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Essay on race discrimination

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Race Discrimination Essay - …

Essay on race discrimination

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Race discrimination essay - Essay …

Essays/Black Rain: Reader Response term paper 2956. Black Rain: Reader Response. by Masuji Ibuse. The main character in the novel is in some ways like myself. Mr. Shizuma is a. person that is intrigued by many things and essay discrimination, likes to see what reaction people. have from any action.

Throughout the novel he feels the need to go to different. parts of the statement of thesis city and surrounding communities in essay discrimination, order to see the effects of the. unknown bomb. Mr. Shizuma was not only interested in what happened to the people. of the community but he was also interested in thesis microsoft index outline, finding out what the weapon used. was called and made out of. There were different names given to the bomb. throughout the book and he sums up the names in one paragraph, The name of the. bomb had already undergone a number of on race discrimination changes, from the initial new weapon through new-type bomb, secret weapon, special new-type bomb, to on death essays special. high-capacity bomb. That day, I learned for the first time to call it an atomic bomb. (Black Rain 282) The importance of the name of the bomb may seem ineffectual, but he seems to. dwell on finding out what caused this type of destruction. Something else that. Mr. Shizuma wants to do is remember every little detail about what happens to. everything from what angle the house was on after the bomb to what his wife. cooked for dinner with the food rationing. He even likes to write how people. cured themselves of radiation sickness and what the burns and other injuries. look and act like. These things are like myself in the fact that he does not. like to forget what things are like, wants to see first hand what the essay discrimination effects.

are, and is very interested in finding information about new things that he has. never seen before. He also likes to help people greatly such as his constant. wanderings looking for coal for his community. If you were depended on would. Dissertation! you help your community? I think so. The theme that is very meaningful to discrimination me is that war hurts two different parts of. a country. The first is the military, which was not really talked about, and. then there is the civilians.

The civilians must ration food so that the. military can eat, and then they must also suffer because the bomb that was. dropped was not meant for any military base but to destroy and thesis word outline, kill a city. The. theme is clear in essay discrimination, meaning that it hurts the civilians much more than it hurts. the military and that war is very, very cruel. The people that were rationing. had very little to eat and microsoft outline, that amount became smaller as the on race war continued. People were forced to grow carp in small, and search for mussels in ponds in. order to get any type of edexcel meat. By the on race end of the war there were no mussels left. in any of the many streams and there were also no fish in any of the ponds. The. only thing that survived were the eels who were seen swimming up the river a day. before the surrender was given. This was a sign of rebirth.

It only chicago manual paper, took a year. after the Hiroshima bombing for the surrender and during that time the. government did not help any of the people that really were hurt by the war, the. civilians. It was strange that the people felt any remorse at on race all for losing the. war when the government that they were supposed to believe in left them. homeless and without any food. Innocent, unarmed people killed and mangled by a. weapon that could kill the entire planet. For what purpose was the bomb. dropped? Mr. Shizuma made many remarks about how if the opposition would have. only waited a while longer they would not have had to drop the bomb because the. country was internally falling apart. This seems to essays me that the dropping of essay on race the. Management Research Papers! bomb was nothing but a science experiment to the opposition'. That is the. hidden theme to this novel. The only type of person that could possibly read this book is a person that is. very open minded to other ideas.

To most people from the United States the discrimination bomb. was necessary in order to stop the war. In the eyes of the Japanese the bomb. was not needed to stop the war. Which side is true? The answer is both sides. To. have an open mind and to be able to accept new ideas is manual, crucial when you look at. people from a different type of background and way of thinking. To read this. novel you must also have a pretty solid stomach because there are many detailed. entries about wounds and the way that the skin starts to melt right off the.

living body. The whole story is told from the eyes and thoughts of the essay discrimination main. character Mr. Shizuma is different than any first hand account that I have ever. read and a reader must be willing to get into that character in order to get. the message, feelings, and pictures that Mr. Shizuma is essays, trying to put forth. The. novel is essay on race, written extremely clear but one of the problems is that it gets slow. every once in a while if Mr.

Shizuma gets something into his mind so he decides. to get it done. The pond that his friend is growing carp in is traveled to what. seems to be about a thousand times. What is good about the many travels to. these same places is that each time the scene changes slightly with someone. Dissertation! becoming sick or the carp growing. What a person needs to read this book is. careful thought because of the slight changes and also a map seems to grow. inside your head of the different places that he goes to.

These places are. described in so much detail that it does not take very much imagination to essay on race discrimination see. what is essays, going on and what he is essay on race, seeing. The title has a lot to do with the book because the dissertation title is how the whole thing. started, with Mr. Shizuma's daughter coming home with black spots on her skin. where the black rain had hit her. It could not be washed off and it burnt. through clothing. The ending to the novel was satisfactory because the end of. the essay on race discrimination war was a good place to end the novel. The only problem that I can see with. And Dying Essays! this type of ending is that the reader wants to know what has happened to on race discrimination the. community after a few years but what the writer is trying to say is very clear. and enforced with people crying because they lost the war.

The crying was not. only because the war was lost but also for the people that died, or are dyeing, in the community. Also the crying was also from fear of management research papers what was going to. Discrimination! happen to them now that another country had control of them. The men mostly. feared that they were going to be castrated but they knew that the country would. never be the same but they would be able to eat. The eels that were viewed in. the river were still in the larvae stage and they were swimming upriver. This. gives the and dying essays man in the story hope that things will be all right and that they. have the power to build a new community and help his family deal with the. sickness that his daughter has. The overall meaning of the novel is that war. makes things hard for the people that have to stay at home and support their. soldiers. The heart of any country is with the general population and when that. Essay On Race Discrimination! general population was hit with something unknown it did not only shock the on death rest. of the country but it made the country wonder if they were strong enough. People will pull through for themselves and family before they think about what. is essay, going to happen to the way that they live. This novel shows the power and. curiosity of the microsoft human spirit.

It does accomplish what it set out to on race do, show. the effect on history essays the losing side of war. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and professional projects. Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is essay, no plagiarism of any kind. Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the writer throughout the management research papers entire process and will receive the paper by essay on race discrimination, e-mail/download. The projects are never resold and will remain your unique property for a lifetime.

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Racial Discrimination in the …

How Joeffer Caoc designed the Diamond dress for essay, Spring/Summer 2013. Most of us don’t think about what to thesis microsoft word outline, wear until just before we wear it. But last May, fashion designers Joeffer Caoc and essay on race, Kelly Smith were gripped by edexcel history essays a distant yet more urgent thought. Essay On Race? What will people wearing in of thesis, 2013? Two men, hunched over a long wooden table, are peering into essay discrimination the future. Most of papers, us don’t think about what to wear until just before we wear it. But on a quiet morning last May, at the back of a cluttered studio on Carlaw Ave., fashion designer Joeffer Caoc and assistant designer Kelly Smith are gripped by a distant yet more urgent thought. What will people be wearing in 2013? It’s an occupational hazard, living in this time warp.

Caoc, one of Canada’s leading designers, is always one year and two seasons ahead. Now deadlines for next spring are crashing down on him before his fall collection is even hanging inside boutiques. “All of our fabrics should be picked by now but they’re not,” Caoc says, frowning and giggling at the same time. Discrimination? “So we’re racing against time.” Swatches — or “headers,” as they’re called — are strewn across the table. Caoc gives them an inscrutable gaze, like a palm reader inspecting an upturned hand. He examines colour palettes and dangles pieces of fabric in the air, imagining how each will hang, break, gather, tuck and, ultimately, fit.

Could this shade anchor the collection? Does that hue dovetail with the story they want to tell? Would this work as a blouse? Would “she” — a pronoun composite used to denote their customers — like this fabric in a blouse or a skirt? Would she want it? Caoc and of thesis, Smith ask a lot of questions. There are never clear answers. Fashion Week begins in Toronto on Monday. Over the essay discrimination, past 13 years, Caoc was often a headliner, the star attraction, the designer everyone wanted to see. Thesis Microsoft Outline? But he will not be participating in the glitzy maelstrom of essay discrimination, runway shows and paper, backstage chaos next week.

Instead, he’ll meet with a handful of influence peddlers one at a time, by appointment only. For many, this will be their first peek at the much-anticipated Joeffer Caoc 2013 Spring/Summer Collection, a 100-piece line that recently wowed prospective buyers in New York. The collection includes the “Diamond Silk Chiffon Halter Dress,” a feat of forced ingenuity and essay, accidental triumph. Over the past few months, Caoc has hired new staff, changed sales reps and is on thesis index outline the verge of an American invasion, one that could see his label occupy storefronts from essay on race discrimination, Louisiana to California, Oklahoma to Washington. Since graduating from Ryerson in 1994, he has burnished his elite status inside Canadian fashion with clean, impeccably tailored collections one buyer describes as “basics with an inimitable edge.”

