;ll see they follow a fairly standard format: • The lead, which opens the story with a person, an master, anecdote, a set scene, or #8212; rarely #8212; dialogue. • The transition, often called the capsule statement, bridge, nut paragraph, or #8220;nut graf.#8221; It tells the reader why you#8217;re writing about this subject. The nut graf has its equivalent in the #8220;thesis sentence#8221; of freshman composition.

• Development of the issue in a series of logical, well-connected paragraphs. • A strong ending, a real gem saved for the last paragraph. The way the writer develops these elements depends on his purpose and his material. An effective story is shaped logically to fits its substance. Here are a few examples of the kinds of subjects’ features often cover. Feature stories are not limited to dissertations, the following subject areas, • The Business Story #8212; about a business owner, with a human angle, focused on the individual proprietor. • The Explanatory Story #8212; explains how something works.

• The Medical Story #8212; stories of illness. • The Overview Story #8212; focus on an incident; do research about the big picture, others like it. • The Profile Story #8212; profile about someone, painting a portrait of the individual?(adapted from Feature Writing for Newspapers and Magazines, ed. Friedlander and Lee). Master Footnotes! Keep these two aspects of the assignment in job and resume, mind: 1. Thesis Footnotes! A feature story is not an essay or a memoir. But a piece of favorite journalism with an audience in mind that reports on thesis, a specific person, place or event. 2. A feature story involves the science papers reporter covering an event. Master Thesis Footnotes! And one of the simplest but most effective narrative forms of the feature story is the #8220;day-in-the-life#8221; format. It contain the elements:

• Plot #8212; The story has a clear beginning, middle and end in terms of the length of day. Tension can be developed in terms of running out of time, for download free dissertations, example. Master! • Character #8212; By following a person around, you immediately emphasize who they are and what they do. • Setting #8212; Setting description opportunities can present themselves throughout the day. A reporter should keep his or her eyes open for those details that develop atmosphere, mood and possible themes of the story. Free! The essential aspect of the Feature Story assignment is that the writer features or profiles a person (such as an instructor in your major), place (a historical place, for thesis footnotes, example) * SAN FRANCISCO preferably, I am from here, or thing (like a concert event or play). The Feature Story requires both #8220;firsthand#8221; (attending an download dissertations, event, meeting someone) and #8220;secondhand#8221; (library research) evidence. Footnotes! What distinguishes a feature story from a memoir, however, is that it is #8220;newsworthy#8221; and does not just focus on personal experience. About Favorite Teacher! Using Narrative Elements in the Feature Story: Consider the major elements of narrative, namely character, setting, plot, and master footnotes, theme. • Character: Persons, animals, or even animate or inanimate objects in first, literature that develop the action in master thesis, literature. Download Free! The central character is known as the main character or protagonist; the opposing character is the antagonist. • Setting: The place or period in which the action occurs in thesis, literature.

May include scenery, props, atmosphere, and resume, historical significance. Master Footnotes! • Plot: The organization of a series of first resume action or events, usually moving through conflicts to a climax and resolution. The arrangement usually implies causality and thesis footnotes, achieves certain effects. • Theme: The conceptual meanings that emerge in download, a reading of a literary work; the master thesis footnotes #8220;theme#8221; does not signify the work#8217;s stated #8220;subject.#8221; Rather, it is about, composed of the general significances that can be concluded from the work#8217;s position on the subject. Thesis Footnotes! Consider the people you interview or feature as characters; they should have complexity, roundness, and dynamism, and perhaps even some inner conflict or contradictions. Thesis! Think of the sequence of events that you are reporting as a plot; there should be a rising action to your story with some tension and something important at stake, something that may either be lost or gained, to hold the reader#8217;s attention. Footnotes! And although the nut graf can explain directly what#8217;s at thesis feat stake, the feature as a whole should offer some themes; complex messages that will differ from reader to reader and ultimately broaden your audience. Using Important Poetic Elements. In addition to narrative elements, your feature story might also employ poetic elements:

• Metaphors: Metaphors compare two things without using like, as or than. • Concrete: Words that are concrete denote things we can actually see or feel in some way: horse, alley, leaves, sun. • Abstract: Words that are abstract denote things we understand the meaning of, but cannot see or feel (e.g., love, justice, knowledge, meaning). Master Footnotes! • Similes: Similes compare two seemingly dissimilar things using like, as, or than. • Connotation: In addition to their denotative meanings, many (or possibly even all) words have multiple connotative meanings. Connotative are simply the essay about associative meanings of a word, the meanings that a word points to. When you hear the word #8220;mother,#8221; for example, you might automatically picture your own mother, or perhaps you might envision some mythic mother goddess or earth mother (e.g., you may think of the Virgin Mary). Thesis! These are but a few of the connotations associated with the word mother. Resume Sales! • Personification: The writing technique of ascribing human qualities to non-human entities or objects. • Denotation: Dictionary definitions of words are called denotative meanings. These are the master thesis footnotes #8220;straight#8221; meanings, the obvious, literal meanings of words. Favorite Teacher! Sea means sea: a great big body of water such as a giant lake or an footnotes, ocean. Night, of course, is the dark period that alternates with day, and so on.

Example of a feature story lead: the opening of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner for sales, feature writing, #8220;The Girl in master thesis, the Window#8221; by Lane DeGregory. The nut graf gives the feature story that kind of focus and purpose. While some stories might simply be intended as entertainment, a feature story ultimately makes an argument on important information that the public needs. The nut graf or transitional capsule statement (often called the #8220;bridge#8221; by newspaper writers) moves the reader smoothly from the lead, which may be rather startling, into the body of the story. It explains what this piece is to be about and how the opening ties into the subject. Many writers compose a one- or two-sentence thesis statement before they begin the story. Political Papers! Some version of master this can often fit into on famous artists, the nut graf, but whether or not it does, the habit helps organize and focus one#8217;s thoughts. Master Thesis! Consider the questions below. • Does the feature #8220;grab#8221; you with an engaging lead?

Why or why not? Be specific. Sales! ? • Is the point #8212; or the footnotes #8220;nut graf#8221; #8212; of the feature clear? Is it engaging enough to keep tension in the writing? Is it timely and relevant? ? • Does the Feature Story have some of the aspects of the Editorial? (Secondhand/library research; ethos, pathos, logos of argument; focus/thesis)? • Does the Feature Story have some of the aspects of the Interview? (Firsthand/#8221;beat#8221; research; reporter#8217;s questions)? Identify any use of the narrative elements (character, plot, setting, etc.). Are there points where more use of the narrative elements could be effective? The Feature Story needs a strong resolution in order to stand on its own and last as a permanent comment rather than just become #8220;yesterday#8217;s news.

Consider possible titles and important themes raised in your feature story. And, as with any story, consider a #8220;showing#8221; ending that will ignite the download imagination of readers and let them make their own conclusions. Five helpful creative writing guidelines : 1. Use your senses #8212; sight, sound, feel, taste, and smell #8212; when you write. 3. Use active verbs. 5. Write about what you know. Since feature stories are typically longer and go into thesis footnotes, more depth than news stories, they often run as magazine articles. In general, a magazine article needs at thesis feat least one of three basic ingredients: access, disclosure or narrative. A great article has to have at least two of thesis these components, and a memorable one has all three. 1. Access lays the groundwork for one of the most satisfying experiences a reader can have #8212; the sensation that he has entered a world foreign to his own, a realm rich in detail and character.

2. Narrative. First Resume! Anyone can relay a sequence of events. Master Thesis Footnotes! But only the best writers have an instinct for telling a story: building suspense, fleshing out characters, shaping the narrative arc of the tale at download dissertations hand. A great article transcends reportage. In the right hands, narrative journalism can be as insightful and stirring as a novel. 3. Disclosure, that key second element, is the result of great reporting or interviewing techniques and can result in a story breaking news. It can also attend an master footnotes, article that advances the scholarship on a particular subject. Before you post the final draft of your Feature Story in the Discussion, revise your draft by considering the questions below. • What theme (or themes) does the Feature Story offer the essays reader?

Be specific. ? • Do you feel the Feature Story resolves clearly? Why or why not? ? • Does the Feature Story provide the reader #8220;access#8221; or #8220;the sensation that he has entered a world foreign to his own, a realm rich in detail and master footnotes, character,#8221; as described by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter? ? • Does the free Feature Story disclose #8220;breaking news#8221; or feel timely and relevant to thesis footnotes, the issues of today? ? • Identify any use of narrative in the Feature Story (#8220;showing#8221; versus #8220;telling,#8221; for example), as well as points where more use of feat narrative could be effective. Thesis! The prime aspect of this assignment is #8220;access,#8221; meaning you need to visit a person, place or event.

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Major Themes In Burmese Days By George Orwell Essays and master, Research Papers. boundary that had the Burmese dealing with white European supremacy since day one. It is evident throughout George . Orwell’s novel, Burmese Days , that the essay about favorite main theme is the superiority of the white Europeans over thesis, the non-white Burmese . Download Dissertations? The white Europeans are extremely racist, sexist, and self centered. The social class system in this novel seems to be a two-tier system. The top tier being the white European elite, while the bottom tier seems to master footnotes, be the dissertations rest. Thesis? The non-white Burmese people constituted the. Bamar , Burma , Gentlemen's club 1471 Words | 4 Pages.

It seems there isn't much on about favorite teacher, the net about Burmese Days that one can look over when getting ready to write an essay. I have . provided one I wrote that is thesis about 2 1/2 pages long and outlines some basic themes as well as analyzes the main character. Tell me what you guys think: Burmese Days by George Orwell is not a book that commonly comes to mind when one thinks '' Orwell '' but nevertheless it holds a distinguished place in his career as a writer. The novel revolves around the lives of a handful. British Empire , Burma , Burmese Days 795 Words | 3 Pages. Analysis of essays on famous artists, George Orwell's 'Shooting an Elephant' ‘Shooting an elephant’ Written by George Orwell Essay by Arthur Diennet In 1936, George Orwell . Master? published his short story ‘Shooting an elephant’ in an English magazine. Since then, it has been republished dozens of first, times and holds a place as a definitive anti-colonial piece of literature, in an era where the British Empire was at master its peak and covered almost 1/3 of the Earth’s surface.

George Orwell believed that “…imperialism was an evil thing. ” and free dissertations, uses much themes , symbolism and irony to footnotes, convey. British Empire , Burma , Colonialism 1044 Words | 3 Pages. Racism in Burmese Britain owned many colonies throughout the 1800’s including Burma. While the British were able to manufacturing raw . materials from Burma until the early 1900’s, British Imperialism would forever influence the essay about Burmese Natives. In George Orwell book “ Burmese Days ,” racism is one example of this British Imperialism influence. British Imperialism allowed the use of racism to influence the master thesis footnotes European Club members and British military. Some British authority used racism to diminish the. British Empire , Burma , Burmese Days 1142 Words | 3 Pages. I. Orwell , George . Burmese Days , Harcourt Inc, 1934. 287 pp.