He started his career in 1999, with the launch of “Misura by Joeffer Caoc.” His work generated instant buzz, not to on death and dying essays, mention such high-profile investors as Belinda Stronach. Discrimination? Six years later, he rebranded his line as “Joeffer Caoc.” His celebrity clients now include Katy Perry, Carrie Fisher, Nelly Furtado, Shania Twain and Jacqueline Bisset. Statement? He is riding a wave of essay, momentum that could transform the thesis word, size and reach of his company. But on essay discrimination this muggy morning in May, inside that cluttered studio, the essays, collection is nothing more than a dream. Literally. Essay Discrimination? “Dreamlike” is the dissertation apa, starting point, the essay discrimination, nebulous concept and inspiration Caoc envisions long before 2013 Spring/Summer — and that Diamond dress — are willed into existence. This is word, a story about how it happened.

It’s late May and Caoc, dressed in on race discrimination, a ribbed T-shirt, cargo pants and running shoes, is presenting his concept to staff. He is talking about “dreams.” Every collection must have a point of view. It must tell a story. Standing near a desk in of thesis, his studio, flanked by rolling racks and large plastic bins, Caoc points at a kaleidoscope of colours and inspirational images secured to a corkboard with push-pins. “I always try to think of on race discrimination, a mood — what do I want to feel like when I see this collection?” he says. “The words that keep coming up are sublime, chill, dreamlike. It’s almost like I want this whole collection to be floating, to on death, be in movement and in light. “I want it to essay discrimination, be very relaxed.” About an dissertation, hour later, after Caoc and Smith drape various fabrics around their “Judy,” the studio dress form, the presentation concludes. “OK, my job here is discrimination, done,” says Caoc, who has a knack for essays, smothering work stress with sarcasm. “I’m going to go home now! Go to it, everyone!

Make it!” A little later, as we’re talking about the inspiration, he says: “I think the collection is reflecting my new clean. Did I tell you that I quit smoking? It’s been over a month! No smokes!” Can you chart the personal evolution of a designer by his professional creations? Born in essay on race, the Philippines, Caoc was raised in chicago manual, a home where the love always exceeded the discrimination, money. His father Ernesto was an engineer who often drafted at home.

His mother Rosa, whom he speaks to every day, was a seamstress. She toiled in a dingy factory, churning out of thesis, cheap garments under a mandate of volume. The family fled Manila in on race discrimination, 1974, during the edexcel essays, Ferdinand Marcos regime, when a Canadian company sponsored Ernesto. They left so Joeffer and his younger brother Ralson — an information technology specialist who lives in Vancouver and works for lululemon athletica — could have a better life. In high school, at Riverdale Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Caoc told his parents he wanted to be a designer. Discrimination? Reaction was mixed. Ernesto, a philosophical man, said very little.

Then he went out and thesis microsoft index outline, bought his son a sewing machine. Rosa, a strong and discrimination, opinionated woman, winced, as if someone had just kicked her in the spleen. His mother’s enduring impression of “fashion” was steeped in the mass production underbelly of statement of thesis, her own working life. Fashion was more sweatshop than catwalk. It was a way to get by, not a way to get ahead. She begged Joeffer to reconsider.

She should have known better. As a boy, Joeffer played with dolls and talked to essay on race discrimination, imaginary friends. Dissertation? He used to essay on race discrimination, hide in a wardrobe, believing he’d be transported to Narnia. When it rained, he’d race outside and stand alone in the deluge, asking God to carry him to Oz. The common thread in these childhood stories is the desire for the fantastical, the dissertation, inclination toward escape. Essay? Some of Caoc’s early design flourishes — skin-tight leather, a brash use of gold and red, chain-link fabrics — reflected this wild imagination. So what does spring 2013 tell us about statement, Caoc’s current state of mind? What does the Diamond dress reveal about the designer? “I was thinking about the original inspiration this weekend,” Joeffer tells me one morning. “Why was I inspired by the dream and the serenity? I think a lot of essay on race, it is because — oh God, do I even admit this? — but I’ve turned 40.

You think you’ve lived half your life. What do you now want? I’m always striving for on death, more order, more balance, to have that dream life that we all want. I think that has a lot to do with the way I’m designing these days.” But in the fashion world, serenity is discrimination, as fleeting as an air kiss. There are powerful , unseen forces that shape consumer consumption. How did modular, deep-seating patio furniture suddenly gain traction in urban markets?

Why was rally blue such a popular colour this year in marketing campaigns for high-performance cars? Who decides what people will want? We assume fashion design begins with the design. We imagine a designer sitting in tortured seclusion with a pen and sketch pad. Statement? We believe he or she comes up with a style and then decides on colour, fabric and price.

In reality, everything starts with the material. There are labs and influential trade shows, such as Premiere Vision in Paris, that specialize in forecasting trends and analyzing historical patterns. Essay? Why do skirt pleats or eggplant accents or tapered bottoms or emerald green suddenly appear and disappear from the cultural radar? It’s not happenstance. “When we start a collection, we look at fabrics first,” says Caoc, one afternoon after returning from a business trip in Texas. “All the trends come from the fabric people.

If everyone is showing shades of pink, we know pink is manual style term, going to be the colour trend for the season.” The luxury brands, such as Gucci, also create a trickle-down effect that influences what fabrications and colours will dominate a trend cycle. So the essay on race discrimination, challenge for edexcel, Caoc — who in industry parlance is a “bridge” between the on race discrimination, mass and luxury segments — is to create a collection that is manual paper, fashion-forward while remaining faithful to his established esthetic of essay on race, classic tailoring. “I’ve been selling Joe-Joe for five years,” says Andie Solomon, who keeps a picture of Caoc on chicago style term paper her desk at Girl Candy Shop in essay, Winnipeg, where she is a buyer. On Death And Dying? “It’s very hard to find clothing lines that actually fit. Discrimination? Most of them are made for embryos. You bring them in, everybody wants them and then they don’t fit.

But there is security research papers, just something about his fit and fabrics that women love. He knows what we want.” The hunt for discrimination, what women will want next year actually starts before May. On March 19, Caoc and edexcel history, Smith begin meeting with about a dozen sales agents. They start thinking about fabric groupings. Essay On Race? The spring line, broken into staggered “deliveries,” will arrive in stores in December, January, February and March.

But each delivery is a like a mini-collection unto itself. On March 26, Caoc orders the first fabric samples. Chicago Style Term? For the next few weeks, there are more appointments with more reps. Most materials in the collection will come from essay, textile mills in Italy, France and Austria, though for competitive reasons, designers never reveal exact sourcing. The hard slog is dissertation apa, about to discrimination, begin. One afternoon, the search is statement of thesis, still on for pivotal fabrics. This is a chaotic, haphazard process, one that’s filled with moments of essay on race, debate and levity. Caoc picks up a frilly black header that looks as if it was fed through a shredder.

“It looks like you’re wearing someone’s hair!” he exclaims. “Well, you don’t wear it on chicago style paper your head,” says Smith. “We could pop it with colour.” “I don’t think a dress should be hairy,” Caoc continues. “It wouldn’t be hairy all over,” says Smith. Caoc and Smith met in essay on race, 1996 at on death, the Toronto Fashion Incubator, the non-profit organization that helps young designers learn about the essay on race, business. The two now have a yin-yang partnership. Caoc excels at the technical. Smith looks at a garment from a pure design standpoint. Smith has no interest in starting his own label.

“Joe has way more patience and focus than I do for apa, the business side,” he says. “He can multi-task in essay on race discrimination, a way that I’ve never seen.” Back at the studio, the two are now handling a fuchsia header as if it’s an explosive. “I keep seeing Pepto-Bismol with that,” says Caoc. “Do you see Pepto-Bismol?” “No,” says Smith. “Pepto-Bismol is a different shade of pink.” While the focus is on creating a stunning line, Caoc understands this is, first and essays, foremost, a business. The art he can control is tethered to the commerce he cannot. “Where is our fashion piece?” he asks, putting his hands on discrimination his hips. “What’s our cool piece? We also need something that is a sure thing. We need to do something just for the money. Statement? We need something that will sell.”

Michelle Sawyer, a fabric rep from Montreal, enters the studio, towing a black suitcase that’s bulging with headers. She crouches down, unzips it, yanks out the swatches and fans them across the table like a magician about to perform a trick. Caoc is looking for an enchanting hue, a subtle sheen, the perfect texture to complement what’s already been ordered. He is also looking for an edge in the dogfight that is upscale fashion. “Is anyone using this who’s competing with us?” he asks Sawyer, pointing at essay on race discrimination, a header. “It’s a new fabric,” she replies. History? “You’re the only one I’ve sampled that to thus far.” What nobody realizes is the Diamond dress is already incubating.

Caoc has purchased sampling fabric — a length of chiffon emblazoned with a confetti-like print of small diamonds — that will eventually form the skirt of the dress. Discrimination? The fabric will also influence the colour of the collection. It will play a thematic role in the look and feel of 2013 Spring/Summer. All of this is on death essays, somewhat incredible since, when Caoc buys the on race, fabric, he is thesis microsoft, unaware of a huge problem. When the sampling chiffon arrives on June 20 from an Italian mill in Busto Arsizio, about 30 km north of Milan, Caoc and Smith are horrified.

“We picked this print because it was not an all-over print,” says Caoc. “It had these little diamonds. It was random.” Or so they thought. There is on race discrimination, a danger in selecting prints based on on death essays a 12x11 inch header. Essay On Race? The chiffon print contained an ombre, a light to dark fade of navy colour. Caoc and manual style term, Smith believed the ombre ran vertically, which is how it was oriented in the header. But when they unrolled the essay, 25 metres, they realized the ombre was essentially a horizontal border. The fabric was sectional.

It was a hard repeat instead of a continuous bleed. Microsoft? Garments made from this would be restricted to sections no bigger than 52x42 inches. “We built all of the other fabrics around this colouration,” says Caoc. “The idea initially was to do these chiffon, flowy dresses, all very clean. Then we got the fabric and it was a f------ nightmare to work with.” There is on race, no time for statement, a Plan B given the on race discrimination, strict deadlines for production, delivery and sales, not to mention pricing. Thesis Word Index? This type of fabric costs between $50 and $60 per metre. Many fabrics require a lead time of four to six weeks.

And the European mills close down for essay on race discrimination, most of August. So with a bordered chiffon as a cornerstone fabric, Caoc and Smith start the daunting process of creating something beautiful from an ugly situation. It will consume them for the next few weeks. When he’s in “collection,” Caoc goes into a sort of emotional and intellectual lockdown. He slips away from the statement, real world. Essay On Race? He rarely sees his friends. On Death And Dying Essays? He sometimes feels as if there’s an “evil twin” lurking inside his head, second-guessing, pushing, questioning. Sleep comes rarely, if at all. Lying in on race, his bed, next to his partner George, who did not want his last name published, Caoc watches the on death and dying essays, numerals shape-shift on his clock radio until it’s finally time to get up and ride the subway to his studio, something he does at 6:45 a.m., six days a week, for two months straight.

Sometimes, he’ll get up hours earlier and sketch manically, working and reworking possible designs. He’ll often text Smith at discrimination, 2 a.m. with half-formed ideas. “I always feel like we’re running out of time so it’s like working your way through a house of mirrors and there’s a time bomb ticking and dissertation, every move counts,” Caoc writes to me in one late night email. Essay? “At times I pull at my hair to literally try to get those thoughts out of my head. Chicago Style Term Paper? I always feel like I will spontaneously combust.” This feeling intensifies after Caoc discovers his chiffon problem. “You have an essay on race discrimination, idea of what you want to make,” he says. “But until you get the fabric, you can’t really make any concrete decisions.” Caoc and Smith brainstorm ideas for blouses. They toss around ideas for management, skirts. They decide to use slanted, asymmetrical lines, creating a prism effect that will pick up on the diamond motif.

To match designs elsewhere in the collection, the dress will also require some technical and pattern wizardry — Caoc’s forte. He comes up with the idea of essay on race discrimination, using five panels of management research papers, chiffon for the skirt of the dress, with the ombre only appearing on one panel at the front. The remaining fabric, or “wastage,” is then used in other pieces, including as blouse sleeves. The next stage is to affix the five lower panels of chiffon to a bodice. Caoc and Smith rely upon a satin-back crepe they ordered from a mill in Prato, Italy. They cut the chiffon panels on bias, or an angle, to create flow and fluidity.

Since chiffon is so thin and flimsy, they create structure by attaching it to on race, the satin-back crepe. Each dress will require nearly a full day of cutting and sewing. As we talk, Catherine Cox, the pattern technician, and Ivy Shum, the sample technician, are working diligently to on death and dying, complete other prototype designs. Sales teams in Canada and the States are gearing up for appointments with buyers, which will begin in mid-August. Caoc is essay on race, also dealing with issues away from the thesis microsoft outline, studio. A close friend loses his mother in the spring. A couple of months later, George’s father passes away. Just before this happens, Caoc gets off an airplane, breaks down and buys a pack of cigarettes, bringing a swift end to his new-found clean life. The show must go on. It’s just after 6 p.m. on a Monday in late July. Inside Silverline Studios on Eastern Ave., a stunning young model named Jessa Brown is essay on race, sitting bolt upright in manual paper, a chair as Grace Lee, a lead makeup artist with Maybelline, gently dabs at discrimination, her face with the precision of on death essays, a neurosurgeon.

Stylist Jimmy Moorhouse, with the Plutino Group, is perched nearby. His glasses are wedged up on on race discrimination his forehead. He stares at and dying, Brown’s face with fierce concentration. “Her eyes need to be darker,” he says. “We need her eyes to pop.” This is the first photo shoot for essay on race discrimination, 2013 Spring/Summer. Chicago Style? It will run for several hours and, if all goes according to plan, Caoc will get one flawless image to be used as an invitation for essay on race, buyers. “If the image doesn’t look exciting, that’s not good,” he tells me, as hip hop thumps from a boom box. “Even though it’s a business, they want to security papers, be dazzled and romanced.” Caoc glances at Brown, who at 16 years of on race discrimination, age, towers above everyone else in the studio. She is the 1 per cent when it comes to on death essays, height, proportions and bone structure. “When you’re younger and a designer, I think you have this image that you want her to wear it,” Caoc says, nodding at Brown who is standing against a white backdrop in a pink dress as photographer Felix Wong aims a long lens at her. “Then you start going out to on race discrimination, trunk shows and the reality is that to of thesis, buy a $1,500 suit, well, she’s probably not going to have a 24-inch waist.” The Diamond dress, somewhere in Texas as we speak, evolved from the pink dress.

In between, there were hundreds of sketches and edits, countless discussions and on race, dozens of meetings. The point is statement, this: Caoc is never satisfied. He tinkers with a garment until the last possible minute. Essay On Race Discrimination? It’s nearly August and preorders are arriving. Chicago? There are still several prototype samples to finish. But Caoc just can’t let go. One afternoon, as we lunch at Globe Bistro on the Danforth, Smith frames it this way.

“Every single item that goes out is essay, unresolved,” he says, sipping a ginger ale. “It’s never finished. If you had your choice, you would never finish anything. You would never stop. You would keep seeing what’s possible.” Caoc nods in manual paper, agreement. “I will still look at things out there that people are wearing and I’ll think, ‘Oh my God, I wish we had fixed that sleeve! It’s not perfect!’ Or, ‘That collar should be half an inch bigger!’ It’s this crazy quest for perfect beauty.” Clothing is the ultimate form of personal expression. So it’s no surprise that designers, the creators, often bear witness to essay discrimination, moments of remarkable candour.

This is dissertation apa, when the job transcends fashion. “We’re therapists,” says Caoc, “Our clothes have to perform f------ miracles.” Sometimes, during trunk shows or sample sales, Caoc will be alone with a customer as she tries on essay a garment and edexcel history essays, suddenly blurts out things like, “Make me look skinny, make me look taller, bring out my eyes, make my husband love me more, make my friends think I’m sexy.” “And you’re like, ‘Oh my f---, all of essay on race discrimination, this for edexcel essays, $595?’ ” says Caoc. “It can be a little stressful. I’m constantly bombarded with flashbacks of what people tell me. But when a piece works, it’s also the most rewarding thing in the world. On Race Discrimination? She loved it!” Everyone in the studio keeps referring to “she.” But who is she? What is a typical profile of a Joeffer Caoc customer? “She’s busy,” says Caoc. “She works. Edexcel History Essays? She goes to galleries.

She goes to parties. She’s got a lot of essay discrimination, things going on. She needs our product from statement of thesis, day to essay discrimination, night.” “She could be a working mother or corporate woman,” adds Smith. “But she’s definitely 40 and over,” says Caoc. “She might even be 65. I saw this woman who bought up all this stuff and I swear she was 100 years old! But she looked great!” Designers, Caoc adds, can be as emotional as their customers.

“It’s bizarre,” he says. Essays? “I think that’s why I still consider myself a designer even though I think about the business side. I still get that overwhelming, indescribable feeling that comes from creating something.” Smith tells a story about 2009 Spring/Summer. Under pressure to tone down the colour palette, the two men decided to essay on race, follow their instincts and build a collection of soft, sheer structures in microsoft index outline, orange, fuchsia and yellow — the boldest colour palette they had ever unleashed. Within an intense, 20-day period, they created a number of pieces Smith now describes as “magical.” At a show for essay on race discrimination, the collection, 25 young models were queued up to go out on the runway. This was the essays, first time Caoc and discrimination, Smith had seen the collection in its entirety. “We looked at each other,” says Smith. “And we started to statement of thesis, cry.” It’s late-September and Caoc is beaming. He’s just returned from essay discrimination, New York. Joined by his new U.S. On Death And Dying? sales agent, Dallas-based Michael Singer, the two created a de facto showroom in The London NYC hotel, where they met with influential buyers representing high-end boutiques and chains.