Patrick Morgan The World Since . 1850 Greenstein Burmese Days Book Review September 27, 2010 II. George Orwell , born Eric Blair was born in Motihari, Bengal, a then British territory of India in 1903. He was very scholarly from a young age and earned scholarships to preparatory schools and both Wellington and Eton colleges. After furthering his education at favorite teacher Eton he joined the Indian Imperial Police Force in Burma. After. British colonization of the Americas , British Empire , Burma 894 Words | 3 Pages.

book review on George Orwell’s, Burmese Days . Master Thesis Footnotes? The story shows corruption and dallas, imperial prejudice. The daily lives of . Burmese and the British were affected by thesis inequality and racism. For the Imperialists life was very well but to the locals the Europeans lived like gods. Therefore the essays on famous artists main symbol that portrayed British imperialism, involving racism was the master European club. The club located in resume sales Burma was a representation of British racism against everyone else that was not British. Burmese Days is set in 1920s. Bamar , British Empire , Burma 2419 Words | 7 Pages. depression that plagues him throughout the book stems from his inability to find a true companion. Thesis? It is John Flory’s unprecedented natural sense of equality . in all mankind that is the root cause for his loneliness throughout the book Burmese Days by George Orwell . There are very few potential friends for a white bachelor in Burma in the 1920’s, and Mr. Flory destroys practically every possibility immediately by download dissertations thinking that all men are created equal. The other dozen or so members of the whites-only.

Burma , Burmese Days , Doctor 1210 Words | 4 Pages. 1984 by George Orwell. Novel Analisys. IB Literature 04-30-2013 1984 by George Orwell represents the struggle of power and control within government and also depicts . the master footnotes possible outcome of essays artists, communism or a dictatorship like it taking over the world. Orwell does this by representing the thesis footnotes weather as a mood and tone of the novel as well as the download dissertations amount of freedom the master thesis footnotes characters have. He also uses imagery such as the telescreens and signs with logos that represent oppression. Orwell uses Winston as the main character and also as a main. Big Brother , Brave New World , English-language films 988 Words | 3 Pages. Comparative Study: Orwell's 1984 and Burmese Days. Orwell’s novels 1984 and Burmese Days demonstrate two very different styles. Burmese Days , having . Resume? been written at the beginning of his career has some flaws which he has managed to perfect by thesis the end of his career in 1984.

The issue of essays, language is therefore very important when comparing these two novels. Orwell generally uses a language that everyone can understand. Master? It is clear and straight to the point. He gives enough details to instil ideas but not so much that a reader becomes overwhelmed. Academy Award for Best Picture , Brave New World , Burma 792 Words | 3 Pages. Dr.

Jeffery Mack English Composition 1 August 24, 2014 George Orwells ’ “A Hanging” is dissertations a very descriptive piece. It starts off . Master Footnotes? going into a detailed description of the weather, jail cells, and the inmates. The description goes so far to even mention that the man who was going to be hanged jumped over essays, a water puddle. This shows me that even though it shouldn’t matter because he’s about to die it is just a natural instinct. Thesis Footnotes? When Orwell starts to describe the weather it sends out a dark uneasiness.

Capital punishment , Decapitation , Ethics 916 Words | 3 Pages. 1984 by George Orwell: Themes, Dialogue, Symbolism. A certain theme that stuck out a lot in this book was the Physical control of the bodies of its subjects. Winston, is followed and download dissertations, looked . over by the Party, everywhere he goes. They constantly watch to see if he makes any sign of disloyalty, so that if he does, they would arrest him. The Party forces their members to go through tough, heavy morning exercises, called Physical Jerks. After that, the members would work long grueling days at master thesis the government agencies, and on famous artists, would be in thesis footnotes the state of exhaustion. 2005 albums , Big Brother , George Orwell 1252 Words | 4 Pages. Absurdism in George Orwells 'Animal Farm' ?This paper examines George Orwell’s contribution to the literary movement of absurdism.

It focuses on Orwell’s novel Animal Farm. . George Orwell , formerly known as “Eric Blair” enlisted in the Indian Imperial Police at about twenty years of age and served in Burma for five years during which he witnessed imperialism at its worst; he saw hangings, floggings, and filthy prisons, and he “was forced to assert superiority over the Burmese which he never really felt.” On realizing the first job and resume little economic and. Absurdism , Albert Camus , Animal Farm 2171 Words | 6 Pages. 1984 By George Orwell Questions Jayson Papa 1. Re read pages 3-6 and describe the setting/atmosphere in your own words . Thesis? The first few chapters of download free, 1984 are devoted to thesis, introducing the major characters and themes of the novel. These chapters also acquaint the on famous artists reader with the harsh and oppressive world in master thesis footnotes which, Winston Smith lives in. It is from Winston’s perspective that the reader witnesses the essays on famous artists brutal physical and thesis, psychological cruelties brought upon the people by dallas resume their government.

The. Big Brother , George Orwell , Ministry 1530 Words | 4 Pages. George Orwell Eric Arthur Blair or better known as George Orwell was an footnotes English journalist and . novelist, whom was born on the 25th of June 1903. George Orwell had spent his school years at St Cyprian's School, Eastbourne. Blair hated it there; he could not wait till the day he was rid of that school. George was a Socialist; The Spanish Civil War played the most important part in defining Orwell's socialism because it made him fight for what he loved, beauty. During most of his career, Orwell was. Cold War , Communism , Karl Marx 1596 Words | 5 Pages.

Glenn Devries Dr. Smith ENG 1302 4/24/08 George Orwell : The Man Behind 1984 Why did you choose George . Orwell as your author to political science 2010, research? I chose George Orwell as my author to research because I was interested in learning more about the man behind the novel “1984.” 1984 is a deep novel that is thesis footnotes about three totalitarian nations that are always at war with each other in disputed territories so that they can maintain “peace” at their home territory. Feat? The three nations are Oceania, Eurasia. Aldous Huxley , Animal Farm , George Orwell 1711 Words | 5 Pages. Many Colours, One World , One Approach to Injustice The essays “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell and the Letter From . Birmingham Jail” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. share several similarities, particularly in terms of the authors' recognition of thesis, injustice in their respective communities. There are striking similarities between their causes despite Orwell being of dallas, British descent and part of the master thesis caucasian majority while Dr. King was from the United States of America and resume sales, was part of the. African American , Burma , George Orwell 1640 Words | 5 Pages. Compare and Contrast of George Orwell and Fredrick Douglass Essay Human beings reveal their struggles within biographical . literature.

Writers of such literature condone a common theme of such horrible oppression leading up to feelings of master thesis, repressed anger, sorrow, and a justification to the thought that in the end, oppression can not only ruin the submissive party, but the dominant one as well. In a personal narrative known as Fredrick Douglass: Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass, an. Abraham Lincoln , Africa , British Empire 947 Words | 3 Pages. Animal Farm George Orwell 128 Pages George Orwell , the pen name of Eric Blair, was born in first resume Bengal in . 1903. Master? He was educated at Eton School in dallas resume England, and then served with the Indian Imperial Police in thesis Burma. He returned to Europe and arcane thesis feat, became a writer of novels and essays. Much of master thesis footnotes, his work was political, and 2010, although he had a hatred of Communism, he was a socialist.

Orwell died at the age of forty-seven of a lung problem, leaving behind several unfinished works. Animal Farm is a parody of the Communist. Animal Farm , Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood , Eric Burdon 1706 Words | 4 Pages. Condemning British Dominion – Shedding Light on the Truths of Imperialism: an Article Critique of master thesis, “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell. of civilizing the savages of a foreign land, George Orwell condemns it and thinks of political papers 2010, it as only thesis, a facade of power. In ”Shooting . an essays Elephant”, he conveys the ironic, powerless and master, evil nature of Imperialism through the experience of himself as a young British officer shooting the elephant against his own will in essay favorite teacher order to maintain the image of the imperial power in Burma.

This is shown specifically through the relationship between the British and master footnotes, Burmese , the portrayal of the elephant as well as development. British Empire , Burma , Colonialism 889 Words | 3 Pages. George Orwell : The Prophesier George Orwell once said, “freedom is the right to tell people what . they do not want to hear”, that, essentially, “speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act”. (“ George Orwell ”) Orwell’s words reveal his political views in the absolute truest form. First? His uninhibited writing style forced readers to not only to listen what he had to say, but to also recognize his writing as the truth. Master Thesis? Although his veracity was supposed to be accepted without. Animal Farm , George Orwell , Leon Trotsky 2351 Words | 7 Pages.

you because of its effective style. Discuss how the writer’s style adds to 2010, the impact of the content. “A Hanging” by George . Orwell is an influential, autobiographical essay, in which the subject of capital punishment is powerfully examined. The essay is based on a prisoner’s execution in footnotes a Prisoner of War camp in Burma during the Second World War. Download Dissertations? In the essay, Orwell is a prison guard for the camp and carefully illustrates his views on capital punishment. The structure of the essay is of three. A Hanging , Burma , Capital punishment 865 Words | 3 Pages. Book Report on Burmese Days by George Orwell. About the book: The book Burmese Days was written by George Orwell and published first in 1934. . Orwell took the inspiration for this first novel of master footnotes, his from the experiences he gained during his service as an imperial police officer in Burma in the late 1920s. There he was confronted with extreme forms of imperialism, causing racism and dallas resume, also chauvinism. These are also the main topics of the novel and although they are wrapped up in the story of a single man's fate, John Flory's, these topics.

British Empire , Burma , Burmese Days 5669 Words | 13 Pages. Analysis of a narrative text: “Shooting an Elephant” (George Orwell) Analysis of master thesis footnotes, a narrative text: Shooting an Elephant ( George Orwell ) “Shooting an Elephant” is an dallas autobiographically . influenced short story written by George Orwell and published in 1936. It deals with the inner conflict of an master thesis footnotes imperial police officer in papers Burma who feels pressured by the Burmese and forced to master thesis footnotes, kill an outraged elephant in order to prove himself and his status as an imperial police officer. The short story can be divided into two parts. In the first two paragraphs the narrator introduces. British Empire , Burma , Empire 1074 Words | 3 Pages.

The literature Nineteen Eighty-Four (first published in d&d 3.5 1949) by George Orwell is footnotes a dystopian novel about Oceania, a segregated . Free Dissertations? civilization ruled by thesis footnotes exclusive dictatorship of the Party. About Favorite? The world is thesis depicted and segmented into three different parts: Eurasia, Oceania and Eastasia. Life in the Oceania consists of a world of perpetual war, extensive government surveillance, never-ending public mind, along with a totalitarian political system metaphorically named English Socialism (Ingsoc) in completion. Big Brother , George Orwell , Ingsoc 1969 Words | 6 Pages. How Is Marxism Portrayed in 'Animal Farm' by dallas resume George Orwell? Marxism portrayed throughout ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell ? The main aim of Marxism is to bring about a classless society, . and ‘Animal Farm’ is generally considered to be a Marxist novel, as all its characters share a similar ambition at the beginning. ‘Animal Farm’ represents an example of the oppressed masses rising up to thesis footnotes, form their own classless society, whilst offering a subtle critique on Stalin’s Soviet Russia, and communism in general. Orwell is, ironically, revolutionary in his work, as. Animal Farm , Communism , Leon Trotsky 1375 Words | 4 Pages. 1984 by George Orwell is a novel about a man, Winston Smith, living in political 2010 a dystopian, totalitarian government. The book circulates . around the master footnotes negative ideal of essay about, a harsh government strictly controlling the people of a society.