“We had done so much research,” says Caoc. “We worked diligently to figure out how to do this. It’s hard when you come from Canada and are trying to break into the States.” While the line is already available in 16 American stores, located mostly on the east coast, there are key markets — especially in the south — that beckon with untapped potential. Caoc and Singer have 15 appointments with buyers between Sept. 15 and 20. All but one expresses interest in carrying 2013 Spring/Summer. “That’s pretty unusual,” says Caoc, unable to suppress a grin. “I’ve been to New York before where we had 10 appointments and then only four would show up and two would buy.” So what happened?

“The light, the colour, the diamond print, all of those things are what people want to essay, wear down there,” he says. “I think we nailed it.” “It was probably one of my most exciting and exhilarating experiences,” says Singer. “People did not know what they were going to see. So they walked into the showroom we set up — it kind of had the same edge as Joeffer — and they were amazed, just amazed.” Equally amazing: Caoc only research entered Singer’s orbit in May. Before a meeting with Texas-based retailer Julian Gold, a sales person ran up to Singer and went on at length about this Canadian designer named Joeffer Caoc. “It wouldn’t stop,” recalls Singer. “She kept talking about Joeffer and essay on race, the clothes. She said they were amazing. She said I could probably help him.

Then the manual paper, buyer came in and was equally as ebullient. So I gave Joeffer a call. That’s how it happened. I hadn’t seen a stitch of the product. Essay On Race Discrimination? I hadn’t even seen a line sheet.” Singer called Caoc the next morning and the two eventually met in Schulenburg, Texas. The new partnership was sealed during dinner at Sengelmann Hall, a throwback saloon featuring a 125-year-old dance hall. “You just get a gut feeling about things,” says Singer. “The spring collection is word, executed beautifully. Put it this way: he has the best production scenario. Best fabric.

Best quality craftsmanship. Best quality for the price.” After the Diamond dress was completed, Heather Ogden, a principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, was visiting the studio one morning. Essay On Race? She was introduced to the label when a stylist selected one of Caoc’s dresses for a ballet advertising campaign five years ago. Ogden noticed the research papers, dress hanging against a mirror. She was spellbound. “I absolutely love the design of the essay discrimination, skirt,” she says. “It’s so light and beautiful. It’s almost ballerina.”

Despite the headaches caused by the engineered print, the Diamond dress turns into the “cool” or “fashion” piece Caoc was wondering about in May. Retailing for $1,795, he doesn’t expect it to be a commercial blockbuster: “You don’t need five layers of edexcel essays, chiffon while running through the grocery store.” There are more practical and less expensive pieces that will easily outsell it. Essay Discrimination? But the Diamond dress represents an artistic touchstone for the brand. “There are pieces that you design that are relevant to you as a designer and that elevate everything else,” says Caoc. “Out of the 100 pieces in a collection, I’ll do maybe 20 pieces that are like this. I need the other 80 to sell.” Or as Smith observes: “Sometimes people buy one of these just because it’s so beautiful.

They’ll just put it in the store window. It inspires people to see the rest of the collection.” The Diamond dress could be hanging in many new places next spring. American expansion efforts mean Caoc is traveling more than ever. One afternoon in October, during the photo shoot for this story with model Natalie Salamunec, he tells his publicists Bronwyn Aikens and Pat Angelakos about another trip that just emerged for edexcel history essays, later this month. They exchange glances and sighs. Tending to the U.S. market — not to mention a spike in retail events and designer appearances in essay on race, Canada, which still accounts for 70 per cent of sales — is a big reason Caoc decided there was no time for Toronto Fashion Week. As Jodi Neichenbauer, one of his Canadian sales reps with Exhibit 512, notes: “With the growth in the U.S. and security management papers, having to be so present, sometimes your focus has to be more on essay on race discrimination the business part than the thesis word outline, smoke and mirrors part.” So where will the label stand south of the border five years from now? “With everything working well,” predicts Singer. “I see Joeffer being one of the major contributors down here.

This would mean he would solidly be in essay discrimination, every major city in this country because he has this kind of cool, chic range. Chicago Style? I can see it hanging as well on the west coast as it does on the east coast, north and south. There are no limitations on his designs.” But there are limits on his time. Essay On Race? And the statement of thesis, downside of momentum is the loss of discrimination, serenity. Caoc and his partner George bought their first home two years ago. In the west end, near Bloor St. W. and Ossington Ave., they live on a quiet, one way street where neighbours wave at security research, each other across the manicured lawns and essay discrimination, drooping trees. “Sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane is style, knowing I will be going home,” Caoc writes to me one night.

Earlier that day, as I leave the essay on race, studio, he is standing in the doorway outside the industrial building, puffing wildly on a cigarette as rain falls. Caoc reads on the second floor deck his cousin built. He procrastinates by cleaning the bathroom and organizing cherished belongings, including old birthday cards. Sometimes when he gets home, even at midnight, he’ll go to the backyard and water the flowers George planted. Three or four times a week, Caoc will go for a long jog. This has nothing to do with fitness or vanity: “I do it because it helps me organize my thoughts and calms me down from the wicked pressures of always creating the next best thing and the constant deadlines.”

In Caoc’s surprisingly traditional living room — he always expected to live in a downtown condo with modern, minimalist furniture — there is exposed wood and doors with leaded-glass. Dissertation Apa? Black-and-white photographs George shot hang on the walls. On a sunshiny evening in late September, Caoc sits on the couch. We talk about his life for about an essay, hour before George joins us. They met a decade ago at a social gathering hosted by a mutual friend. “We are quite opposite,” says Caoc. “So I didn’t know how it would pan out. But the connection is exactly because of that, because we are so different.” So what’s it like to live with Caoc? “It depends on the time of the year,” says George, pushing up his glasses and choosing his words carefully. “It differs. During a period where he’s developing a collection, I’d say he’s gone at statement, least 16 hours a day.

So that’s intense.” Now that the collection is done, Caoc is bracing for discrimination, the inevitable torments. “After a new collection, after the buzz, there is always a down period,” says George, as Debussy’s “Prelude to security papers, the Afternoon of a Faun” plays on a mantle stereo. “That’s probably the toughest time.” “I get depressed,” says Caoc, pointing at the couch. “I lie down here and just crash.” I’m reminded of a part in his email about on race discrimination, these post-collection blues: “I hate everything I’ve done and want to research, start over. I get depressed and discrimination, contemplate sending my resume to Tim Hortons because even if God told me it was a beautiful collection, I would still think he was lying. The only small comfort to get out of that rut is knowing I can start again because another body of work is due in dissertation apa, the next 15 minutes.” All of this raises a final question: Is the serenity Caoc craves just a cruel illusion? Over the past six months, I’ve seen him thrive amid the chaos. As a situation got more stressful, his grin got bigger. It’s possible order and balance only work in the present tense. But when you live in on race discrimination, the future, when you’re forced to turn layers of diaphanous chiffon into something beautiful on deadline, order and balance is a trend that can never last.

The Toronto Star and, each property of Toronto Star Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th Floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please contact us or see our privacy policy for more information. More from the Toronto Star Partners. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or distribution of this content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Toronto Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to:

Publishing: Kathleen Winter, Carol Off up for GG book prize. Finalists in all seven categories of the Governor General#x27;s Literary Award have been announced.

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5 Tips for Creating a Photo Essay with a Purpose. As a photographer, you are a storyteller. The nouns are your subject matter; the verbs are the color and on race discrimination, contrast that keep the story moving. On Death And Dying Essays! A cast of essay on race characters all working together to get your point across. Instead of proper grammar, you ensure proper exposure.

Instead of spelling errors, you watch for tack-sharp focus. Dissertation! For those times when the on race discrimination, story is especially important and meaningful, or for when one image doesn’t say it all, there is the photographic essay. With blogging and social media, photo essays are more popular than ever: humorous or emotionally relevant, sparking debate or encouraging compassion, each with a story to tell. I’ve mentioned before that taking on dissertation, a photo project is one of essay on race my favorite ways to reignite my love for photography, but beyond that, it’s a great way to get your message across and have your work seen by manual style paper a larger group. A photo essay is essay on race, intriguing; it’s something to chicago manual, talk about after people hear that you’re a photographer and want to know about the glitz and glamour of it all. It’s the perfect thing to tell them after you’re done going on and on about all of the red carpets, the celebrities, the fame, and on race, the fortune. It also can be extremely satisfying and kick-start your creative wonderment.

By definition, a photographic essay is a set or series of photographs intended to edexcel history essays, tell a story or evoke emotions. It can be only images, images with captions, or images with full text. In short, it can be almost anything you want it to be. Which is where I struggle mostwhen the on race, options are limitless. In this freelance world we live in, I love a little guidance, a little direction. Chicago Manual! Ideally, someone to tell me exactly what they want and promise to be thrilled with whatever I produce, for my fragile artist ego can’t take any less. While I continue my quest for that, I offer you these 5 tips for essay discrimination creating your own, completely without bounds, photographic essay:

Each time I’ve had a very specific concept in dissertation apa, mind before I started shooting, it’s never been the end result. An example: for a hot minute, I offered a “day in the life” session to my clients. I was photographing so many of the same clients year after year that I wanted to be able to offer them a different spin on the portrait sessions I was doing for them. Discrimination! I asked a long-time client if her family could be my guinea pigs for this and told them that we could do whatever they wanted. Edexcel Essays! We went out for essay discrimination ice cream, had a mini dance party in their living room, and and dying essays, I photographed a tooth that had been lost that very morning. Then, very last, I photographed the two young daughters with notes they had written, which to be honest, I’m not even sure how they had come about.

I rushed home after the session and on race discrimination, edited those last note pictures first just because they were so different from what I usually shoot, and posted them on thesis, my personal Facebook page the essay on race, heading Notes Girls Write . Within minutes a dear friend, and fellow photographer, commented that this was big. Bigger than just the two pictures. She and I would spend the on death, next year working on a photo essay that became a blog, that in turn became a book entitled Notes Girls Write . On Race! We photographed hundreds of women of all ages with their notes, each one later expressing having their portrait taken with their own words was an extremely powerful moment for on death them. Beyond my beautiful children, the fact that I can make a bed with hospital corners like no one’s business, and the award I won in the 4th grade for “Most Patient”, Notes Girls Write is one of my proudest accomplishments. It evolved on its own, starting from a few similar photographs that struck a cord in viewers and becoming a large and powerful project, one of the biggest markers in my career so far. Essay On Race Discrimination! TIP: Don’t be so set in your idea that your project can’t outgrow your original concept. Your images will guide you to your end result, which may end up being different than you originally envisioned it. Chicago Term! 2) If you think there’s something there, there’s likely something there. For the last year I have been a “foster mom” with a dog rescue group. Volunteers transport dogs that would otherwise be put down from overpopulated shelters, or seized from terrible situations, to my area, where dog adoption rates are much higher.

These dogs live in foster homes while they receive medical care and essay, basic training so that they can be adopted out to loving homes. Security Papers! It’s incredibly rewarding. Especially when I had hardwood floors. I knew from the on race discrimination, first time I met the transport van I wanted to chicago term, document what it looked like: a van full of discrimination dogs that just narrowly escaped death arriving to temporary homes where they will experience a level of love and care which they’ve likely never known. I tear-up every time I see it. I am also put to work every time I am there, so taking photos while holding onto a 100 pound German Shepard is thesis word index outline, tough. Essay On Race! It’s going to take me several trips to have enough images to do anything with, but that’s fine.

I have no idea what I will be doing with these photos. I know they will find a home somewhere: maybe with the rescue group to raise awareness, or to help bring in volunteers, or maybe they will do nothing more than document my own story with volunteering, or perhaps something more. Thesis Microsoft Word! I’m not sure yet, but the point is discrimination, that I have the images, ready for their time, whenever that is. Research! TIP: If you think there is something to it, there likely is. Even if it’s just a personal passion project. Take photos until you find the direction or purpose and save them until your essay takes shape.

You may not end up using all, or any of the essay on race, images, but in continuing to take photographs, your project will be defined. I’m the “World’s Worst Over-Shooter”. Need one image? Let me take a hundred so we know we have it. Luckily for management research papers my bad habit, the photographic essay needs over essay discrimination shooting. Whether you know what your plan is, or have no idea want your end result will look like, the more coverage you have, the better. This is manual term, one of the few times I push my luck and ask my subjects to work for me until they never want to see me again (I only discrimination photograph people though, so if you are photographing mountains or something, you have the added advantage of not pushing people until they cry or yell). Don’t be shy.

Shoot everything you know you don’t need, just in case you need it. Should your end product need supporting images or take a different direction than you originally thought, you’ll be ready. Take advantage of digital (if that’s how you shoot) and dissertation apa, fill a memory card. You may end up trashing everything, or you may not. Essay! I had no idea that my Notes Girls Write project would span for as long as it did, but because I didn’t turn down anyone who was interested in the very beginning I ended up with some shots that told complete stories and expanded on the original concept. TIP: Think big. If you are shooting an essay where mountains are your subject matter, see the mountain in pieces and thesis microsoft outline, photograph the surrounding trees, rocks, and essay on race, whatever else. Dissertation! This will save you having to return to the beginning of the project for supporting shots, or having to reshoot if your essay takes a different turn than you planned. 4) Ask for essay on race help with image selection. I struggle with this oneI let my personal feelings get involved.

Throughout our Notes Girls Write project I was constantly picking images based on my personal feelingsthe subjects that I had connected with more, and the girls that I knew were most interested in the project. This is where it is so helpful to and dying essays, have someone else help. Someone who has no personal feelings towards the essay on race discrimination, images and will help you pick based only on the strength of the image and microsoft index, not your own feelings. Even if people were not involved as subjects, you tend to have personal feelings toward images that the essay on race discrimination, general public may not see the power behind. I recently photographed several dozen sexual assault survivors as part of a photographic essay for a victim advocacy’s annual gallery show.

This event is meant to put faces on the survivors and raise awareness, and chicago style term, has been a large local event for years. I was thrilled to essay discrimination, be selected to be the exclusive photographer, though this was one of the hardest projects I’ve ever taken on. The photo sessions themselves, whether five minutes or 30, were extremely emotional for the survivors and in edexcel history, the time I spent with them, I often learned a lot about their journey and experience. This made it difficult for me to pick which final images would be used for the show, based only on the power of the image and not my personal feelings. In the end several select friends helped me narrow each survivor’s images down, and the subjects themselves selected which would be the final image used, as ultimately this is essay on race, their story. TIP: All creative work is edexcel history essays, personal, and looking at on race photographs we take ourselves is incredibly hard to do with clear eyes. We see the mistakes, the personal feelings, the shot that could have been better. It’s impossible to always set these aside so when working on a project that is incredibly important to on death, you, or large in scale. Have others help you decide what images to use for your final pieces. Bring in people who are interested in photography and people that aren’t. People that know about your subject matter and on race, people that don’t understand it at all.

But above all, bring in thesis microsoft word, people who will be honest and not tip-toe around your feelings. Lastly, also bring a thick skin. Essay Discrimination! 5) Tell your story, in fact shout it from the rooftops if you can. Edexcel History! Maybe your original idea for your photographic essay was to post it on your blog. Essay Discrimination! Awesome, nothing wrong with that, but are you sure it can’t be more? Shop it around, who can it help?

Does this benefit a group, an organization, or a person? Could it inspire people? If you feel passionately about the apa, photos, chances are that someone else will too. Your photographic eye doesn’t stop when your shooting is done. If you felt compelled to essay on race, take the time to create a photographic essay, there are likely “readers” for your story. TIP: This isn’t the time to be humble. Taking on a photo essay is index outline, a large endeavour. While there’s nothing wrong with having it be something you only did for essay on race your own personal growth, showing it around can be helpful both in experience and longterm benefit.

Post it on social media, find appropriate places your essay could be displayed, and think about how it helped you. Every single photo essay I have done has led to an outstanding connection, or more work, and there is management papers, nothing wrong with getting those things along with the personal gain of accomplishing something you’re proud of. The ideas are truly for essay on race a photographic essay are limitless. Truly. Want a few more ideas for management projects, try these?

Have you ever done a photographic essay? What is discrimination, your experience? Share with in edexcel history, the comments if you have, or have considered it. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Read more from essay on race discrimination our Tips Tutorials category. Of Thesis! Lynsey Mattingly photographs families, kids, couples, and other groups of people who, for whatever reason, kind of like each other. Her portrait work has been featured in essay discrimination, People Magazine, Us Weekly, BBC Magazine, and on thesis, national TV including CNN, Oprah, and on race, Ellen, but most importantly, in the personal galleries of clients across the country. Her photography can be viewed at or on Facebook. Excellent post Lynsey. I suffer from the same challenges as you in tip #4. I get caught up in my personal meaning behind some of my pictures.

Apparently, others feel the same way. I have an idea for a photo essay I wanted to pursue, this article helped grow it further. Thank you. Wonderful article. I liked the picture for thesis microsoft index #3. This is the main reason why I think a blog is a much more interesting format than a photo sharing site such as flickr or 500px to on race, show your work; for me, the images are just part of the story, but the words and texts can help define them, giving them context and body. For me, an image rarely works alone and management papers, usually comes in a set with a particular rhythm and on race, flow; what precedes and what follows is a very important element of thesis microsoft outline each capture, as well. One example from my blog, a short walk that I took recently along a humble neighborhood in Bangkok: I think the issue in Tip #4 is essay on race, common to all creative endeavors: We all get too close to the material. In a previous life, I was a writer and apa, editor, but when it came time for me to discrimination, edit my own stuff, I had somebody else look at it. We have too much of ourselves tied up in the work to be objective sometimes. Wonderful article, thank you #128578; some of the examples are awesome and thought-filling.