1984 shares some unique similarities as well as differs greatly from actual life that many English lived during the master 80’s, even though the book was written nearly 40 years prior and was not looking at a realistic interpretation of what the dissertations world would be like. Orwell had a specific. Big Brother , George Orwell , Newspeak 1295 Words | 4 Pages. Sociology 205 George Orwell - 1984 Paper Freedom is master thesis footnotes Slavery “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If . that is granted, all else follows.” (1984, Orwell , p 69). In the book, 1984, by George Orwell , Winston –who works at the Ministry of Truth- lives a life where the government controls everything you do, even what you get to think about. The city of Oceania obeys the laws by essay the Big Brother, or the president. If anyone were to go against what Big Brother says or wants, he/she. Aldous Huxley , Animal Farm , Big Brother 1550 Words | 4 Pages.

Unit 3: A Struggle for Freedom Activity 8: Literary Essay Brittany Ennis ENG3U Mrs. Thesis? King July . 19th, 2013 In the book 1984 by George Orwell , there is a lot of symbolism that represents one major themes of the book. These symbols reflect the theme that a totalitarian government does not allow freedom. The goal is to control the thoughts, the hearts and resume sales, the minds of the population. Those that are different are centred out to be changed. Communism , E. Thesis Footnotes? H. Carr , George Orwell 1419 Words | 4 Pages. Jacky Zou Book Summary and Analysis 1984 George Orwell In 1984 by George Orwell , Winston Smith, . a low-ranking member of the free Party in London located in the nation of thesis, Oceania, faces a life of oppression and control. The Party watches Winston and everyone else through “telescreens” and displays their seemingly all-knowing leader, known as Big Brother, on the telescreens. The Party is also forcing a language called Newspeak, which prevents political rebellion by removing all words related to the. Big Brother , Emmanuel Goldstein , George Orwell 936 Words | 3 Pages. Critical Essays Major Themes of Animal Farm Satire Satire is loosely defined as art that ridicules a specific topic in order . to provoke readers into changing their opinion of it.

By attacking what they see as human folly, satirists usually imply their own opinions on how the thing being attacked can be remedied. Perhaps the most famous work of British satire is Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels (1726), where the political science 2010 inhabitants of the different lands Gulliver visits embody what Swift saw as the. A Modest Proposal , Animal Farm , George Orwell 808 Words | 3 Pages. iconic authors to write ‘dystopian’ novels are George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Although on thesis footnotes, the surface, their visions of the . future are almost polar opposites, a close reading of both will find that they tackle remarkably similar themes . Both authors worried that society was going in the wrong direction and essays, fashioned works that they hoped would change humanity’s course before it was too late. In their novels, Brave New World and master thesis, 1984, Huxley and on famous artists, Orwell , respectively, use symbolism and irony in order. Aldous Huxley , Brave New World , Dystopia 1446 Words | 4 Pages.

Critical Analysis: Renowned satirist George Orwell masterfully incorporates symbolism into master thesis his work fabricated within simple . Resume? tales of fantasy and delight. On the surface these works seem mild almost childlike. However within layer they are stories that will either horrify you from within because of its biting truth or leave you amused by master footnotes the parallels drawn from reality. Therefore these pieces of literature are not mere stories but caricatures romanticized with words. ‘1984’ and ‘Shooting an Elephant’. Animal Farm , George Orwell , Joseph Stalin 801 Words | 3 Pages. Many of the predictions made by George Orwell in his book 1984 in relation to Big Brother surveillance, corruption of language . and control of dallas resume, history have already come about to a great extent in Communist countries and to some extent in the West. The powers of security police in Western countries to intercept mail and tap phones have often been extended, police agencies keep numerous files on law-abiding citizens, and master thesis, more and more public officials have the right to enter private homes without. Communism , George Orwell , Indian independence movement 2533 Words | 7 Pages. could become George Orwell’s 1984, depicts a time of totalitarian and communism rule. Where ever you are big brother is watching you.

Winston, . Orwell’s main character in the satirical novel is a man struggling with his true identity in this gloomy world. Arcane? Orwell , constructing this novel after the ending of World War II writes a satirical story that is also a warning to what can become of the thesis world. Throughout 1984, George Orwell uses satire in his writing through literary elements; theme , imagery, symbolism. Animal Farm , Big Brother , Brave New World 1880 Words | 6 Pages. This essay is about George Orwell. . .I just had to free, compare some of thesis footnotes, his works. It is from my freshman year of college. . .enjoy! Themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work. George Orwell re-uses many of resume, his . Thesis Footnotes? themes in order to get his point across.

In Why I Write, Orwell states that one of the reasons he writes is for political purpose. He expresses this theme in his essays, An Episode of Bed-wetting and St. Cyprian's, as well as his novels, 1984 and Animal Farm. Political 2010? In An Episode of Bed-wetting and St. Master Footnotes? Cyprian's, Orwell expresses how he feels about the politics in the school. Cold War , Communism , Communist state 894 Words | 3 Pages. Reading Report: Animal Farm by George Orwell. animal farm- george orwell READING REPORT name: Tesse de Boer . form: 4th date: October 24, 2011 |Title: | Animal Farm | |Author: | George Orwell . Animal , Animal Farm , Communism 1216 Words | 5 Pages.

Historical context of 1984-george orwell. George Orwells 1984 is one of the most important pieces of political fiction; it is essays artists a timeless political satire that demands to . be read to be truly appreciated. Published in thesis 1948, and set 36 years into the future, 1984 eerily depicts where the world is going, where the truth is shunted and lies are promoted by political all mainstream media. Perhaps one of the most powerful science fiction novels of the twentieth century, this apocalyptic satire shows with grim conviction how the master thesis footnotes protagonist Winston Smiths. Cold War , Communism , Joseph Stalin 2263 Words | 7 Pages. The Importance of Music in George Orwells 1984. George Orwell uses music to set the tone in 1984. In some instances, it inspires Winston Smith, the protagonist, or . represents a need for something he cannot get from the Party. In others, it reminds him of tragedy, and in certain instances, it contains valuable insight from the past. It also represents Winston’s happiness between himself and Julia and predicts Winston’s fate. Music in free 1984 plays an thesis important role in the overall attitude of the essays on famous artists novel.

In the first instance, Winston hears. Animal Farm , George Orwell , Newspeak 838 Words | 3 Pages. caught reinforce these fears, including draconian forms of punishment, then the eventual healing. ‘We do not merely destroy our enemies, we change them’. . Other means include the war between the superstates. Orwell represents this as an imposture, keeping the masses in perpetual fear. ‘In our own day they are not fighting against one another at all. The war is waged by each ruling group against its own subjects, and the object of the war is to thesis footnotes, keep the structure of society intact’. In context, the fear. Conflict , George Orwell , Newspeak 1188 Words | 4 Pages. George Orwell’s “How the Poor Die”, is an anecdote that reflects his stay in a hospital in Paris, back in papers 1929. In deep detail, . Orwell described the setting, people, and thesis, what he felt towards the essay negative atmosphere to convince readers about the horrifying Hopital X. In this essay, Orwell’s use of literary and historical reference, language use and imagery, and comparison will be discussed in terms of master thesis, whether or not this essay is effective for modern readers. In his anecdote, Orwell used a lot of.

19th century , Comparison , Comparisons 871 Words | 3 Pages. A Hanging The short story, “A Hanging” by first George Orwell, A Hanging The short story, ?A Hanging? by George Orwell , poses many problematic and significant questions. Of these questions the . Master Thesis Footnotes? one that intrigued me the arcane thesis feat most was, how does the narrator?s emotions and feelings change throughout the story, and how does this change affect the theme of the story? These questions are significant in general because they are very important to the theme and major conflict of the thesis footnotes story. Free? These questions are also important to thesis, the story specifically, because it shows how. Capital punishment , Change , Emotion 1009 Words | 3 Pages. ? Abstract In this paper I will be examining the novel 1984 by, George Orwell . The book takes . Essay Favorite Teacher? place in the nation of Oceania. Master Thesis? Living under strict government policies, all the characters seem to on famous, be very tedious, but digging deeper in depth into the novel it’s clear to realize why the master footnotes civilians act in this practice.

The novel is an intense, unthinkable style to be subjected to live to coming from the conditions we are aware of essay favorite, today. Winston, the main character of. Big Brother , George Orwell , Newspeak 1049 Words | 8 Pages. George Orwell’s essay ‘Why I Write?’ is a detailed account of his way towards becoming a writer. He takes the reader on a journey from his . first poems and stories to the pieces of writing that make him famous to master thesis footnotes, finally explain the favorite four reasons of writing. Orwell experiments with ‘a mere description of what I was doing and the things I saw’ and naturalistic books before he becomes a political writer. Footnotes? Why a political writer?

Well, it is the age he lives in that forces him into it. Free? His working. Burma , Creative writing , Essay 1512 Words | 4 Pages. carry out orders by authority. Footnotes? George Orwell's A Hanging is a descriptive essay about capital punishment. The setting of this essay is placed . in an early twentieth-century prison in Burma, a country ruled by the British Empire. Considering that George Orwell was an imperial police officer in Burma, it is highly probable that this essay is related to his own experience. The essay, presented through the eyes of the narrator, examines primitive human nature. Orwell develops his essay through characters. A Hanging , Burma , Capital punishment 1018 Words | 3 Pages.

to 1939 George Orwell's novel, Coming Up for dallas resume, Air, portrays England at two different times. The story is master based around George . Bowling in 2010 1939 and footnotes, his life in resume the suburbs of London on Ellesmere Road, where all the master thesis houses are the same. He is very cynical of the world around him and dreams of his times as a child in Lower Binfield when things were not perfect, but not yet ruined by the Great War. Download Free Dissertations? The vision of 1900 England versus England in 1939 creates a sharp contrast in master thesis life for George Bowling. Fish , George Orwell , New York 1323 Words | 3 Pages. governments have used the ideas of Marxism to take and dallas sales, maintain control over the working class. Even today ideas such as classism and commodification are . used in countries such as North Korea and Syria to help governments rule over their citizens.

In George Orwell’s 1984 the ideas of Marxism are used to oppress proletariats. The Party tricks the thesis citizens of Oceania into thinking that their propaganda benefits the working class, classism is used as a means of allowing the Party and its associates more. George Orwell , Government , Marxism 1405 Words | 4 Pages. ” reminisces about a bad decision he made earlier in life, just like Tim. Job And? Reflecting on his experience, Orwell has also identified the reasons . Master Footnotes? why he did it: “I could get nothing into perspective. About Favorite Teacher? I was young and ill-educated and I had to think out my problems in utter silence,” Tim O’Brien also dealt with his problems alone, “ I felt isolated; I spent a lot of time alone.” Both Tim and George are struggling to deal with their problems and it’s eating away at them.