Thank-you for telling me about this!! It pretty much rocks. I am so glad that I came across this article this morning. I am no pro photographer but just someone who loves capturing images to share. Chicago Style Term Paper! I have been asked to volunteer my time to essay, capture a group of students in Beijing, who would be traveling to Xian, the home of the terracotta warriors, to essays, help out in a orphanage just 2 weeks from now. I have never done this before. They are not expecting much. Just pictures for the event. However, I wanted to tell a story. Essay On Race! A story of these volunteers as well as the edexcel, orphans and I have been struggling over essay on race the past week of chicago paper whether is that what I should do.

After reading this article, I know that I am on the right path and discrimination, hopefully help not to take pictures of people, but take pictures of the story behind the people. Thank you again very much. This is my first opportunity to use my hobby for a good cause, and I am very excited about it. Thank you again for apa this great article. Really good points and very motivational to get me on a riveting photo essay again. I did attempt one such photographic essay which I titled #8220;The World of Weeds.#8221; Would appreciate a few visits with any helpful comments or critiques. Essay On Race Discrimination! It#8217;s over at one of my blogs and can be found here:

you have some beautiful images there, but I would keep the focus similar. the term, shift in focus from 1, 2, 3 and 5 is radical. 5 the green plant on the corner and then 7 seems another sudden change. The drain-pipe is beautiful because the eye follows the path of the pipe and so tightly focused. Essay On Race Discrimination! It seems to essays, be erratic because you have the on race discrimination, wonderful still life of on death and dying dried plants against nearly solid backdrops like walls and then sudden change to green plants that don#8217;t seem to have the essay on race discrimination, same focus.. but the dried plants and wall work, the edexcel essays, drain beautiful and on race discrimination, interesting. The green plants against walls work well with dried plants because they have similar conceptual style.

Overall, is interesting group and statement, should be developed some more. I recently completed my first photo essay as an eBook. It took me a long time to essay discrimination, figure out how to work with iBooks Author, but it was a great platform to construct such a vehicle to display digital photographs in research, a meaningful way. Unfortunately, it only publishes to iBooks, which translates, effectively, to having the eBook only on iPads. Discrimination! Photo essays in and dying essays, black and white. This post inspired me to start my website of photo essays. My current ongoing series is about a band I went on tour with and the different things I learned and essay, encountered: I recently made a photo essay which was published in and dying essays, a mainstream web portal so I#8217;m quite happy about that. I agree that sometimes, photographs have to be put in context by using words to essay on race discrimination, string them together.

Also believe that any subject can be turned into a photo essay. Security Management Research! The Photo Essay is a piece where its the photographer#8217;s voice through and discrimination, through. Landscape Photography Tips. Photo Composition Tips. Beginner Photography Tips. 2006 - 2017 Digital Photography School, All Rights Reserved / Disclaimer. Thanks for subscribing!

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Writing Better University Essays/Referencing. By referencing the sources you use in your essay, you do a number of things. First of all, you comply with an academic convention. Secondly, you make your essay look more professional. Essay On Race! In fact, it not only looks more professional, but its argument becomes more powerful. Thirdly, you allow others to check your sources. This is often only a hypothetical issue, but a look through the list of your references will allow others to judge your argument quickly. Fourthly, you acknowledge your sources and thus admit that like everyone else, you’re a dwarf on the shoulders of the giants. The essential bits of referencing require you to provide enough information to others so that they can identify the source.

What exactly is meant by enough is open to debate, and this is also where conventions come in. Essential is that you do provide references. Ideally, you would do so properly. It’s not so difficult, and outline the sooner you get into the habit of essay on race referencing, the better. There are two forms to do the referencing: including them as footnotes, or use a variation of the Harvard system. Your institution may have a preference, or even a house style. In most cases, your markers will be happy with a consistent and appropriate system.

The Harvard system is also known as author/date, and on death essays will be described here in more detail. Within your essay, whenever you make a statement that is essentially based on somebody else’s work, you should attribute the source. You do this by stating the author(s) and the year of the publication you consulted. Where the name of the author occurs naturally in the text, it does not need to be repeated. The references are usually included at the end of a sentence, or where inappropriate in a place where the essay on race text flow is not interrupted too much, such as in front of a comma. This may be necessary, for thesis word index outline, example, if only the first half of your sentence is based on someone else’s work. Switzerland seems to be the on race ideal place for studying the effects of direct democracy, since no other country has gone as far in terms of implementing such means (Franklin, 2002). The name of the author is included in brackets, together with the year of publication. Some styles put a comma between the two, others just a space: (Franklin 2002). Where there are two authors, both names are included: (McLanahan Sandefur, 1994).

Some styles prefer the word and , others prefer the ampersand ( symbol). Word Outline! Where there are more than two authors, the name of the on race first author is given, followed by on death essays, et al. (which literally means and others ): (Almeder et al. , 2001). Some styles put et al. into italics, others don’t. If you have two or more references for the same argument, you should separate the references with a semicolon (; symbol): (McLanahan Sandefur, 1994; Steinberg, 1999). If there are very many references to an argument, use your own judgement to select the most relevant ones. What should you reference? Basically references should be included to any argument made by someone else, including numbers you cite. However, statements of general nature need not be attributed to anyone. A statement that the sky is blue alone does not require a reference.

However, if you state that the sky is blue because of essay on race a specific reason, then you should include a reference. If you use the exact words of an dissertation apa author (quotation), you’ll need to on race give the number of the management research page where you copy from. This is essay discrimination needed so anyone can quickly check the original words, should he or she feel so. See the separate section on research, quotes. It’s not uncommon that you want to use the essay discrimination arguments of say Max Weber, even though you have not actually read this particular book. Strictly speaking, you should not reference Weber’s work for such a statement, because you have not actually read it. Can you really be sure this is what Weber said or meant? The technically correct trick is to style term add cited in after the reference: (Weber, 1918, cited in Hamilton, 2002).

You should always reference the work you consulted, and this includes the discrimination year of publication. Many books are published in their second and third editions, so giving the correct year can be helpful. Similarly, even if a book is merely a reprint by a different publisher, give the year of the thesis microsoft word index outline edition you consulted. Discrimination! The page numbers may differ. Security Research Papers! If it’s just a second print of the exact same book, use the original date. Some readers find this unsatisfactory, since Weber surely did not publish anything this year. The convention to circumvent this issue is to give both years: the year of the original publication, together with the essay on race discrimination one of the work you consulted. Statement Of Thesis! Sometimes slashes are used between the dates (/ sign), others prefer the used of square brackets ([ and ] sign): Burke (2004/1774) or Burke (2004 [1774]). Another small issue occurs where an discrimination author published more than one book or article in a single year, and you want to cite more than one of them.

The trick here is to add letters from the alphabet after the year to identify which of the works you refer to. Use the letter a for manual style, the first of your references, the essay discrimination letter b for thesis microsoft, the second and so on: (McManus, 1994a) and (McManus, 1994b) are two different works. To sum it up, inside the text, you give the family name of the author, followed by the year of the publication. Always cite the text you consulted, because in essay the end it’s your responsibility that the references are correct. At the end of your essay you should include a list of references. Such a list of references provides more details than just the name of the author and the year of publication. It’s this list that allows identifying the work cited. Each work you cited in the essay is cited once, and listed in alphabetical order.

Note that a bibliography and list of references is not technically the same. A bibliography is a list of apa relevant sources that may or may not be cited in the main text. References are the on race sources you cited, even if they are rather trivial. Use the heading references for your references. For books, you put the thesis microsoft outline family name of the author(s) and their initials, followed by the year of publication in brackets, the title in italics, the place of publication, and finally the name of the publisher. If there are editors, give their names instead of the authors’. If there is a subtitle to the title, this is usually separated using colons (: sign). Essay On Race Discrimination! Where there are more than four authors, it’s common to security management research papers use et al. after the first three, but some styles insist on essay on race discrimination, citing all authors.

Sometimes a book is co-published by two publishers, and statement of thesis this can be indicated by using a slash (/ sign). Where you give the editors rather than the actual authors, you indicate this by adding (eds) after their names, or (ed.) if there is only one. The title is on race discrimination capitalized. Security! For example: Anderson, C. Zelle, C. (eds) (1998) Stability and Change in German Elections: How Electorates Merge, Converge, or Collide , London, Praeger. Granovetter, M. On Race! (1974) Getting a Job: A Study of essays Contacts and discrimination Careers , Chicago, Chicago University Press.

Grass, G. On Death! (1963) Katz und Maus , Neuwied am Rhein, Rowolth/Hermann Leuchterhand. Hall, S. (ed.) (1997) Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices , London, Sage. Halsey, A., Heath, A. Ridge, J. Essay On Race Discrimination! (1980) Origins and style paper Destinations , Oxford, Clarendon Press. Chapters in a book are cited separately, especially if the book is edited. Essay Discrimination! You give the family name of the author and thesis word his or her initial, the year, the name of the essay on race discrimination chapter in single speech marks (‘ and ’ sign; not capitalized), followed by the word in , and dissertation the name and essay year of the editor(s). If you cite only one chapter, you can give the whole reference at the end; otherwise it’s enough to security management papers give the name and year of the essay editor. In this case, however, the book itself needs to be included in the list of references, too.

For example: Allen, J. (1995) ‘Global worlds’ in Allen, J. Massey, D. (eds) (1995). Hardin, R. (1990) ‘Public choice versus democracy’ in Chapman, J. Wertheimer, A. (eds) (1990). Leroy, P. Apa! Verhagen, K. Essay! (2003) ‘Environmental politics: Society’s capacity for edexcel essays, political response’ in essay on race discrimination Blowers, A. Hinchliffe, S. (eds) (2003) Environmental Responses , Chichester, Wiley. An entry in a printed encyclopaedia or a dictionary can be cited if it was a chapter in a book. The editors are often given on the front of the reference book. For example: Jackman, R. (2001) ‘Social capital’ in Smelser, N. Baltes, P. (eds) (2004). Journal articles are cited in a way that is quite similar to chapters in a book. The main difference really is that details about the volume and page numbers are included, too. The reference starts with the name and dissertation apa initial of the author, the year in brackets, the title of the article in single speech marks (not capitalized), followed by on race discrimination, the name of the journal in and dying italics (capitalized), and further details.

The details of journals are commonly abbreviated as follows: the volume number followed by on race discrimination, a colon and the page numbers of the article. If there are different numbers to a volume, this is indicated by including it in brackets before the colon, if known. Online journals may not have page numbers. For example: Burt, R. (1987) ‘Social contagion and innovation: Cohesion versus structural equivalence’, American Journal of Sociology , 92:1287–335. Thoits, P. Hewitt, L. (2001) ‘Volunteer work and apa well-being’, Journal of Health and Social Behaviour , 42(2):115–31. Small, C. (1999) ‘Finding an invisible history: A computer simulation experiment (in virtual Polynesia)’, Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation , 2(3). Valente, T. (1996) ‘Social network thresholds in the diffusion of information’, Social Networks , 18(1):69–89. Pages on essay, the internet should be cited where used.

You should bear in mind the quality of the site before citing from it, but if you use a web site, reference it, too. There are many internet sites that are perfectly acceptable as sources for your essays. The reference includes the name of the author and initial, the year in brackets, the title of the document in italics, the word online in square brackets, the place of publication, the publisher, the words available from : followed by the URL, and the date when the document was accessed in brackets. The date is important, because unlike printed works, web sites often change their content or even disappear. Many web sites include a copyright note at statement the bottom, giving you an discrimination indication when the content was written. For example: Moser, P. (2005) Politik im Kanton Zurich—eine Synthese [online], Zurich, Statistisches Amt des Kantons Zurich, available from: [accessed 27th October 2005]. Chan, T. Goldthorpe, J. (2004) Social Status and Newspaper Readership [online], Oxford, Oxford University, available from: sfos0006/papers/news4.pdf [accessed 31st March 2005].

Newspaper articles are very similar to journal articles in security research papers the way they are cited. The key difference is that rather than the volume, the date is given. The reference therefore includes the name and initial of the author, the year of publication in brackets, the title in single speech marks, the name of the newspaper in italics (capitalized), the date, and finally the page where the article was found. For one page it’s customary to use the on race discrimination abbreviation p. , for articles running over two or more pages, the statement abbreviation pp. is common. Essay Discrimination! For example: Cockburn, P. Usborne, D. (2004) ‘Burning with anger: Iraqis infuriated by new flag that was designed in manual style term London’, The Independent , 28th April, pp.2–3. Handouts from essay discrimination a lecture can be referenced and on death should be referenced if they are used as the basis of what you write. It’s normally a better idea not to use lecture notes, but try to essay find the original referred to edexcel history essays in the essay discrimination lecture. Not only term paper will you have more control over discrimination what was actually said, but also can your readers more easily access books and journal article than lecture handouts.

The reference to a lecture handout includes the name and initial of the security management research papers lecturer, the year in bracket, the title of the handout in single speech marks, the words lecture notes distributed in followed by essay on race discrimination, the name of the history course in italics, the word at and the name of your institution, the place, and date of the lecture. For example: Burt, S. (2005) ‘Survey sampling and administration’, lecture notes distributed in Survey Research Methods at Cambridge University, Cambridge, 9th February 2005. Personal conversations are not commonly considered good sources, but if they are what you use as the basis of your essay, you should include such conversations. It’s usually a good idea to have another reference to a printed piece, but sometimes this is not an option.

In terms of giving the reference, personal conversations are very easy: the name of the person you spoke to, the year in brackets, the words conversation with the essay on race discrimination author and the date of the conversation. Word Index! For example: Smith, E. (2004) conversation with the author 6th July 2004. The same format can also be used for personal e-mail, or instant messengers. Essay Discrimination! Once again, bear in mind the credibility of your sources.

With e-mail messages it’s customary to include the security management research e-mail address of the sender in brackets after the name, but it’s essential that you obtain consent from the essay author. The subject line of the e-mail is often included as the title. With all forms of thesis word index outline personal conversation, the issue of consent is important. On Race Discrimination! It’s always a very good idea to history check with the essay author first. There are sometimes cases that are not so straightforward as the average book or journal article.

For everything there is a solution in the academic conventions. Dissertation Apa! If you refer to musical works, television programmes, or pieces of art, check with your institution how this should be done. If everything else fails, remember the function of referencing, and provide a reasonable amount of information for on race discrimination, others to chase the work. Dissertation Apa! Common problems include the lack of authors, unpublished documents, or lack of publisher. Essay Discrimination! Where there is no author, often there is an organization. Put the name of the organization. Research Papers! If there is no-one, it’s customary to put the word “Anon” instead of the on race discrimination author’s name. For example:

IDEA (1998) Women in Parliament: Beyond Numbers [online], Stockholm, International IDEA, available from: [accessed 28th February 2006]. Edexcel! UN Statistics Division (2006) Social Indicators [online], New York, UN Statistics Division, available from: [accessed 20th February 2006]. Sometimes the year of a document is essay on race not known. Where you have a rough idea, you can put a c before the date, such as in dissertation apa (c.1999). Where you just have no clue, there is no need to panic: simply put the word unknown instead of the year. On Race Discrimination! Documents that are unpublished as such, for example a thesis or a draft article you were sent, should come with the indication that they are not published. This is easily done by security management papers, including the word unpublished in brackets at the end of the reference. With articles sent to you, you should always ask permission to cite; just like you would with an ordinary e-mail. For theses it’s common to include the kind of thesis after the title, such as PhD thesis or MA thesis . Where the name or place of the publisher is unknown a very simple solution is used: leave the information blank.

This is particularly an discrimination issue with internet sites. Including the statement URL is in this case much more helpful than trying to guess the discrimination name of the publisher. Course materials provided to you are treated very similar to thesis microsoft word the lecture handouts. Give the name of the author, the year in brackets, the course code if there is one, the course title in italics (capitalized), the kind of material and its title in single speech marks, place of publication, and publisher. For example: Peake, S. (2003) U216 Environment , Video 4 ‘Shanghai Boom’, Milton Keynes, The Open University. The Open University (2004) DD305 Personal Lives and Social Policy , CD-ROM 2 ‘Interviews and Interviewing’, Milton Keynes, The Open University. The capitalization of titles may seem a bit confusing, but it follows a simple logic: it’s the main title that is essay capitalized.

In the case of a book, the main title is that of the book. History Essays! In the case of journal articles, on the other hand, the main title is thought to on race be that of the term paper journal itself. It might be confusing that within the journal, the title of an essay on race article often is thesis microsoft word capitalized. Capitalization is not very hard to on race achieve. Put in capital letters are all nouns, proper names, the first word, verbs, and adjectives. This is in and dying essays fact almost everything.

Not put in capital letters are words like and , in , or , or with . Unfortunately most word processors don’t capitalize properly when told to, and on race put every single word in capital letters, including the ands and withins that should not come with capital letters. Different publishers have different house styles, and thesis microsoft word index outline you might come across a title with a word you would normally spell differently. This is essay discrimination common with British and paper American variants, but there are other words, too, such as post-modernity . No matter how strongly you might disagree with the spelling, you should always use the original spelling in essay on race discrimination the references. It’s perfectly fine to change them in your essay itself, but not in the references. A good manual of style, such as the Oxford Style Manual (Ritter, 2003) will be able to and dying essays give you further guidance. Many course providers have their own preferences or house styles, and it’s advisable to essay discrimination follow these conventions.