In “On the Rainy River,” having. Cold War , Communism , George Orwell 883 Words | 3 Pages. A Presentation of George Orwell and His Protest Novels. June 5, 1903, in Bengal, India. His father was not a wealthy man. He supported his family only on the salary of a civil servant. When his writing career . began, his penname became George Orwell . Orwell received his formal education from Eton Academy during a period ranging from 1917 to 1921. After completion of Eton, Orwell did not continue his education; instead he joined forces with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma.

He served with the police until he began teaching. He was a high-ranking officer. Animal Farm , Communism , George Orwell 1403 Words | 4 Pages. Kenneth Dix 9/28/13 Eng 101 Dr.Lantry A Rhetorical Analysis Of George Orwells , “ Shooting An Elephant. . George Orwell was a British writer, Burman Policeman, and a Anti-Imperialist. The audience that he wanted to reach out to in the story were the Imperialist, British Voters, and the Government Officials. The context of the master story was that the Imperialist should preserve their empire, the British Voters should be more responsible, and download free, that the Government Officials should.

British Empire , British Raj , Burma 761 Words | 3 Pages. ”Nineteen Eighty-Four” – Pages 1-40 If there is footnotes any doubt of the persistent power of literature it should be banished by the novel “1984” by political 2010 . Footnotes? George Orwell . There is much that reasonant for most of us in dallas resume Orwell’s dystopia in the face of Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA; the totalitarian State of Oceania, its menacing Big Brother, the history-erasing Ministry of Truth and the sinister Thought Police with their everpresent telescreens. Thesis? Eventhough the novel “1984” was read by its readers. Communism , E. H. Carr , George Orwell 831 Words | 3 Pages. effects of totalitarianism are explored in George Orwell’s “1984” when his nightmare vision of the future is created through a tyrannical . government, controlling the past, future and everything else. The effects of totalitarianism are explored in George Orwell’s “1984” when the concept of download free dissertations, hope is thesis footnotes portrayed as both sustaining and misleading. Dallas? Orwell utilises symbolism, setting, tone and metaphors to master thesis, convey the first job and resume variances of hope. Master Thesis Footnotes? Through these techniques, Orwell successfully exposes the two-sided nature. Big Brother , George Orwell , Hope 1291 Words | 3 Pages. George Orwell Research Annie Ward His real name and reason behind this change. * He was born as Eric Arthur Blair * The . reason he changed his name was due to a sudden change in his own lifestyle; we went from being a pillar of the essay teacher British imperial establishment to a literary and political rebel. Thesis Footnotes? * He never fully abandoned his original name, but all of first job and, his official work came under the name of George Orwell * The surname he adopted came from a river in East Anglia called Orwell . Animal Farm , British Empire , Communism 971 Words | 3 Pages. In his short life, George Orwell managed to author several works which would inspire debate across the political spectrum for . years to come due to master thesis footnotes, his extreme views on Totalitarianism as exemplified in resume sales his novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Orwell is now regarded as one of the finest essayists in master footnotes Modern English literature because of his inspired common sense and resume sales, a power of steady thought. Thesis? Orwell was born Eric Arthur Blair in Bengal on January 23, 1903. Arcane Thesis Feat? He lived with his two sisters, mother. Aldous Huxley , Animal Farm , Burma 3522 Words | 14 Pages. “Animal farm”, written by George Orwell. “Animal farm”, written by George Orwell , is a dystopian symbolic novella published in England on 17th August, 1945.

The book was . Master Thesis? greatly inspired by real events that went down during the era of communism in Russia. It reflects events leading up to and during the Stalin era before World War II. In a satirical form, the author used personified farm animals to express his views on download free, politics in Soviet Union as reflected in the novel. The use of farm living beings was a creative way to master footnotes, tell the story because. Animal Farm , Barn , George Orwell 2129 Words | 6 Pages.

1984 by resume George Orwell Analysis When two claims contradict one another, it is futile and useless in attempting to thesis, analogize . Artists? between the thesis two. George Orwell , the author of the novel 1984, defines doublethink as the power of resume sales, holding two contradictory beliefs in master thesis one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of essay about, them. It is the thesis footnotes idea of genuinely accepting two conflicting ideas, which eliminates an individual's capacity of being able to think or act freely. Dinh, the author of both the Patriot Act and. American Library Association , Electronic Privacy Information Center , Federal Bureau of Investigation 2423 Words | 7 Pages. The Purpose of Narrative Form in dissertations Orwell and Angelou's Essyas.

Orwell's essays Narrative writing is a written account of connected events. Writers choose the narrative form to thesis, inform, to explain, or simply to resume, . recount events that support a thesis. In Maya Angelou's essay, Finishing School, and George Orwell's essay, Shooting an thesis footnotes Elephant, both writers use the form of narrative to tell a story yet their purpose is different. In the first, the author relied on dialogue and descriptive details to show us the racial issues that black women. Black people , Burma , George Orwell 639 Words | 4 Pages. Burmese Days: an Example of dallas, Imperialism.

Burmese Days : An Example of master thesis, Imperialism Nineteenth century industrialization brought new riches and power to Western Europe, . driving the expansion of opportunities and the building of empires in undeveloped territories. Although the developed countries brought many modern technologies to papers, under-developed nations, they also brought fierce racism and European arrogance. Burmese Days by footnotes George Orwell was written in 1834 as a satirical view of English imperial life in Burma. About? Orwell provides a realistic. 19th century , Burma , Burmese Days 785 Words | 2 Pages.

1984 by George Orwell: Synopsis of the Book. Book Project Title/Author: 1984 by master thesis footnotes George Orwell . Setting: A. The book was written in 1949 about the future that might . have been in 1984. B. The story takes place in London, in the nation of job and resume, Oceania. C. The story takes place in thesis footnotes chronological order for the most part and it doesn’t give an exact amount of time that occure but I would say a year or so passes. D. Essays On Famous Artists? Since the book is footnotes written about the future there is no standards of how the people should be dictated. It’s. Big Brother , George Orwell , Ingsoc 1101 Words | 4 Pages. Essay Analysis on “Shoot an Elephant” Essay Analysis on “Shoot an Elephant” Michael J. Charley University of Phoenix Instructor: Dr.

Vanessa Holmes Course: Business Literature . Essay Analysis 2 George Orwell's essay 'Shooting an Elephant' gives a great insight into the human mind. The essay gives a good theme of inner conflict. Orwell feels strong inner conflict between what he believes as a human being, and what he believes and should do as an imperial police officer. The author is amazingly successful in essays on famous illustrating. British Empire , British Raj , Burma 1289 Words | 4 Pages.

MAJOR THEMES LONELINESS OF THE ITINERANT WORKER If one theme can be thought of thesis, as defining the plot and favorite, symbolism . of Of Mice and Men, that theme is loneliness. In many ways, from the outspoken to the subtle (such as Steinbeck's decision to set the novel near Soledad, California, a town name that means solitude in Spanish), the presence of master thesis, loneliness defines the actions of the diverse characters in the book. The itinerant farm worker of the Great Depression found it nearly impossible to establish. Great Depression , John Steinbeck , Novella 1991 Words | 6 Pages.

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ana business plan Read the latest Customer Reviews and opinions about comfort standards for ANA All Nippon Airways First Class, Business Class seats and Economy Class seats. ANA All Nippon Airways First Class and Business Class Seat reviews. probably the best of any airline I have flown in recent years The bed when flat was perfectly acceptable for me The bed when flat was perfectly acceptable for me The bed when flat was perfectly acceptable for thesis me Their in-flight service is the best there is One of the best experience in terms of service ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 777. Chicago to Narita on ANA. The service is impeccable, meals were delicious and the attendents were very nice. However, the business class seating is some of the hardest seats that I've been on in a while.

They seemed to be right out of the 80s. Hard, narrow and dallas resume sales difficult to adjust. I found it hard to get the seat anywhere near comfortable. It's a shame that the level of service is somewhat spoiled by master footnotes, the equipment. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 777-300ER. I flew the NH206/205 legs between Narita and Paris. ANA has 5 Skytrax stars, this is essays, correct for service, food and drinks, but their seat on this 2-3-2 configuration is without any doubt one of the worst business class seats ever flown. It is master footnotes, very narrow and hard and the old sliding down type, almost impossible to sleep. In 2014, a five star airline, should not offer a 2-3-2 configuration and on top not a sliding down seat. Free? When I booked, I could make a seat reservation on the latest horizontal seats, but at the airport it became the old sliding down seat. Thesis? I felt cheated by ANA, and will never fly again with them.

If they would have informed me before they changed the configuration I would have had the chance to cancel. May I invite top management of ANA to free dissertations, try the old seat themselves on a 12 hours flight, and they will see what I mean. They have a top quality product, but totally destroyed by the seat. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 767-300ER. HKG-HND. NRT-HNL. Overall not impressed with this product. Lounge at HKG was good and tehre was a nice selection of food and drinks. Plane was old and seats were dated.

Seats hardly reclined and PTV screen was tiny. Food was quite nice and appetizing. Had to take a taxi across town to Narita. Lounge at Narita was brilliant with loads of drinks and snacks. Due to a last minute equipment change, Equipment was changed to the new B767-300ER's to an ancient one. Footnotes? Seats were the same as the one that I took from HKG. Hardly slept a wink, Wouldn't recommend at all. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS FIRST CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 777. IAD-NRT and NRT-JFK.

First flight in the old first class, return in the new first class. Service impeccable, polished, and pleasant in every way. Western menu to sales, Japan, Japanese menu on the return flight. Both were superb, and the alcohol list was one of the best I have ever seen. I simply cannot sleep on an airplane, so it is footnotes, hard to rate the resume sales sleep comfort, although the seat recline was great and every time you get up the cabin staff remake your bed. The cabin, including lavatories, were spotless and well maintained throughout the flight. Due to a mechanical problem with the airplane, I missed my connection in Narita, but I have never seen an thesis footnotes airline so on top of a problem. By the time I arrived in Tokyo, the ANA staff had made all the arrangements for a different flight, and 2010 their service in getting me to Haneda for the ongoing flight could not have been better. Overall, these ANA flights and thesis the attention and concern evidenced by every member of the ANA staff were perfect examples of what First Class should be. This is thesis feat, as good as I have ever seen First Class! ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 767-300ER.

The staggered business class on long-haul routes wins accolades, but the regional business product - even the new version - is average at master thesis footnotes, best. A cradle seat, comparable to Jetstar Business with slightly more recline. Very uncomfortable for an overnight service from HND to BKK. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS FIRST CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 777-300ER. JFK-NRT-JFK in First Class. Very attentive service as one expects from ANA. Comfortable suite although it seemed a bit boxy. A nook and cranny to store virtually anything.

Food was very good to excellent depending on d&d 3.5 arcane the course. Very comfortable sitting or reclining. Less comfortable in sleeping position. Master Thesis? The flight attendant laid down a mattress and made the bed. No sheet over the fairly thin mattress. Amenities were very nice, especially the artists pajamas, which can be kept if one wishes.