Where there are no house styles, using a system such as the one outlined in this guide in edexcel history a consistent manner will be well received. On Race! You’ll find full references to chicago manual term every work mentioned in this book at the end. It’s difficult to write about referencing without mentioning plagiarism. Essay! Plagiarism describes the act or result where you take the microsoft index words or ideas of somebody else and present them as your own. Plagiarism is considered serious academic misconduct and can be punished severely. Most importantly, however, your reputation is on essay discrimination, the line. The origin of the word plagiarism gives you an idea what others will think of you when you plagiarize. The word goes back to the Latin plagiarius , a thief and style kidnapper—in particular a child snatcher and somebody abducting slaves.

The modern use in academia brands you a literary thief (OED, 2005). There are a number of reasons why plagiarism occurs. The worst case is deliberate plagiarism (for whatever reason). Careless work may lead to plagiarism, but is essay on race discrimination not commonly considered as severe an offence as the deliberate case. History! Careless work is often a sign of students working too closely to the original, and this can be easily remedied. Without changing your habit, simply by including references to where you got the ideas from, and putting speech marks where you quote, you technically are done. In practice, you still might rely too much on the original and not deliver as good an essay as you could. Deliberate plagiarism, often motivated by laziness, can’t be remedied directly.

At the time, it may seem a reasonable risk to copy from the internet, but is it really worth it? Bear in mind that there is something in for you, too—that is something in addition to the grades. The more you write, the easier it gets. If you work too closely to the original, there is a simple solution: don’t write the essay with the books in front of essay discrimination you. By so doing, there is very little danger that you copy word by thesis index, word. In a way, you force yourself to on race discrimination make the material your own: and that is a good thing—it makes a better argument, your essay will be more original, and of thesis not least, you’ll also get better grades. Rather than having the original works in front of essay you, try using your notes. Chicago! As you still will need to put those references for the ideas you take from others, make a note whenever you do so. I use brackets with three X inside, to remind myself that I need to put a proper reference. Often I remember very well who said this, so I include, for example, (Granovetter XXX) inside the text. When checking the essay, it’s hard not to notice the triple X; and there is always the search facility in the word processor.

By putting a place holder, I can get on on race discrimination, with the job of writing without interrupting my thoughts. Equally important, I leave some traces indicating to myself that there is some more work to be done: finding the proper reference, for example. If you think plagiarism is hard to detect by your marker, think again. There are a great number of signs that give plagiarized work away. Technology-wise, your markers are likely to have the same possibilities than you have if not more. If you can copy and paste something you found on the internet, it’s equally easy for your marker to find it on a search engine, again. It would, of course, be possible, to change plagiarized work to thesis word index the extent that the deed is no longer easy to spot. Usually, however, this is just as much work as writing the essay yourself.

Just to essay give you an idea, the markers of chicago paper your essay will not only have access to the same search engines than you have. There is software to on race scan essays for duplicates; and many institutes even have access to essay banks (sites on the internet where complete essays are sold). The most successful tool, however, is probably the human brain with its incredible ability to remember. Term! If you copy from a colleague, chances are that your marker has read this one, too. If you copy from a set reading, chances are that your marker has read this one, too. Knowing what is on essay, the reading list helps spot essays that refer to other works a great deal, or don’t refer to some of the core reading.

Your marker can estimate how many readings you had time to read, or whether you’re likely to have read a great number of statement of thesis papers on the Belgian perspective of whatever issues is set in essay the question. An even easier sign is having the manual same paragraph twice in the same essay, for example. There are more subtle signs, too, such as sudden changes in essay on race discrimination style or formatting. Many people are unaware of edexcel how idiosyncratic one’s writing style is. They are in fact so individual that writing styles can be used to determine how many people wrote a document, such as the Christian Bible (Jakoblich, 2001). Writing style includes the tenses we use, the level of on race discrimination formality, our own choice of statement words, the kinds of metaphors we put, whether we use American or British English, choices over punctuation, the length of sentences, or the essay discrimination use of chicago style term paper specialist terms.

Typographic signs include font size, choices of where to break paragraphs, spaces in between lines, and things like proper m- and n-dashes (when copying from on race discrimination electronic articles). The presence or lack of references is often an easy sign: for example, where there are many references inside the of thesis text, but few at the end, or where the citation style changes within a single essay. A marker may get suspicious where there is suddenly a section with many references, or suddenly none. Sometimes, students even include hyperlinks in references when copying from on race electronic journals; and have them automatically underlined by the word processor. Even where you take care of these issues, a paragraph copied from the internet will very unlikely link well with the rest of your essay. Thesis Index Outline! The style may be inappropriate, or just different. Essays from an essay bank may be internally consistent, but very rarely are they really relevant to the exact question you have been set.

In summary, you can avoid plagiarism easily. This is done by writing freely without having the books right in front of you. Instead, work with your notes, and take care to put references where you use the ideas from others. Don’t use the internet to copy from, no matter how tempting it is. It will hardly ever be worth it. There is an important difference between citations and quotations. Unfortunately, confusion is commonplace; and the terms are frequently used incorrectly. Knowing your citations from your quotations is essay on race useful when writing essays. It’s essential, in fact, if you want to reference properly.

Citations are about ideas you take from others. Quotations are about the exact words used by others. Edexcel! This is really the whole distinction. So, when using your own words, you cite; when you use the words of someone else, you quote. “Why can’t a man be more like a woman?” (Blankenhorn, 1995, p.117) is a quotation, because I use the exact same words Blankenhorn did. However, when stating that families in the US are increasingly defined by the absence of a father (Blankenhorn, 1995), I only essay on race use the idea, not the exact words. When putting a reference, the difference between a citation and a quotation is that for a quotation we always put a page number.

This is done to enable the reader to check the words in the original context. In the list of references at the end of the text, there is no difference. Short quotations are included in the text, and enclosed by speech marks. Longer quotations are set apart from the outline main text by indenting the quotations, and usually putting in essay discrimination a slightly smaller font. Longer means about 3 to 4 lines or more. For example:

It is true that many voters may be voting for reasons wholly unconnected with social inequalities in any of the management research three dimensions. They may attach greater importance to on race some specific issue such as foreign affairs, or they may vote out of personal reasons or habits with which egalitarianism has nothing to do. (Runciman, 1966, p.136) When quoting someone else, you should take great care to copy the words exactly. Sometimes, you might want to change a quote slightly in order to make it fit your essay. If these changes are substantial, you should use your own words and cite the work instead.

If the changes are small, use square brackets to indicate that you have changed the text. Of Thesis! For example, you might quote Rawls (1999, p.87) that intelligent people don’t “[deserve their] greater natural capacity”. Essay On Race Discrimination! I have included the words that I changed in square brackets, leaving the rest the same. This indicates to my readers that the words in square brackets are not the exact same as Rawls used. For reference, the original reads: “No one deserves his greater natural capacity” (p.87). I made the changes, because I wrote about intelligent people, and Rawls was talking in apa more general terms. Whilst quotations can lighten up an discrimination essay, you should not rely on them too much. Your own writing is style term much more important, and often text you quote was written for a different purpose.

The consequence is essay discrimination that the quotations may be relevant in content (what is being said), but in terms of style don’t fit well with what you wrote. If you rely too much on dissertation apa, quotations, you run the risk that your readers will think that you maybe don’t really know what you’re writing about: that you have not understood the material well enough. When writing an essay, particularly when writing an extended essay, it’s easiest to put the essay discrimination references whilst you write. This is the case, because you still know where you got the idea from. I keep a place holder to remind myself that a reference is needed if I can’t remember the author right away. Often, I will know at least some of it, and write this down. By putting a place holder rather than chasing the reference right away, I can stay focused on the writing. However, I also indicate that the thesis word index outline essay is not completed. Place holders like (Baudrillard, XXX) or (XXX last week’s reading) will help me find the full references once I completed the essay or section.

References are needed whenever you write an academic piece of writing. Even where you can get away without referencing, by including references your essay will be taken more serious. Essay On Race! It’s a good habit to put references all the time, so when you really need to—such as in your thesis—you’ll not struggle, or spend days trying to find out how to reference a chapter in a book. There are a number of software packages such as Endnote , Refworks , Scholar’s Aid Lite , or Bibus that help you putting references. These computer applications interact with your word processor, and automate much of the referencing process. They manage citations, and usually let you search libraries and journal databases. Useful and flexible as they are, such software packages need some time to get used to. It’s thus a good idea to statement familiarize yourself with their working before the discrimination deadline is menacing. For example, make sure you know how to of thesis put page numbers for quotations.

Even if you don’t use a dedicated computer program to manage your references, it might be useful to collect references in a separate file. So, after completing your essay, copy all the references to on race a separate file. The next time you cite the same paper, it’ll be a simple case of copying and pasting, without the work of formatting the reference. Keeping the full references with your notes can safe a great deal of index outline time, too.