Decent AVOD with a fair selection of movies. On the flight back to JFK, First Class was full, but the service was exceptional. I wish the thesis cabin temp had been cooler. All in all, a great experience. Worst part of the trip was trying to make a connection in JFK. Compared to virtually any Asian airport, JFK seems like a third world facility. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 777-300ER. D&d 3.5 Arcane? JFK to Shanghai with a brief stopover in Japan.

I usually take China Airlines but the overnight layover is exhausting in Taiwan. I really like the ANA staggered setting. good privacy and master thesis plenty of room to about teacher, move around. really cool controls and thesis amenities. I wish the seat had more cushioning though as others have stated. plenty of space for a laptop and feat side table is a great place to put snacks and drinks. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 767. 10 February 2013. We were flying overnight between Narita and Saigon and splurged on business with the expectation of master thesis, sleeping . Dallas Resume Sales? The seats are so hard it is master, impossible to political science, get comfortable. Master Thesis? Otherwise the dallas sales service and food were very good.

ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 787. 4 November 2012. Although the seat in itself is a little bit down in the cushion, the space and design are awesome. The culinary experience is excellent, and crew friendly and professional. I'm so happy to have shifted from the very expensive and old aircraft of Thai Airways to master, ANA for my trips from LAX to teacher, Manila. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 787. 13 October 2012.

The business class seats offer plenty of footnotes, storage, lots of workspace (in most cases), universal power ports, and essays flat-bed recline. The seats are staggered so that every seat has direct access to the aisle, and no one seat is directly behind another. While not having to climb over fellow passengers is a definite plus, the staggered floor plan brings with it a few quirks. Thesis? Each business-class seat has a workspace next to arcane thesis feat, it, but the position of that workspace alternates from row to row. Master Thesis? Window seats in the odd-numbered rows are directly next to the window with the workspace on the in-board side, while seats in the even-numbered rows are on dissertations the in-board side and have the thesis footnotes workspace between the seat and the window.

Seats in d&d 3.5, row F have two workspaces, with one such area on master thesis footnotes each side of the seat. By contrast, the seats in rows D G are the only seats right next to another passenger, making them a good choice for first job and couples or business associates traveling together. However. the footnotes arrangement also means each seat’s workspace is half the size of essays, those at the single seats. Thesis Footnotes? ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 777. We had an amazing positive experience on this airline and resume really liked these business class seats and the related services! ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS FIRST CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 777-300ER. 27 February 2012. The new suites are the best first class seats I have tried.

Comfortable for sitting and sleeping with easy to use and intuitive controls. Options to store carry-ons at your seat or in the overhead bins. Perfectly private, even without doors. The only master footnotes negative is that the suites block out a couple of windows so it is difficult to see outside the aircraft. Political Science? ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 777-300ER. Thesis Footnotes? 27 February 2012. One of the best cabin layouts I have come across so far. Very comfortable, and a good environment to work or to relax in front of science 2010, a large screen.

The side-table needs to master footnotes, be cleared for take-off/landing as papers etc may fall off, but that is political science, about the only inconvenient aspect of the seat. It gets full-flat and together with the duvet style blanket I did not have any problems sleeping. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : BOEING 777-300ER. Thesis Footnotes? 24 January 2012. The new staggered biz class I think is fantastic! I had a window seat, full lay flat bed was large enough, the workspace was plentiful for books, laptops, magazines to be at hand and there is a great storage space for your hand luggage under the footrest in front of you.

The food was good, tasty and efficiently served not long after takeoff so people could get to sleep. ANA have a down comforter rather than a blanket for passengers when they wish to sleep, and it was comfortable. Dissertations? ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BOEING 777 BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 22 August 2011 by thesis footnotes, J Voelzke. Essays On Famous Artists? Perfect ANA experience, aesthetics of the cabin are awesome, light filled, nice colors. Master? Service is perfect, food was great.

Sure, the seat doesn't fully recline, but the firmness was perfect and the duvet and pillow great. Political Science Papers 2010? Very comfortable in the seated position too. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BOEING 777-300ER BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 29 July 2011 by Y Cape. Footnotes? If you are over 5'8, don't fly ANA. The seats are terrible, service very slow, dinner took 140 mins after take off, some people do want to sleep asap after dinner. Staff seem to follow an ANA manual, which seems to d&d 3.5 arcane thesis feat, be very dull. For being a Japanese airline, the master entertainment system is beyond weak. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BOEING 767-300 BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 26 April 2011 by B Huesman. SGN-NRT not a good trip.

Recline is very poor - somewhere between domestic first class and an old recline international business class. Meal was not that great. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BOEING 777-300ER BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 16 February 2011 by Caroline Smith. Seat 8K outbound, 5K inbound. The new business class staggered seats are fantastic.

Plenty of political science papers, space to sleep, good sized side tables, and a lift-up footstool that you can get a full-size carry on case underneath! Window seats have more privacy than aisle seats if you want to master thesis, sleep. The amenities are adequate but you have to papers 2010, ask for them. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS B777 BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 15 February 2011 by Pete Adler. I was looking forward to trying the new B777 Business Class seat for my trip to Tokyo but couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.

It is a flatbed and the privacy is excellent if you can get a window seat - but everything about thesis footnotes, this seat to about, me is just functional - there's no real luxury. The seat cushions are quite hard for the bed and there is no mattress cover provided. Thesis Footnotes? The blankets are fairly standard and the seats could do with an extra pillow for proper sleep comfort. The only area where this seat excels is work space area if you are a solo traveller - if you're travelling with a companion forget having a conversation as all the seats have a partition divide! This is a good seat but I can't but feel it could be so much better. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 26 October 2010 by M Kriese. Just flew new premium product Frankfurt to Narita and impressed. The 180 degree flat beds are wide and very comfortable.

The new seats are capsule like with a lot of privacy and plenty of perks. I-POD connectors as well as USB access, tables are huge and the screens top notch. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 9 June 2010 by M Lasser. Not a very good seat for sleeping or relaxing. Essays On Famous? Recline is poor, Footrest was too short for me at 5'10. TV monitor does not clear the master tray table by more than a centimeter, so watching films while eating is not possible. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 2 February 2010 by d&d 3.5 arcane, Luca Favilli. FRA-NRT seat 6G. Sleeping uncomfortable because the seat is master footnotes, too short (I'm only 1.75m tall), footrest doesn't extend enough. You have to sleep crouched on a not so soft seat.

Seats are narrow. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 14 May 2009 by S Marinov. Job And? Mixed feelings on this seat. Very spacious between rows, and the aesthetic of the seating is pleasant. Footnotes? A little narrow, finding a comfortable sitting position was not difficult, and resume sales eating meals/watching the master footnotes video was comfortable. Largest issue was sleeping. Not lying 180 degrees was an issue. The legrest never extended fully down enough for me to lay out straight. D&d 3.5 Feat? If I folded up the master end plate on d&d 3.5 thesis the footrest, I tended to master, slide down.

When I tried sleeping on my side, the seating was too narrow to essay favorite teacher, adopt a semi-fetal position. I found the master cushioning to be inadequate. Essays On Famous? In summary, a good seat in which to sit; bad seat in master, which to sleep. Service was outstanding in every way. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 14 May 2009 by S Corkey. Flew in Club ANA NRT-SFO. Found the cabin to essays on famous, be quite modern and attractive. Seat was visually appealing, though appeared a bit narrow. Lack of stowage locations for personal items was a concern, but was mitigated by master footnotes, the fact that the seat next to me remained vacant, so I could use the adjacent seat/tray table for my work materials. Initially, the seat was very comfortable. But soon the lack of free dissertations, cushioning became evident as I had to frequently shift my position to remain comfortable.

The leg rest did not extend far enough to permit the master use of the first job and resume foot rest with my legs fully extended (I'm 6'0) Also, when set to bed mode, I was unable to full stretch out as my feet were against the foot rest and my head touched the inside seat shell. When I stowed the foot rest to gain additional space, I found myself sliding down the seat towards the floor. Overall a nice product for mid-haul daytime flying - but not for long-haul or overnight flights if you like to sleep. Master Footnotes? ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 30 April 2009 by K Chang. Resume Sales? Mixed feelings on footnotes this seat. Very spacious between rows, and the aesthetic of the seating is pleasant. Favorite Teacher? A little narrow, but many asian carrier seat widths are narrower than US carriers. Master? Finding a comfortable sitting position was not difficult, and eating meals/watching the video was comfortable. Largest issue was sleeping.

Not lying 180 degrees was an essays issue. The leg rest never extended fully down enough for me to lay out straight. If I folded up the end plate on the footrest, I tended to slide down. When I tried sleeping on my side, the seating was too narrow to adopt a semi-fetal position. I found the cushioning to be inadequate. In sum: good seat in which to footnotes, sit; bad seat in free, which to master thesis, sleep. Service was outstanding in every way. ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 16 June 2008 by Andrew Bryan. Leg room was optimum and a brilliantly engineered seat seemed to complement the flawless cabin service which made me want to stay on board forever, however, the amazing pod-seat (complete with massage function) when in bed mode was excruciatingly uncomfortable and d&d 3.5 feat too short for my 5'7 body. Master Thesis? Part of the problem was the angle, and the sensation of sliding, and part of the problem was the lack of dallas, support and master thesis the seeming hardness where the cushion joins occurred.

It was so uncomfortable I actually went and sat in an economy seat for 3 hours. I was so disappointed as the service left that of other airlines behind. Dallas Sales? ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS FIRST CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 11 June 2008 by thesis footnotes, Alan Chick. A truly excellent experience on my flight from essays NRT to IAD. I found the seat comfortable in all positions. The bed was made up for you and even remade when you went to the bathroom. Service was attentive without being intrusive and the food was excellent. Save room for some of the excellent food available from the master footnotes Delights menu.

Hard to fault and totally recommended. Arcane Thesis? ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 15 November 2007 by Martin Edwards. Very comfortable lie-flat seat, although it does rest at a slight angle fully reclined. IFE system one of the best. Food and business class cabin service is great. Try the Japanese food choices as well. Stand-up bar areas in business class, so you can get up and move around easily during the flight if you like.

ANA ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS BUSINESS CLASS SEAT REVIEW : 1 October 2007 by Boeing 777-200. Thesis Footnotes? SHA-NRT. seat 4K in the new Business class. Angled lie flat seat had many options including a decent lumbar support. IFE system was out of order for the first hour of the flight and when it finally worked, it wasn't up to par compared to favorite teacher, Singapore airlines or Emirates. The privacy separator board is not that efficient as my neighbor was constantly moving and my whole seat was shaking every time.

Earlier reviews have been archived (prior to the date of thesis footnotes, last review above). With a unique knowledge of airline seats, 24 years of airline industry experience, and supported by millions of customer reviews and political papers 2010 seat ratings, Skytrax know Your Comfort Counts . and use our knowledge to help you find the Best seats in the cabin to have a most enjoyable trip.

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co directed thesis By Laura Ann Kamienski. That's how I like to see all women; on their knees. Master Thesis Footnotes. A well-known kickboxing champion made this comment during a seminar that he was giving to a large group of male and female martial artists. It was the catalyst to finding a new approach to arcane thesis feat my martial arts training, and to my role as a women's self-defense instructor. I was fairly new black belt in Tae Kwon Do when I attended that seminar with a friend who is a high ranking (third degree) female black belt. Despite our physical training, neither one of master, us had the capacity or the skills to stop the assault, which continued from political papers 2010 that first comment. It was through that experience I realized that something was missing from my training and I began to look for answers.

The following document is an accumulation of my research, personal discussions with martial arts colleagues, and training with my Chimera mentor. It also includes my experience training in domestic violence advocacy and teaching women's self-defense courses over the past few years. Many of the following comments were guided by the direct interaction I've had with my students and with survivors of sexual assault. In the past twenty years, there has been an explosion of available information and data about master footnotes violence against resume sales women. In reviewing both this data and the content of martial arts based women's self-defense courses, I discovered an master, alarming disconnection between what is being taught and the reality of assaults women and girls experience. Survivors of sexual assault are stepping up more than ever to tell their stories. Most self-defense courses for women I reviewed did not reflect the data or the actual experiences of these women and girls.

This included those courses that claimed to consider current statistics and information about violence against women. Characteristics of political science papers 2010, Effective Self Defense for thesis footnotes, Women. Based on Knowledge of Actual Attacks. To be most effective, women's self-defense programs should be based on several things. The first of free dissertations, these is knowledge of actual attacks.

1 Women take self-defense courses for a variety of master footnotes, reasons, but underlying all of them is the reality of specific kinds of violence. Sexual assault and domestic violence are, by far, the most common types of political papers, violence women experience. According to a 1995 study on violence against women conducted by the United States Department of Justice: Women age 12 or older annually sustained almost 5 million violent victimizations in master footnotes, 1992 and 1993. About three-quarters of all lone-offender violence against women and 45% of violence involving multiple-offenders was perpetrated by offenders whom the victim knew. In 29% of all violence against favorite teacher women by thesis a lone offender, the perpetrator was an intimate (husband, ex-husband, boyfriend or ex-boyfriend). Women were about 6 times more likely than men to download dissertations experience violence committed by an intimate. Master Thesis Footnotes. Women annually reported about 500,000 rapes and favorite sexual assaults to interviewers. Friends or acquaintances of the victims committed over half of these rapes or sexual assaults.

Strangers were responsible for about 1 in 5. 2. Our culture promulgates and perpetuates massive and completely unnecessary ignorance about the violence women face. Master Thesis Footnotes. From advertising to news reporting, movies to television, violence against women (and how women respond to that violence) is flagrantly misrepresented. Dallas Resume. Rapists are most often portrayed as dirty, smelly, psychotic strangers who jump, unannounced, from behind bushes. Their physical features are sometimes exaggerated to the point of footnotes, becoming huge ape like monsters with big teeth and hairy bodies. Very rarely are attackers depicted as friends or family members of their victims.

In many instances it is either directly or indirectly implied that the essay favorite teacher, victim secretly wanted to master thesis footnotes be raped. 3 Women are rarely seen fighting back against their attacker and when they do they are usually ineffectual and are ultimately rescued by another male character. Sometimes the rapist himself turns out to be the hero.* While stranger attacks do happen, the effects of which are nothing short of devastating and traumatic, the first, overwhelming majority of footnotes, sexual assaults do not happen on the street or in an alley. Furthermore, assailants are usually not strangers. The overwhelming majority of assailants know their victims -84% of all sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows. 4 Furthermore, victims of sexual assault are very often young girls as indicated by a study reported in Body Politics by resume Nancy Henley: Florence Rush, a social worker who has worked for footnotes, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to about Children, has been concerned with sexual abuse in children, and has written papers on this topic. In one, presenting a survey of studies covering 2,152 cases of sexual offenses against children, she observes that the overwhelming majority of sexual offenses involving children (about 90%) are those committed by older males on master thesis, young girls, and about 75 percent of these offenses are committed not by strangers, but by persons known to the victims-by fathers and other relatives, or by visitors and family friends. Papers 2010. The pattern of such abuses, she concludes, shows an early manifestation of male power and oppression on the female. Master Thesis Footnotes. 5.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), over 61 percent of female victims of assault are under age 18. 6 The AMA also reports that three-quarters of sexual assaults are committed by download a friend, acquaintance, intimate partner or family member of the victim. Violence against women is primarily partner violence: 76 percent of the women who were raped and/or physically assaulted since age 18 were assaulted by a current or former husband, cohabiting partner, or date. Master Thesis. 7. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injuries to women ages 15 - 44, more common than automobile accidents, muggings, and cancer deaths combined (Surgeon General, US. Public Health Services, (Journal of the American Medical Association, 276:23, 31-32, June 17, 1992). 22-35% of women who visit emergency rooms are there for injuries related to ongoing abuse (Journal of American Medical Association, 1990).

Although more than one million women seek medical treatment each year for injuries caused by their husbands or partners, doctors correctly identify the injuries as resulting from battering only 4% of the time (E. Stark A. Flitcraft, Medical Therapy as Repression: The Case of the Battered Woman, 1982). 8. The picture drawn by these statistics is one in which there is typically some sort of emotional connection between the victim and the assailant. It thereby suggests that sexual assault is a much more complicated issue than can be confronted merely by learning physical technique. Arcane Feat. Yet, in most cases, courses in self-defense for master thesis, women focus almost exclusively on physical technique. The reality that women are usually assaulted by a known assailant means that self-defense skills for women should primarily include learning skills to recognize and defend against assaults committed by a trusted friend, neighbor or intimate partner. In other words, classes should begin to account for essays, the emotional and psychological dynamics of the common relationships between victim and perpetrator. Some martial artists teaching self-defense for women, even while acknowledging that assailants are typically not strangers, tend to ignore the relationships and emotional dynamics that exist between victim and perpetrator. Second, in order to be most effective, self-defense classes for women should promote a woman's self-worth and self-esteem.

9. Most forms of oppression have a corresponding form of master thesis footnotes, violence. For women, that violence has historically been manifested as rape. Patriarchal culture defines women as second-class, having less value than men. Job And. Sexual assault and rape have been an accepted part of our culture for centuries. For example, the Bible endorses the rape of haughty women in the following passage found in master thesis, the book of Isaiah: Moreover the LORD saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wonton eyes, walking and mincing as they to, and making a tinkling with their feet: Therefore the job and, Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion and the LORD will discover their secret parts. Master Thesis. 10. During the middle ages sexual property rights reduced women to chattel. The 'droit du seigneur,' the dallas, right of the first night, gave each medieval lord the right to take first sexual access to any female serf who married on his land holdings.

11 These laws made raping new brides legal during the middle ages. Our own legal system still favors the perpetrator in master thesis footnotes, many instances. One of the most telling examples of about favorite, our culture's tolerance of master thesis footnotes, sexual assault was the essay about, episode of master thesis, attacks in d&d 3.5 arcane feat, Central Park, New York City, during and after the annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in June of 2000. The fact that there was, and master thesis still is, question about who was to blame and whether or not the victims brought it on themselves reminds us too well that sexual assault is still condoned by favorite teacher our culture and master footnotes its institutions. As Tavris points out in The Mismeasure of Women : The law expects a raped woman, like a battered wife, to behave like a man when threatened: to try and about teacher defend herself even at the risk of death. The law demands that a woman behave like a reasonable man and fight back. It does not demand that a man behave like a reasonable woman and understand the difference between consent and thesis coercion, between the words yes and no. About Teacher. 12. Even as effective as violence committed against women, is the form of oppressive violence by master thesis footnotes which women learn to devalue themselves.

Patriarchal culture defines the female role as one of on famous artists, passivity, gentleness, weakness, compliance, concern for others, and dependency. Women are socialized through every institution to live up to these roles which make them vulnerable. Tavris illustrates: The person who has these problems is familiar, all right; she is… the stereotypic woman. The qualities of the codependent person are most of the hallmarks of the female role, writ large. They represent a blueprint of the obligations a good woman is taught to value and enjoy, the most basic of which is caring for others. They consist of expectations for proper female behavior that form the basis of master thesis, most women's self-esteem. First Resume. 13. In a male-dominated society, women are not encouraged to value their own unique qualities.

Instead we are defined as good or bad according to male norms and master footnotes standards. Of course, the habit of teacher, seeing women's behavior as something to be explained in master, relation to the male norm makes sense in a world that takes the male norm for granted. 14 These norms divide women into good and political 2010 bad. So it becomes an accepted idea that only bad women are assaulted. Master. Not only is this an outright example of victim-blaming, but it also makes women feel that they are somehow to blame for being assaulted because they are bad. It should be recognized that some behaviors are riskier than others, but assault is assault no matter where a woman is or what she was doing at thesis feat the time of her attack. 15 Socialization happens in many ways, but the thesis, end result of this kind of socialization usually includes feelings of low self-worth in sales, women. For women, low self-worth often includes self-blame and self-hatred. In order to defend the thesis footnotes, self, a woman must perceive herself as having value over and beyond that of an attacker. This notion goes against the very grain of dallas sales, women's role in footnotes, society.

Women's other orientation leaves them vulnerable because it devalues them and leaves them with feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth. Women must first feel entitled to be safe and respected. This is a pre-requisite for effective self-defense. According to Bart in free, Stopping Rape: It will be recalled that one of the factors that is associated with rape avoidance is a feeling of anger by the woman that anyone would try to rape her, to intrude on thesis, her space as a person. Thus anything that enhances a woman's self-esteem so that she believes she is worth defending and that no one has the right to d&d 3.5 thesis attack her should be associated with rape avoidance. Because there is some evidence that taking women's studies and self-defense courses has this effect, such courses should be available, and women should be encouraged to take them. 16. So self-worth and self-value are integral components of a woman's capacity to defend herself. Self-defense for women should include activities that promote and increase a woman's self-esteem and self-worth.

While overemphasizing physical technique is master thesis footnotes, detrimental to women's self-defense, it is important to interject that learning physical technique should be an integral part of essays on famous, training. A woman must believe that she is master thesis footnotes, capable of defending herself. Learning physical technique is sales, empowering, and is an invaluable tool for increasing women's self-esteem and self-worth. Women are routinely discouraged from any sorts of aggressive behavior. As children we are denied opportunities to learn to use our bodies in ways which are self-protective. In Beauty Bites Beast, Ellen Snortland describes how it would be useful for girls to be raised more like puppies: A dog breeder would be considered insane if they separated puppies by sex, allowing only master, male puppies to play and learn adult survival techniques as they tumbled around hunting a ball. We would consider it absurd to train the essay, females not to growl, roll around, get dirty, or fight back if attacked.

Notice how dogs behave when they're playing. Their play is a gentle form of fighting, veritable rehearsal for master thesis footnotes, the real thing should the need ever arise. The female pups do not sit on the sidelines watching or cheering the males; they are just as actively entangled in teacher, the pile of fighting dogs. A bitch that never used her ability to protect herself wouldn't be good for her litter. 17. Next, effective programs should be based on what women already do, 18 and provide women with opportunities to practice their skills. Self-defense training programs against rape typically focus on teaching women physical defense skills. Master Footnotes. 19 By defining self-defense as primarily techniques of physical force, martial arts instructors have historically minimized the successful and creative actions women already use to defend themselves, often ignoring women's own strategies completely.

Anthologies like Her Wits About Her - Self-defense Success Stories by Women (editors Denise Caignon and Gail Groves) document an existing wealth of collective knowledge but are rarely considered a valuable women's self-defense resource by martial artists. Tapping into the resources and skills women already use is an essential part of teaching successful defense strategies. Women have been successfully defending themselves for centuries using combinations of dallas sales, verbal and physical strategies. Women's collective experience is one of the most effective teaching resources available to instructors. As a group, women have been forced to become true masters of self-defense.

Experience is the thesis footnotes, best teacher and women have a surplus of d&d 3.5 thesis feat, it. With proper training, development and research, instructors can begin to master thesis footnotes help women see that they already know, and often use, the most common and effective forms of self-defense. In Sexual Coercion - A Sourcebook on arcane, Its Nature, Grauerholz, and thesis Koralewski assert: Building on existing strengths, inclinations, and abilities requires that instructors and students acknowledge the dissertations, many ways in which women and children already resist sexual coercion and not narrowly define self-defense as physically stopping an attack. 20.

Provides Supportive Environment. Finally, in order to be effective, women's self-defense courses should create an environment of feedback and support. Many survivors of sexual assault feel isolated and ashamed. An environment of support, encouragement and community can help restore self-esteem and confidence. An [anonymous] woman described the importance of this support to her: If you had said to me that within 24 hours I would be telling my story of incest and feeling comfortable with 14 total strangers, I would have thought you were crazy.

My class supported me emotionally more than any one person in master, my life. 21. As a self-defense instructor, I've had a remarkable number of women disclose information about their own experiences with assault. These reports have some significant common elements. None reported that a stranger had jumped them.

The most common scenarios I hear are about cases of child molestation (usually incestuous), date rape and free stories of domestic violence. Many of those who were raped reported that little, if any, physical force was involved. Footnotes. My own sexual assault story is one in dallas, which fear of footnotes, disapproval put me at risk and the unspoken threat of violence was enough to compel compliance. As Telsey succinctly points out in first job and resume, her self-defense workbook: We may worry so much about the possibility of hurting someone else's feelings that we don't speak or act, even when the consequences of that inaction can be serious.

At the same time, we may give the benefit of the doubt to the other person, frequently despite clear indications that they are disrespectful of our needs or wishes or are downright dangerous. 22. On many occasions, I have had the good fortune to discuss this topic, in detail, with women who are professional rape crisis advocates. Advocacy workers are one of the best sources of knowledge about the kinds of assault women experience, as well as what kinds of self-defense strategies are most effective because they work with survivors on a regular basis. All of the thesis, information that has been reported to dallas me confirms that, when assaulted, women are usually assaulted by master thesis footnotes men they know. They are usually very young women or girls and are assaulted by men who are significantly older than they are. Feat. Also, all those who successfully avoided being raped used a combination of master thesis footnotes, both verbal and physical strategies. According to papers Bart: The fact that it is possible to avoid rape when attacked should be widely disseminated, particularly in thesis, the mass media. News magazines and television should report in about favorite, detail instances of rape avoidance so women can learn what works.

Women should be told about how to maximize the master footnotes, probability of avoiding rape when attacked and about the effectiveness of multiple strategies. 23. Factors Resulting in the Combative Model. So, an effective self-defense program for political science papers, women should include four key elements. It should be based on the kinds of footnotes, assault women most experience. It should be developed to promote assertiveness, confidence and self-worth. Political Papers. The curriculum should emphasize the skills women already use and thesis footnotes include activities to build new skills based on them. Finally, instructors should be able to provide a caring environment where women feel safe to train. Artists. 24 Courses based on stranger danger fail to meet these criteria and master thesis footnotes are problematic in at least two other important ways. First, they perpetuate the myths and legitimize false information. Download Free Dissertations. This only serves to frighten women needlessly.

But more important is that combative classes reinforce the notion that it is footnotes, best to retaliate only when there is no doubt that a threat exists. They give permission only to fight back. Sales. In other words, it is only okay to fight when very clear cut lines are drawn and a victim is sure there is going to be a physical confrontation, or after the physical assault has begun-too late to prevent it. But sexual assault is overrun with ambiguity and master attempts by an assailant to confuse the victim. By focussing on scenarios with clear-cut lines of aggression, combative self-defense also serves to strengthen women's socially prescribed role as victim. These types of scenarios reject learning to rely on one's own sense of job and, endangerment. As Telsey states, Even though the world has been proven to be dangerous for us, we often demand of ourselves that we be 100% right before taking an action that will ensure our safety. 25. Many assailants along the continuum employ tricks to gain access to us [the potential victim] and to move us to an isolated location. 26 Assailants use tricks and ploys in many different forms.

From an offer of help or apologies and reassurances to intimidation and put-downs, a sexual assailant both intentionally and unintentionally tries to manipulate his victim. The majority of assaults begin with conversation that is directed by an assailant. This conversation is master, directed to manipulate, coerce, and confuse the targeted victim. It should be noted that these conversations also involve non-violent physical behavior with the same intent.* Classes based on stranger assault present students with scenarios that have a clear cut beginning, middle and end. These scenarios take a student from point A (initial contact) to point C (verbal or physical confrontation) in a predictable pattern. The mock situations presented are overwhelmingly ones in which the assailants are strangers meeting their victims for the first times. Another factor is ignorance on resume sales, the part of instructors. Some martial arts instructors are unaware of the statistics about footnotes violence against women. They develop self-defense classes merely as an extension, or added feature, of their physical skills and school curriculum without any further preparation or research.

These classes offer instruction only in physical techniques, sometimes with no mention of statistics. About Favorite Teacher. They usually offer no activities in boundary setting or verbal skills outside of stranger based scenarios. Master Thesis. When they do offer verbal skill building activities, they most often construct exercises with the underlying presupposition of combative situations. The following description from the dallas resume, EZDefense program, developed by the National Association of master thesis footnotes, Professional Martial Artists, reflects much of the same experiences I have had with many local martial arts studios offering women's self-defense courses. The EZDefense course curriculum, drills and activities are all stranger based, street scenarios in which a student meets up with an assailant woofer and practices a series of combative physical and verbal boundary setting drills and strikes against him. For example the essays artists, instructor-training manual details how to handle a timid student in the Portal of thesis, Safety Drill.

This student is leaning [referring to a photo] away and thus being too passive. The student must be made to realize that their body signalsthe predator and thus either encourages or discourages the free, assailant from continuing his aggressiveness. The student's body language either tells the aggressor I am afraid and a safe victim or stay back, this dog may bite. Here the student discourages the woofer by raising a hand up and shouting a clear verbal boundary such as Stop right there! However, the student still does not provoke the woofer through any type of threat or name-calling. 27. This drill, as do all the others in master thesis, this program, assumes that the assailant is a stranger and begins his assault at a distance from the intended victim.

Most assailants (who are not strangers) have already achieved close proximity to their victims long before they become aggressive. Denial is essays artists, also a contributing factor to stranger based self-defense courses. Many martial artists acknowledge and report about the statistics and thesis data but don't believe them. It is in many ways much easier to deny the job and, reality of how sexual assaults happen, to whom they are happening, and who is committing them. Thesis Footnotes. It's easier for both men and on famous women. For women it's easier because disbelief enables them to believe, THAT wouldn't, won't, couldn't, EVER happen to me. For men it's easier to accept a psychotic demonized attacker who is unlike him. Telsey gives this example: [W]omen are blamed for master footnotes, assaults against them or for first job and, staying in abusive situations; other women then participate in the blaming, partly in master footnotes, an effort to convince themselves that the assaults would not happen to them because they would not behave that way. 28.

For most martial artists, teaching physical technique is much easier. Arcane Thesis. In practical terms, teaching physical technique is attractive because it is what martial artists are most familiar with. Martial artists don't need to do any extensive research or additional training to develop a self-defense course for women based on physical technique. Master Footnotes. It should be noted that another compelling reason to dallas resume sales create a combative course is marketability. Combative courses prey on the fears women have.

These fears are based on the myths of stranger attacks generated by the media and our culture. Combative courses then provide (sell) a product, which addresses those fears. It seems in most cases, however, that well-intentioned martial artists simply do not know how to build a self-defense class for women that integrates this information. But, for master thesis footnotes, whatever reason, many martial artists teaching self-defense for women do accept the myths of political, stranger attacks and construct courses around them. Even those that report about statistics of known assailants offer little in terms of building skills that women need to master thesis confront the first job and, reality of footnotes, violence against them. On Famous Artists. The skills and information necessary for women to learn effective self-defense strategies are not being offered in combative classes. Examination of Current Combative Class Models. In order to arrive at the best method for building a self-defense course for women, it is useful to look at some of the existing models. Women's self-defense courses can be found in a variety of locations from master thesis community centers, high schools, martial arts studios and hunting clubs to papers 2010 elaborate permanent facilities which provide regular training camps. In all, there are three general types of unarmed self-defense courses aimed at women.

They are padded attacker classes, martial arts programs and fitness oriented classes. These range in time and financial commitments from free one-hour seminars to several year courses costing hundreds of dollars. 29. Padded Attacker Classes. The padded attacker class was developed by thesis Matt Thomas in 1971 to help train SWAT teams. Some of the more well-known padded-attacker classes include: IMPACT/Model Mugging, Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) and Rocky Mountain Combat Applications Training (RMCAT). All of these courses are characterized by students learning striking and arcane verbal boundary setting skills in an established progression. Master. Eventually students graduate to fight with a mock attacker dressed in multiple layers of padding designed to teacher protect him/her from master footnotes full contact strikes. Most (about 90%) of the curriculum of these courses focuses on learning physical technique.

Like all women's self-defense courses, they vary in time and financial commitment as well as philosophy and approach. Traditional Martial Arts. Many women interested in self-defense enter some sort of martial arts program. These programs vary widely in style, philosophy and approach. For the purposes of this paper a discussion of martial art styles and their subsequent strengths and papers weaknesses in relationship to women's self defense would be an inordinate undertaking. Master Footnotes. However, a brief discussion of sexism in d&d 3.5, martial arts is warranted.

Women have been excluded from martial arts education either directly or indirectly for most of master footnotes, its history. Exclusively female educational institutions have a long and proud tradition. Some research on women's colleges includes findings that these colleges encourage leadership skills in women, provide women with more female role models, and that they encourage women to focus on traditionally male-dominated fields of study. However, other research finds that factors such as the level of selectivity of the college may play a part in the institution's positive effects on students. Essay About. 30 One of the responses to female exclusion and sexism in martial arts is the emergence of master footnotes, all-female schools and a general discussion among female martial artists about how to deal with sexism in co-ed schools. Organizations like the National Women's Martial Arts Federation and schools like Brooklyn Women's Martial Arts and Valley Women's Martial Arts, Inc. offer women the opportunity to train in an all female environment devoted exclusively to women's self-defense issues and physical attributes. According to Gelene Fontaine, an instructor at Brooklyn Women's Martial Arts: A women's school has offered me as a student the opportunity to grow in a supportive, feminist atmosphere.

I've taught self-defense to download dissertations men and women together in other spaces and the men always try to dominate the forum, and the women always fade into the background. (This is still something that we deal with in our children's program which is footnotes, co-ed-- and dallas resume it can be hard.) It's really great to not have to deal with that dynamic. Having a women's training experience also facilitates dealing with survivor issues that come up on and off the floor. We are a lesbian-positive space as well. Our dojo was started by women who are very political and community activism is master thesis, still part of training. 31. The martial arts fitness craze, spearheaded by Billy Blanks' Tae Bo program, has created a new fad in women's self-defense classes. One of the most important features of download free dissertations, a cardio type class is that it draws a lot of women who would otherwise never enter a martial arts school or self-defense class. Cardio kickboxing classes offer instruction in thesis, basic martial arts skills. Many women feel empowered by these classes.

I've had several women begin in my CardioKick! class and essays then report that they have gained enough confidence from taking it, to move on thesis, to other self-defense programs. Typically aerobic kickboxing classes are run by either aerobic instructors with no martial arts training, or by martial artists with no aerobics or fitness backgrounds. Recently, the National Association of Professional Martial Artists and papers other martial arts organizations have started their own group fitness kickboxing programs. Master. An instructor who possesses both martial arts and group fitness instructor skills is ideal for about, a cardio kickboxing type class. There are many other types of women's self-defense courses having no common thread other than that they are self-defense classes marketed exclusively to women. From one-hour seminars at a local high school or fitness club to various classes offered at martial arts studios, these classes and seminars are as diverse and unique in approach and master thesis content as the instructors who teach them. Examination of Current Multi-Strategy Models. The National Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCASA) has developed some detailed and well-considered guidelines for women choosing a self-defense course. One criterion is: A good course covers critical thinking about defense strategies, assertiveness, powerful communication skills, and easy to sales remember physical techniques.

The instructor respects and master thesis responds to your fears and concerns. Download Dissertations. Instruction is based on the belief that we can act competently, decisively, and take action for our own protection. Footnotes. Essentially, a good course is based on intelligence and dallas resume not muscle. Master Thesis. It offers tools for enabling a person to connect with her own strength and power. 32. Those instructors willing to teach effective self-defense for women have a huge task. They should acquire extensive information about sexual assault, women's socialization and the skills critical for essay favorite teacher, working effectively with women and girls, especially survivors of sexual assault. Furthermore, responsible instructors should seek out thesis, opportunities to connect with survivors. One of the best ways to learn about the dynamics of job and, sexual assault is by master thesis listening to, and learning from, women who have experienced it. This requires no less effort or commitment than earning the equivalent of a black belt in women's self-defense. Along with research and education about sexual assault, one of the best ways to get fundamental information on violence against women is through training offered by rape crisis and domestic violence agencies.

This sort of free training is typically offered to volunteers. Reading and learning about sexual assault should support all training. Instructors who are teaching without this information are much like doctors who would use medical information 20 years out of date. There are self-defense courses and instructor certification that meet NCASA's criteria and take into account current data on sexual assault. One example is the certification program offered by the National Women's Martial Arts Federation. Resume Sales. These courses are based on thesis, the experiences women have had and essay about the ways in which they successfully defend themselves. One other example is Self-Defense From the Inside Out (SDIO) headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. SDIO offers unique activities that teach skills to master footnotes deal with the internalized attacker who can make resistance difficult. By directing attention to the ways in which women are trained (socialized) to be victims, SDIO helps women undo much of the on famous artists, social damage that makes them vulnerable.

SDIO founder Nadia Telsey talks about her own experience with the social barriers women face when learning self-defense: As I acquired more and more physical skills [as a martial artist], and confidence, I was struck by the persistent difficulty I had dealing with ambiguous situations which called for trusting my intuition. I gained the master thesis footnotes, ability to first job and resume deal with many of he more obvious harassments and even assaults. Master. However, given any possibility that I might be wrong, hurt someone's feelings or be seen as rude, my old reactions (and inactions) surfaced. After years of training I still had to work ceaselessly to change parts of behavior which were not serving me well. Science. 33.

Chimera is another organization that trains instructors to develop and teach courses based on the real experiences of women and the challenges they face in dealing with sexual assault. Chimera teaches a concept of self-defense which gives women the means to defend themselves. Chimera provides women with mental strategies developed through practice, role playing, and discussion, as well as physical techniques. The Chimera style of self-defense was developed by thesis footnotes women who wanted effective skills that are easy to learn and remember and do not rely on d&d 3.5 thesis feat, physical strength. A woman's most effective response to a situation may be psychological or physical, or contain elements of both. In Chimera training you will learn about factors that make women vulnerable (such as socialization to footnotes be polite, quiet, nice; body language, eye contact, etc.), as well as awareness and political assertiveness skills. Chimera students also learn how to master footnotes block, kick, strike effectively, and to break holds. D&d 3.5 Feat. You will learn the warning signals of an impending attack and the typical rhythm, plans and tactics of an attacker. 34.

In order to construct and teach effectively, women's self-defense instructors should be trained in four areas. They should have a solid knowledge about the reality of master footnotes, assaults against women and not teach based on resume, the myth of stranger danger. Thesis Footnotes. Instructors should be able to develop and essays on famous include activities designed to advance women's self-esteem and self worth instead of primarily focusing on master footnotes, physical techniques. They should focus on the skills women already use as a foundation for building and expanding new skills. Finally, instructors should be trained to provide an environment of support and download feedback. The primary target of master thesis footnotes, a woman's body is her heart.

Like a sharpshooter, those who commit violence against women choose the most vulnerable area of their victims to attack. A woman's emotions and self-image are typically at the center of the bull's eye. How successful a woman is at defending herself directly depends on her own sense of self worth. The success of most assaults against women is determined long before the physical act of rape. In fact, physical force or restraint is essay about, often unnecessary for an assailant to succeed.

Skills to protect the heart, mind and integrity surpass all others as the primary skills instructors need to master thesis focus on teaching. About Teacher. These skills are missing from conventional, combative women's self-defense classes. Instructors should teach, and students should be given the opportunity to learn, women's self-defense from the inside out.

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This checklist is master thesis footnotes designed to arcane thesis feat support students with homework. It can be stapled into a daily plan book or attached to a homework folder. The student should be taught how to complete each step. This is a great tool for students with ADHD or poor organization skills. Electronic Homework Checklist Bundle (Editable) This Electronic Homework Record will keep you organized, and allow you to collect data on footnotes, student homework completion!

You are able to edit and add your own students into the checklist! Included in this Electronic Homework Checklist Bundle: Excel 2011 and free dissertations later compatible file, Excel 2004-2009 compatible file, and footnotes Google Sheets file. As you type yes or no when checking for homework completion, the cell automatically changes colors to green or red. This color display will provide quick. Spanish English Homework Checklist Schedule. Help your bilingual and ELL students and parents stay on the same page in terms of homework.

This schedule doubles as a checklist and can be laminated and used by families daily! The .doc format allows teachers to make edits to customize for specific needs. Great checklist to help students develop homework skills while allowing them to essay favorite teacher make choices that meet their individual learning needs. German Homework checklist Hausaufgaben checkliste. A colorful printable pdf that u can hand out to your students after each lesson so that they can check/ what they did each day : Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Listening and master thesis write down their Homework! Make sure that they understand the words in essays, German. If not u should explain them. Suitable for ages between 7-15. Thesis Footnotes! You can even use it for yourself as a small lessonplan Have fun!

You can use the artists, single page to record homework for two subjects. The page can also be cut in half to create two separate weekly homework checklists. Stay up to date with who has turned in master thesis, their homework with this simple homework checklist. All you need to do is d&d 3.5 thesis enter your students' names and you are all set! Teachers!

Send this checklist home with students on Mondays to track what they are reading and how they are studying their weekly spelling words. Parent and student signatures required. This checklist will help you keep track of student homework, classwork, projects, and tests/quizzes. Classroom organization and grading will be easy when you can easily see who did and did not turn in an assignment for a given day. As a Word document, you can type in the names of your students alphabetically for easiest use. Here is a quick way to keep up with students' homework returns. The checklist saves time and master can be used weekly. This is an EDITABLE Checklist for dallas resume, homework. This can be used to reward a child for having their homework Signed and Returned and for Completing their homework.

Great tool to use for a student who has difficulty remembering to do their homework on a nightly basis. Here is a Reading Homework Checklist and thesis Book Summary Log. I created it because I wanted to make my completing reading homework fun. You can also attach it to your weekly newsletter and homework packet. This page is in Word Publisher format so you can change the minutes and requirements to match your needs. First Resume! Please see my Math Language Arts Homework Choice Menus.

Thanks for looking! :-) Homework Checklists for all Subjects. Included with this purchase you will find task checklists to use with your students who struggle with maintaining attention or recalling all the steps required to complete a task and avoid frustration. There are 2 sets of checklists for master, each subject that can be used by teachers or parents selected depending on the student's needs. I put mine inside plastic sleeves and job and resume use dry-erase markers to either draw pictures or write words for each steps. Please rate me and give me some feedback! Enjoy! This checklist includes visuals and provides students with step by master thesis step procedures for completing homework, with a focus on organization and time management.

I have created a Homework Checklist for dallas sales, students to fill out at the end of the hour so they can be accountable for thesis footnotes, their unfinished work. They can list the activity due and check it off once completed and turned in. Let's make them accountable not the teacher or mom and dad. Of course, we could always have a parent or yourself initial the arcane thesis, form once complete. I use this sheet for organization in the child's classroom/take home binder. © , This is a weekly color coded homework checklist. It can be used to send home to parents or for student use specifically. Weekly Homework Checklist (black and white) Teachers! Weekly Checklist to track what you students are reading and how they are studying their spelling words.

Also available in color! Weekly Assignment Homework Checklist. This is master footnotes a great checklist to resume use for helping students get caught up with missing work. It teaches them how to get their missing work when absent from their teachers and record it on their tracking sheet. Master Thesis! The student checks the first box when they have the materials to complete the first resume, assigned work. Then, they check the footnotes, second box when they complete the thesis feat, assignment.

Special Needs Weekly Homework Checklist. Homework in my room is not mandatory, but some of my parents request work for footnotes, their students to do at job and resume home. I wanted an easy checklist for these parents and students. Parents can choose which work their students will do each evening, whether it be accessing one of the abundant resources I offer on my teacher webpage, practice a specific needed skill, or read aloud/listen to master footnotes parents read. D&d 3.5 Feat! I created this checklist to motivate students to thesis footnotes work at home with their parents by tying it to the token. This is just a homework check list to political keep up with who has turned in their homework. Master Thesis! Enjoy!

Psst. it is editable! This is a handy organizer for students to be able to keep up with their homework and upcoming things to remember. Please note that you're heading to a part of our site that's not yet optimized for essays artists, mobile.